Broken: The “Fix”

We have looked in the last two podcasts at just how broken is the U.S. Congress — both the Senate and the House of Representatives. As Americans we cannot afford to let the brokenness continue or we will soon see ourselves become “Argentina North” or some other banana republic. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and ourselves to right this ship.

Today we offer up a simple plan that we devised that if implemented will “fix” much of the woes we see play out daily on Capitol Hill — including the structure of the legislative process, budgeting, campaign reform, and putting in place a process of accountability for Senators and Representatives to the people from their states and districts. Can you imagine how much better our nation would be doing if members of Congress were really doing what they all promise in their campaigns to do if elected?

Please listen to this podcast all the way to the end. You may certainly disagree with the entire plan or parts of it, but we together can make a difference if we — even if just a few of us — take the time to put this plan in place, present to OUR representatives in Congress, and make them accountable for their promises. They will be shocked! This has never been done and is LONG overdue!

NOTE: please take advantage of sharing this and the two previous podcasts of “Broken” with anyone you think will be interested. You can download each program, keep in your files, and forward to whomever. Yes, they are copyrighted, but you now have written permission to share at will!

Enjoy…..and thanks for joining us!



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