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Candidate Trump WAS Wiretapped!

Or wasn’t he?  That all depends on who you want to believe, because there are people on both sides of the issue.  And anytime there’s a story with two sides, almost always the truth lies somewhere in between.  Want some analysis and explanation?

First, who do YOU believe?  Bipartisan Congressional Intelligence Committee leaders say there is no evidence of an Obama wiretap of Trump Tower;  Intelligence Agency heads say “there is no evidence of Trump Tower wiretapping;”  As of today EVERY national news agency says in print and electronically there was no wiretapping;  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says there was wiretapping;  President Trump said “in several weeks we (the White House) will be showing the evidence of electronic surveillance during the campaign at Trump Tower.”  So which is it?

I’m pretty sure to get the truth today we must read between the lines, because — as usual — the truth lies somewhere in between.  I am pretty sure there WAS electronic surveillance of Trump Campaign Headquarters during the campaign.  And I am certain President Obama knew about it — maybe indirectly — but he knew about it.  After all, does anyone really think that something so serious as wiretapping (or surveillance) during a presidential campaign would occur without the sitting President’s approval — either directly or indirectly?  If not with his approval, at least with his knowledge?  That’s doubtful.  How in spite of such emphatic guarantees from so many reliable sources that President Trump’s wiretapping tweet was invalid could anyone still believe it actually happened? Follow this reasoning:

First, forget about President Obama or ANY President being required to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil someone.  After all, the President is the most powerful person not just in the U.S. but on the Planet.  Any U.S. President with just a tiny amount of prompting could with a “for national security reasons” explanation influence someone to wiretap.  And many think that a Presidential wiretap under such circumstances would not only be believable but would be legal as well.  Does anyone besides me think that President Obama would actually take such action?  There’s no doubt in MY mind he’d do it if he felt it was in HIS best interest.  After all, by his actions during two terms as President I am certain he feels anything  in HIS best interest would automatically mean it was in the United States best interest.

Secondly, Donald Trump is not a stupid person.  There is NO evidence in his life of stupidity — insolence, pride, insulting at times — but not stupidity.  In fact he is actually brilliant in many ways.  His life shows that over and over.  So why would a brilliant person such as President Trump double and triple down as recently as this morning on his claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower…..IF IT WAS NOT TRUE?  Remember:  two of Mr. Trump’s negative traits are his arrogance and pride.  Usually a person with those traits facing certain public humiliation for something he claimed would grasp at any chance to shortcut any embarrassment from exposure of his being wrong.  Still President Trump maintains the truth of his wiretapping allegations.  Let me offer some clarity to what I think is probably going on here.

Barack Obama is brilliant too.  I doubt he would personally take wiretapping action against anyone, yet alone a presidential candidate.  However, I am certain that he would (in desperation if necessary) find a way to obtain negative information through any means necessary IF he felt he needed that info.  Surrounded as he was with such an experienced group of intelligence veterans, it would not be far-fetched for Obama to call in a favor or two from foreign intelligence sources to obtain Trump Tower information.  In doing so he could say (even under oath if it came to it) “Your honor, I have no personal knowledge of nor did I initiate or participate in any illegal surveillance activities of any kind against Donald Trump, his presidential campaign, or any members of his campaign staff.”  So what could such a plan look like?  It’s actually pretty simple.  Let’s bring the Russians back into this game:

We know President Obama with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a longing to develop the U.S. relationship with Russia and Russian officials.  Knowing those two were so hungry to cut diplomatic deals with U.S. foreign opponents, it is easy to believe as a favor to Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton a Trump surveillance program during the campaign.  Russia?  Well, remember that during his Presidency and Hillary’s stint at the State Department,  the Obama Administration (with her department’s approval) allowed the sale of 20% of the U.S.’s uranium to a Canadian company who then sold it to a Russian company controlled by Vladimir Putin.  There were millions of dollars given during that time by the Canadian company principals to the Clinton Foundation and subsequent speaking engagements by Bill Clinton (with big fees) to Russian companies.  There probably for this uranium deal would have been a little bit of “favor” still due the Obama Administration by Putin and Company.  In the words of Dr. Hannibal Lector to FBI agent Clarice Starling in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: “Quid pro quo, Clarice….quid pro quo!”  In this case though it would be, “Quid pro quo, Mr. Putin….quid pro quo!”  Russian intelligence tapping Trump Towers phones and/or computers could easily be Putin’s “quid pro quo” to Obama for the uranium deal that will net Russia hundreds of millions.  And no one could ever “legally” pin any wrong on the former President.

Far Fetched?  Probably.  Believable?  Definitely!  Barack Obama with his utter disdain and contempt for Donald Trump was likely to be a part of such a “deal.”   To be honest, Donald Trump humiliated Barack Obama: first denigrating Obama during his campaign and then by humiliating him in the election by upsetting Obama’s handpicked successor — HRC.  It is NOT far fetched to believe Obama was not/is not looking for as many ways as possible to get back at Trump.  Also, the previous POTUS wants desperately to maintain the legacy of his 8 years in office that President Trump is hell-bent on exposing and exploding.

Don’t be surprised when in a couple of weeks the White House distributes evidence of the incident described above or of some similar attempted “political coup” devised to derail a Trump presidency.  Will if/when divulged it formally implicate Mr. Obama?  Probably not.  Will it be evidence to prove there WAS electronic surveillance at Trump Tower during the campaign?  Almost certainly so.  Will it change the minds of Americans about this President and/or the former President?  It will put Trump voters more at ease about their “Tweeter in Chief,” will embolden his supporters even more-so than now, and will cast an uneasy shadow over former President Obama if there is even a hint of his involvement in such a morally deplorable action.

Want some closing irony?  Friday at the White House where German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President Trump, when the subject of the possibility of the Obama wiretap of Trump Tower, the Chancellor had this to say to Mr. Trump:  “Talking about your being wiretapped by the previous U.S. Presidential Administration — at least we have something in common.”  Remember:  Obama hacked/wiretapped HER phone!

              German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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