There’s Tyranny In Shelby County In Tennessee

Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them. Bertrand Russell

It’s not an endlessly expanding list of rights — the “right” to education, the “right” to health care, the “right” to food and housing. That’s not freedom, that’s dependency. Those aren’t rights, those are the rations of slavery — hay and a barn for human cattle.  Alexis de Tocqueville, French aristocrat, diplomat, political scientist, political philosopher, and historian.

Socialism is an alternative to capitalism as potassium cyanide is an alternative to water.  Ludwig von Mises

The following 13-minute video was recorded in Shelby County, Tennessee which includes the incorporated cities and towns of Memphis, Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, and Millington.

The recording shows people being restricted from entering a school board meeting by police, many because they are not masked.  It so reminds me of the East German Stasi who were ordered to kill those who tried to climb the wall, tunnel under, or balloon ride to freedom to West Germany.  No, it’s not that bad, but this is how it starts.

The Rumble Video can be seen here.

There are a number of folks gathered outside the building and one officer speaks to them several times.  Throughout the video, he touches and adjusts his face diaper time and again.  Every time he touches that mask, he infects it with more bacteria and then breathes it into his lungs.  Dr. Richard Urso who spoke at America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit commented that he wished masks worked, but there are zero randomized control trials in the last four decades that masks stopped the spread of respiratory illness.

This officer stated that school security is in charge of who comes in and who comes out.  What?!  Every parent who wants to attend the school board meeting should be allowed to.  Folks with medical exemptions for masks were not even allowed to enter.

The section for public comment at this public meeting has been disallowed to the people who will not follow and obey the orders of the hierarchy of Shelby County.  Many of the officers actually turned their badges around so you could not read their names or their badge numbers.  When asked for their names and badges, they walked away.  When police were inside the building, they were told to adjust their cameras and turn off the audio so the parents outside could not hear what was being said.

These parents were denied entrance to a public meeting that affects their own children.  And just who created the mask mandate?

Police Officer Thornton told the people he was going by the executive order of the Health Department of Shelby County.  Therein lies the truth.  This officer is just taking and following orders to keep his job, despite the order being constitutionally false.  We are seeing clearly throughout the country and even in Red States, control by those who were never elected.

In Charlotte Iserbyt’s 1999 book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, on page 134, she exposes the truth of communism and the unelected powers who rule.

Her book states the following:

The Daily World of November 8, 1975, carried a very interesting article entitled “Planning is Socialism’s Trademark” by Morris Zeitlin.  The Daily World (newspaper of the Communist Party USA) was formerly known as The Daily Worker and was founded in 1924.  The importance of this article lies in its blatant admission that regionalism, which is gradually becoming the accepted method of unelected governance in the United States (unelected councils and task forces, participatory democracy, public-private partnerships, etc.) is the form of government used in democratic socialist and communist countries.

I beg of my fellow Americans to wake up and smell the decay of our Republic…we are dying.  The only thing that will save us is if more people like the folks in this video stand up and demand the freedoms God gave us and our founders recorded in both the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and especially our unalienable Bill of Rights.

Stand for freedom, or ultimately, we’ll be on our knees in slavery.

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Which Is Worse: Gender Identity or Critical Race Theory?

“Gender Identity” has trapped millions of young Americans in a quandary of decisions purveyed by a sick generation of educators whose objectives are to foist outrageous lies to the youngest, most impressionable and vulnerable among us using sexual preferences as a weapon.

As evil and dangerous is “Gender Identity” in our nation, Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become the polarizing issue of the hour. In a nation beset with the combined economic impact of unemployment and mounting inflation, a lingering COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing border crisis, CRT seems to be the left’s way of adding insult to injury: insisting that Americans submit to a vile and toxic ideological agenda while they watch their country sink beneath the waves of chaos.

CRT is a dangerous ideology that seeks to redefine America in dangerous terms.

CRT is an ideology that contends America and its white people are intrinsically racist. At the same time, it demands that all social encounters be defined by race: “It is a negativist theory that relies on the ability to find racism in every facet of society and is propped up daily by divisive media talking heads who push discordant content for views and clicks,” R.C. Maxwell writes for Human Events. Meaning while CRT advocates supposedly condemn racism, they define everything in terms of race. CRT is a dangerous ideology that seeks to redefine America in dangerous terms.

While it only affected adults, CRT continued to thrive unmolested by a public that may have resented it but wasn’t prepared to undermine or overturn it. Now that this odious theory is targeting children, however, parents are pushing back with gusto and making their opprobrium crystal clear. That this opposition is coalescing at the same time as the economy is imploding under President Joe Biden may be indicative that patriotic Americans are sick of losing both their economic prosperity and the culture war.

CRT Is “Responsible” According to The Biden Administration

CRT has been part of the whole woke structure of the social justice agenda for years, thriving in workshops that employees in both the private and public sectors have been forced to attend in order to purge their alleged white privilege. In 2020, former President Donald Trump banned these training sessions for federal government employees: in a statement from the Director of the Office of Management and Budget from September 2020, his administration roundly criticized the idea.

“According to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have been required to attend trainings where they are told that ‘virtually all White people contribute to racism’ or where they are required to say that they ‘benefit from racism.’ According to press reports, in some cases these training have further claimed that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job.”

The memo continues:

“These types of ‘trainings’ not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce. We can be proud that as an employer, the Federal government has employees of all races, ethnicities, and religions. We can be proud that Americans from all over the country seek to join our workforce and dedicate themselves to public service. We can be proud of our continued efforts to welcome all individuals who seek to serve their fellow Americans as Federal employees. However, we cannot accept our employees receiving training that seeks to undercut our core values as Americans and drive division within our workforce.”

On his first day in the White House, President Joe Biden essentially revoked that executive order with a contravening one of his own. His “Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government” decreed that the “Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. Affirmatively advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity is the responsibility of the whole of our Government.”

And he’s going further.

In April, Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) proposed a rule, “Proposed Priorities: American History and Civics Education,” that would dedicate taxpayer dollars to grants enshrining CRT into the public school system. “The Department recognizes that COVID-19-with its disproportionate impact on communities of color and the ongoing national reckoning with systemic racism have highlighted the urgency of improving racial equity throughout our society, including in our education system,” they write, citing Executive Order 13985. They continue:

“American History and Civics Education programs can play an important role in this critical effort by supporting teaching and learning that reflects the breadth and depth of our Nation’s diverse history and the vital role of diversity in our Nation’s democracy. For example, there is growing acknowledgment of the importance of including, in the teaching and learning of our country’s history, both the consequences of slavery and the significant contributions of Black Americans to our society. This acknowledgment is reflected, for example, in the New York Times’ landmark ‘1619 Project’ and in the resources of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History.”

A week after the DOE’s proposal, two Republican Congress members, Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC), sent a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona urging the Biden administration to reconsider. “American history helps children develop a sense of patriotism and pride in the United States of America. Students should learn about the uniqueness and greatness of the American systems and the challenges we have overcome as a nation,” Lamborn and Duncan argued. “It is therefore counterproductive and even dangerous to allow our vulnerable school children to be taught the falsehoods prevalent in the 1619 Project or in Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist.”

Comments for the rule closed on May 19th, however, and it’s unclear Cardona, the DOE, or the Biden administration understand the seriousness of their controversial proposal and what they’re inviting when they elevate ideological projects like Kendi’s. At a White House press briefing on May 13th, Press Secretary Jen Psaki actually mocked the idea that Americans would find the 1619 project offensive. A reporter asked Psaki to respond to a proposal by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) for an “Ivory Tower Tax” on the largest private university endowments which would raise an anticipated $2 billion per year for job training programs instead of “indoctrinating young people with what he calls un-American ideas.”

“Now you’ve intrigued me, Psaki responded, “What are the un-American ideas that are indoctrinating our youth?”

“Well, he’s been critical, for example, of the 1619 Project. He’s been critical and spoken about critical race theory,” the reporter replied.

Psaki was unapologetic in her response: “I don’t think that … educating the youth and next-the leaders of the future leaders of the country on systemic racism is indoctrination. That’s actually responsible.”

CRT Is “A Bunch of Horse Manure” and “Racist” According to Patriots

The DOE’s new policy has rightly sparked a wave of protests across America, along with legislative initiatives from various states that are fighting to keep this odious ideology out of the classroom and away from the minds of vulnerable children. In April, Idaho became the first state to ban the practice: House Bill 377, entitled “Dignity And Nondiscrimination In Public Education,” prohibits public schools and universities from compelling students to “affirm, adopt, or adhere to” teachings often found in CRT instruction.

Florida, Texas, and Tennessee have followed suit. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who might be the most principled conservative politician in an elected office today, recently characterized CRT as “a bunch of horse manure. I mean, give me a break. This country has had more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world, and it doesn’t matter where you trace your ancestry from.” In the town hall session with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, DeSantis further said, “Here’s the problems with the Critical Race Theory that they’re peddling. They’re saying all of our institutions are bankrupt and illegitimate. Okay, so how do you have a society if everything in your society is illegitimate?” DeSantis asked. “It’s a harmful ideology. I’d say a race-based version of a Marxist-type ideology.”

‘It’s a harmful ideology. I’d say a race-based version of a Marxist-type ideology,’ – Gov. Ron DeSantis.

After some teachers in Tennessee suggested they might just ignore the proposed ban on CRT indoctrination in their state, a concerned father from Brentwood took to the airwaves to protest. Dr. Omar Hamada told “Fox & Friends” that CRT is “a wider agenda that erodes the very foundations that our nation was built on.” “It damages our children by making them think that they are guilty for being who they were created to be. That somehow their race makes them automatically a racist,” he continued.

But some of the real fireworks are occurring in Loudoun County, Virginia, where parents are furious over the teaching. At a school board meeting on May 11th, “parents brought the ,” tweeted the Executive Director of Fight for Schools, Ian Prior.

One Loudoun County parent, who is black, condemned CRT with eloquence and directness that may be unequaled. After referencing Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, she said that she also had a dream that “we would implement love, not hate … CRT is not an honest dialogue-it is a tactic used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan on slavery very many years ago to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves,” she said. “CRT is racist, it is abusive … let me educate you: an honest dialogue does not impress … think twice before you indoctrinate [with] such racist theories.”

‘You can destroy my country’s economy, or you can destroy my country’s culture-but you can’t do both.’

It is inspiring to see average Americans resist leftist indoctrination with such force and determination. For too long, the people who hold down regular jobs, pay their taxes, obey the law and faithfully vote for their preferred candidates have been either overwhelmed by the tidal wave of social justice indoctrination in the workplace and in public schools and universities or just too tired or discouraged to bother saying no.

But we have been seeing this trend for years, especially in universities, where white students are routinely told that they are racist and possess something called “white privilege.” Meanwhile, lefty academics like Robin DiAngelo, who wrote the truly ludicrous book White Fragility (2018)-apparently to develop a cult of self-hatred-continue to be paid enormous sums to bludgeon guilt-ridden employees at social justice workshops.

So why are the downtrodden masses starting to fight back now?

Perhaps it’s the inevitability of revolt when people have been oppressed for too long. As the economy spirals out of control under President Biden, people are putting their foot down and insisting that he not be allowed to force-feed us our children hardcore leftist ideology that is corrosive to the human mind and spirit. Maybe it’s another populist surge, and this time, the people are saying, “You can destroy my country’s economy, or you can destroy my country’s culture-but you can’t do both.”

Prioritizing American Values Over Abusive Racial Theories

CRT is not only inherently racist; it is inherently stupid and critically insane in its assumptions. Why would anyone devise a theory that insists only white people can be racist, or that race is the chief arbitrator of inequality in America or anywhere else.

Clearly, black Americans are capable of racial discrimination too.

There is ample evidence that some black leaders-the ones who have made careers out of playing the race card and perpetuating the racial injustice narrative have demonstrated consistent and often toxic antipathy towards the Jewish community. Perhaps the most famous example occurred when Rev. Jesse Jackson proclaimed New York City to be “Hymietown” while running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984.

Then there’s the Rev. Al Sharpton, who makes Jackson appear moderate. Sharpton has repeatedly used anti-Semitic language over his career, apparently knowing it is striking a chord with a small minority within the black community who would seem to resent Jewish people for whatever reason. And let’s not leave out Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is unabashedly anti-Semitic and has even found some good things to say about Adolf Hitler. (There’s a marvelous picture of Farrakhan at singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral in August 2018. Farrakhan is standing with Jackson, Sharpton, and wait for it former President Bill Clinton.)

Clearly, black Americans are capable of racial discrimination too.


And why should we believe that race is the greatest divider in America in 2021! This is just another smokescreen for the real division in America, one where liberal elites control the corporations, the social media, and the media. The Democrats, who used to be a party of blue-collar workers, are nothing more than the party of the white-collar woke, peddling outrageous social justice policies that really don’t make anyone’s life any easier or more prosperous.

It is really time to move beyond this obsession with race, one that ultimately fuels division, hatred, and misspent energy.

As former President Donald Trump proved, Americans of any race can agree that it is more important to have a good job in a prosperous economy, enjoy strong borders and a fair immigration policy, be able to provide for your family and loved ones than it is to grind the old ax of racism and to demonize one race over another.

Has there been racism in America’s past? Of course. There has been racism in every nation’s past, and there is racism in every part of the world today. But did it ever really define America and what the country and its innate commitment to liberty were really all about? No, not as long as there were always people committed to reducing and eliminating racial barriers, and that has been America’s story as much as anything.

We do not need to contaminate young minds – or older ones for that matter – with abusive racial theories that quite frankly are the same sort of quackery that Nazi Germany so successfully used to indoctrinate an entire population against its Jewish community. It is really time to move beyond this obsession with race, one that ultimately fuels division, hatred, and misspent energy.

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You MUST Understand And Become “WOKE!”

Lost in the madness surrounding COVID-19, the Vaxx hoopla, Afghanistan, and illegal immigration is the social system that has flooded our nation and changed our culture. What is that system? Wokeness. Don’t turn away because of the “woke” word in this story! What you may not know is that, culturally and socially, Wokeness has become a massive contributor to the structure of our society. Maybe it happened so quietly that most Americans don’t give it a second thought. If that’s you, you need to rethink your position. Why? Let me explain:

Have you heard someone important and well-known find themselves in the spotlight and they say something from their heart that’s captured via network television cameras? What if the thing they said is an opinion expressed about something or someone that might be a conservative icon or conservative view that all the “woke folks” despise but the individual really likes. I don’t think for one second they’ll get a free pass for that opinion! Here’s what will “probably” happen in today’s world:

  • The comment will elicit a lot of hatred on social media, of a fascinating kind;
  • The general diagnosis will be that they were doing something wrong by not maximizing the “woke” folks’ acceptable opinion of that person or idea;
  • They were actually “draining moral urgency and providing comfort to the status quo.”

I can’t relate to that because I don’t understand what that means! But my understanding is unnecessary in the acceptable language of the woke crowd. The default woke perspective about everything experienced in every sector of life must begin with separating the person involved from the “reality” of the certain truthfulness and superiority of the woke folks. And it’s all they think about!

This mental habit is closely related to what we now call “wokeness.” In an older frame of mind, you objectively perceive the reasoning for such a “mistake.” Then you propose a solution, which might either be radical or moderate, conservative or liberal. You were judged primarily by the nature of your proposal.

But wokeness jams together the perceiving and the proposing. In fact, wokeness emphasizes how you perceive a situation — how woke you are to what and who is wrong — then what exactly you plan to do about it. To be woke is to understand the full injustice.

The victims are generally white. Wokeness’s goal is the short-term advancement of minority voters at the expense of all others. It is advanced by campaigns of disinformation that chill countermanding arguments, publish propaganda, manipulate search outcomes, and control educational curricula. Its execution relies on allies in the media and academia.

Much of academia now uses selective history and exaggerated tales, untestable theories, and biased materials to ensure that America’s future leaders are indoctrinated. Indoctrinated, that is, to see all whites as inherent oppressors and all minorities as inherent victims. Some children are now shamed into pursuing redemption for the crime of being born white.

Can The Woke Mob And Their “Critical Race Theory” be Stopped?

Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded despite a lack of public support. But, according to Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson, there is a way to stop it.

The word was first printed in a 1962 New York Times essay and traditionally has meant “conscious” and “aware.” The Oxford Dictionary notes that the term originally meant well-informed or up-to-date, but now chiefly means “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.”

Hanson told Fox News that wokeness, as we think of it today, has its roots in decades of critical theory coming from universities.

Today, it’s intertwined with cancel culture, critical race theory, and progressive activism – and it’s everywhere you look.

The U.S. military has offered personal development classes focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended the teaching of critical race theory, and other woke curriculum in military academies before the House Armed Services Committee.

The media has similarly come under fire for their activism, with New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones declaring that “all journalism is activism,” and CBS News reporter Kate Smith leaving the network and immediately declaring her advocacy for abortion rights.

School districts have faced public outcry over their teaching of critical race theory, leading many states to go so far as to ban the curriculum.

Even generosity is not immune. Naomi Schaefer Riley noted in an opinion in the Wall Street Journal that “nonprofits big and small have shifted their missions toward combatting “inequity” and “systematic racism,” and according to Elise Westhoff, president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, “donors have faced intimidation and threats of violence simply for supporting causes they believe in.”

Hanson said the push toward wokeness picked up speed during the Obama administration when there was a “separation of race from class” and a movement to lump all non-White ethnicities into one homogenous identity called “diversity.”

But it wasn’t until the last 18 months that wokeness reached a fever pitch.

                                    Victor David Hanson
“I think the perfect storm of COVID fears, locking down two-thirds of the population for 15 months, the self-induced recession, the Trump derangement syndrome, the George Floyd death, the 120 days of riots, the inactivity and inability to get people to meet one another, the crazy election, all of that was the spark or the fuse that lit the preexisting problems,” Hanson said.

For opponents of the societal push toward wokeness, Hanson said not all hope is lost – the majority of American’s don’t support it either.

“Whatever aspect that we look at in wokeness, whether it’s gender or race or immigration, transgenderism, it doesn’t have public support,” Hanson said.

Sixty-eight percent of American adults disapprove of the current administration’s handling of the southern border, where an open-door policy has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country, according to Pew Research.

A Fox News poll further showed that, despite a raging debate in many communities over critical race theory being taught in school, nearly half of voters say they have never heard of it. Only a quarter of Americans are in favor of teaching it to U.S. students.

Another Pew Research study showed 73% of Americans say college admissions should not be based on race.

One thing is clear about the trend that has dominated much of academia, media, and corporate America: it does not stem from overwhelming grassroots support.

Hanson said that is because proponents of woke ideology are now in positions of leadership.

“Unlike the ’60s revolution, which were protesting outside the corporation or outside the New York Times or Hollywood, these people are inside,” said Hanson. “They’ve taken over. So they run Hollywood, they run the NBA, they run the Major League Baseball, they run the NFL, they run Wall Street, they run Silicon Valley, they run the universities, they run the media.”

“They infiltrated these institutions and took them over,” he continued. “So that’s what explains why an agenda that has very little popular support continues to thrive.”

Mainstream media, Hanson noted, has fully bought into this ideology and can’t be counted on to report on it fairly.

Outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post are now “fused with the woke mob,” he said.

“They pick left-wing reporters, so you can’t count on the media to stop the wokeness or to report on its setbacks. They won’t do it.”

The left has succeeded in pushing this ideology into every facet of American life because they are organized, he continued, and opponents need to learn to fight fire with fire.

The Woke Mob And Critical Race Theory (CRT)

A Minnesota fourth-grade student and her mother expressed concern to their local school board after her class was given an “equity survey.” Students were told not to tell their parents about the activity.

Sitting alongside her mother Kelsey, fourth-grader Hayley Yasgar in a Monday interview said that the questions were confusing, and it made her “very nervous and uncomfortable” when the students were told not to tell their parents.

According to a video uploaded by Alphanews, when students didn’t understand some of the survey questions, they were told by a teacher in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District to not repeat the survey questions to their parents.

“The survey asked questions that some students didn’t understand. Even after hearing an explanation from their teacher, some still couldn’t comprehend the survey questions,” The Center Square reported.

The George Floyd incident sparked a nationwide conversation on race and the role of policing. School districts across America are pushing critical race theory on students to attempt to contextualize current events on matters of race.

CRT curriculum has sparked a national conversation about the role of race and racism in school districts across the country. Compared to actual racism, CRT is often a school of thought that generally focuses on how power structures and institutions impact racial minorities. 

Kelsey Yasgar said that although parents were “informed that the equity audit was taking place, they were not informed on the date of the activity and not given other details.” She explained further that due to the lack of transparency from the school district and from Equity Alliance Minnesota, the third party that administered the survey, parents were not informed of the questions being asked to the students.

Yasgar was “very upset” when her daughter told her that teachers instructed her not to repeat any of the questions being asked of them.

“I do want to say, though; I believe that this wasn’t a single case that her teacher made this decision. We had been informed that this came down from the administration and Equity Alliance of Minnesota instructed them to make sure the children did not share this information with their parents, and that should pose a great concern in any parents’ eyes,” Hayley said.


Victor David Hanson closed one interview in discussion Wokeness and Critical Race Theory (CRT) with these thoughts:

“[Republicans] are very polite, they don’t cancel people out, they don’t boycott, they don’t get angry and noisy. And I think that has to end,” Hanson said.

The people who oppose woke ideology are “half the country,” he continued. But they aren’t “organized like the left is.”

“So I think they have to use the same methodology to fight back. Otherwise, they’re going to be steamrolled by a minority that doesn’t have popular support, that’s very much better organized and funded.”

Hanson said he could already see the public backlash against wokeism – the most notable examples being school board protests and Eric Adams, a pro-law enforcement candidate, winning the Democratic mayoral primary in New York.

But on a larger scale, he said, it will take a “charismatic, effective candidate who doesn’t polarize people and says, ‘Look, we’re not going to throw away the traditions of the United States because of a bad year or a bankrupt theory.'” 

“I think the Republicans are going to have a big midterm election,” Hanson predicted. “That’s what destroyed the Obama administration was the Tea Party pickup of 63 seats in 2010.”

“So, I think it can be stopped because there’s no public support for it.”

It seems like there is hope to stop this insanity. But we all must awaken and understand that good things don’t always “just happen.” Evil dominates the process of instigating “bad things.” Let’s hope Americans will come to life and cancel Cancel Culture, Wokeness, and CRT.

We MUST make this happen!

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COVID-19 and Critical Race Theory Make Strange Bedfellows

A coordinated effort by the far-left and their media accomplices is in full swing as they scramble to paint the narrative that parent concern about public education is a manufactured fairy tale by right-wing loony-toon activists, conspirators, and extremists. The elephant in the room is that it was COVID-19 that opened the eyes of parents, exposing the corrupt teacher union/educrat monopoly plaguing public education. I call it the “education cartel.” It’s comprised of teachers, union activists, administrators, school boards, and their cohorts in the liberal media.

The education cartel flew largely under the radar prior to COVID and it was blindsided. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant and the pandemic exposed these ringleaders operating under the veil of “educating” our kids as nothing more than a bunch of tyrants. Their jig is up.

No greater example of this can be found than in Northern Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, where liberals outnumber conservatives and, until recently, most people couldn’t name a single member of their school board. Now the board members are household names. As COVID upended normal life, parents got their own education, and one by one the shoes dropped.

Shoe 1: Unions dug in their heels, opposing school reopenings. Their power and influence had been established for so long they thought they were invincible and never imagined they were overplaying their hand. The longer they insisted on keeping kids locked out of school, the angrier parents became, and the more the spotlight shone on what their kids were learning.

Shoe 2: Critical race theory. Parents got an education on the indoctrination of their kids with radical concepts that had infiltrated school curricula. Courtesy of the Zoom classroom, they witnessed teachers injecting racial division into their lesson plans.

Shoe 3: Gender policies and First Amendment rights. Increasingly packed school board meetings became media circuses, and when a Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) teacher offered his opinion on a controversial proposed policy regarding transgenderism, the school board went woke and suspended him. Even after they were inundated with support from parents for the teacher, Tanner Cross, LCPS announced they’re appealing a court order requiring them to give him his job back. Rather than call a truce with parents, the board is doubling down. Parents can go stick it.

Now enlightened, parents (who, in many cases are paying substantial amounts of money in property taxes) are now packing school board meetings across the country to push back on the severe overreach of tyrannical school boards and power-drunk teacher unions. But instead of answers, compassion, or respectful dialogue, they’re getting their mics cut.

While it’s absolutely arrogant, condescending, abhorrent – insert any number of adjectives – that they would treat parents like second-class citizens, complete with all the discrimination they rail against, these education cartels have been free-ranging it with our kids’ “education” for years. They’ve just now been exposed thanks to COVID-19. Their reaction is typical of political activists, not public servants. Instead of working with the parents they supposedly serve, they’ve launched a political smear campaign against those very parents.

In Loudoun County, they set up a Facebook group targeting parents who dare disagree with the education cartel, including on issues like CRT. Group members created a list of names, addresses, employers, etc. of parents who don’t walk the line. Patti Hidalgo Menders, a parent from Loudoun County, was one of those targeted. “They put three pictures of me in there, and they called me a racist. They had my first and last name, the name of my husband, where my son goes to high school, what town I live in, and they called me disgusting,” she said.

Among the who’s who in this group doing the targeting: LCPS staff – as in taxpayer-funded government employees – school board members, and a prosecutor in Loudoun County whose salary is also paid for by these parents.

Maybe next time we revisit bullying in schools, we should circle back to the grownups in charge.

The education cartel is imploding and they need a better PR strategy because attacking parents isn’t working. Nevertheless, they persist. Their cavalry of reinforcements is working overtime. Virginia Democrat State Delegate Marcus Simon chose the White supremacy route, saying many of the parents advocating for open schools are part of the KKK. Referencing a substantial group of parents in Fairfax County who’ve organized and tirelessly advocated to open schools he said, “we know who is an ally of this movement…I’m not saying everybody who supports Open FCPS is a member of the KKK, but when the KKK is on your side, you need to rethink your priorities.”

If you want your kids to have a respectable education in the classroom, you’re a racist. You almost can’t make this stuff up.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, arrogantly brushed off concerns of thousands of parents storming Virginia school board meetings furious over the indoctrination of CRT being pushed in their schools as just another “right-wing conspiracy.”  If McAuliffe wants to take a break from counting his campaign cash from the teachers’ union, he might be interested to know that many parents who are part of this so-called “right-wing conspiracy” are Democrats. It turns out that when it comes to CRT and indoctrinating our kids, parents are politically colorblind.

Kids trump politics. Every. Single. Time.

These terror tactics are all part of their effort to shut up and shut down parents. There is no tolerance for debate and dialogue. Parents will not be intimidated, bullied, or silenced by the tyrants running our public education system. COVID-19 unleashed a giant spotlight on the education monopoly and it turns out it has very little to do with educating our kids.

Parents, now armed with facts on their side, aren’t going away.

Here Come the Power Brokers: Teachers’ Unions

As the debate over critical race theory and schools reaches a fever pitch, the two national teachers’ unions are entering the fray, vowing to defend their members against any backlash over how they teach about the nation’s complicated history with race and racism.

Both unions have presented a single underlying message: Teachers must be honest about racial injustices so that students learn to think critically about how the country’s problematic past has shaped its present. Any efforts to restrict those conversations in the classroom, the unions say, are akin to censorship.

“The backlash [to teaching about race] that you see in these radicalized circles is going to hurt kids,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten in an interview. “I felt the need to make it crystal clear to teachers … that I honor their professional responsibilities and that their union will have their back.”

Already, 26 states have introduced bills or taken other steps to limit how teachers can discuss racism in the classroom, and nine states have enacted restrictions. Many right-leaning policymakers have said they’re trying to keep critical race theory out of K-12 schools. Critical race theory has become highly politicized, and experts say that any efforts by the unions to support its use in the classroom will be met by attacks from conservative groups.

Weingarten has already taken steps to distance her union from the divisive rhetoric, telling her members Tuesday that critical race theory isn’t taught in K-12 schools, but that “culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as CRT to try to make it toxic.”

National Education Association President Becky Pringle has avoided using the term critical race theory in interviews, instead calling for educators to teach the truth about the most painful parts of American history. But at the NEA’s representative assembly, union delegates passed several measures that explicitly support the use of critical race theory in curriculum and allocated tens of thousands of dollars to those efforts.

One such measure, introduced by the NEA’s board of directors, said the nation’s largest teachers’ union will support and lead campaigns that “result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic studies curriculum in pre-K-12 and higher education.” The measure is part of a larger $675,000 effort to “eradicate institutional racism” in public schools.

The national unions are now starting to organize their legal responses to protect educators who might be punished for how they discuss racism with their students.

Some of the state laws specify consequences for teachers who break them: New Hampshire says that anybody, including the attorney general, can sue a school or district for violating new guidelines on how teachers can discuss race, gender, and other identifying characteristics in the classroom. Also, a teacher who is found to have violated the law could receive a disciplinary sanction by the state board of education. (An Arizona bill would have gone one step further and fined individual teachers $5,000 for promoting only one side of a controversial issue, but that bill failed to pass the state senate.)

“Mark my words: Our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history,” Weingarten said in a speech Tuesday. “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. Distorting history and threatening educators for telling the truth is what is truly radical and wrong.”

In an interview, Weingarten said some of the laws are so broad that they undermine the required state standards for instruction. The union plans to seek some clarification there, possibly in court. AFT has also put additional resources in its legal defense fund. “There are constitutional scholars that are looking at these laws,” Weingarten said. “I’m just trying to make sure that teachers can teach the constitution.”

How fiery is Randi Weingarten about teachers pushing CRT on kids? She’s so fiery, listen to her speech to her union members Tuesday as she grossly misrepresents the facts that thousands of parents have verified regarding which kids are being taught Critical Race Theory and at what age:

Union Pres Weingarten on CRT


Let’s be clear about several things:

  • Teachers Unions have become TOO powerful, TOO politically partisan, and TOO arrogant for parents to continue benign trust of children to their care;
  • Leaders of Teachers Unions are rejecting the belief that parents when entrusting their children to public school teachers do so believing that these teachers know better than parents everything that is best for the children;
  • Many teachers are “in the tank” for Critical Race Theory even though believing it obliterates American history and justifies all to see the world through a lens that sees only the skin color of people. And they teach children to use that to determine the worth of EVERYONE.

My wife and I were each educated in public schools. Our three children all were educated in public schools. We ALL graduated high school with a well-rounded view of pretty much everything in life we needed at the time to cope. We all knew while growing up the horrors of racism and identity politics. But we weren’t taught that by public school teachers. We were taught that by our parents!

I’ll close with this question: Is it fair to say that Big Government and Big Public Education feel unilateral authorization to assume the nurturing of America’s children on everything in life? Did Hillary Clinton really mean when she published her book “It Takes a Village” that the “Village” was comprised of public school teachers and administrators?

I’m just one guy with my opinion on the matter. I would NEVER give the responsibility to teach my children in any unilateral fashion without my knowing it in advance. And if I disagreed with what comprised that teaching, my kids would NOT attend such a school.

Let’s face it: these educators are afraid — afraid of what will happen now that parents have awakened and they understand kids are no longer receiving education in public schools. Their horror is that they have discovered their children are instead attending school and are being indoctrinated with the political hackery promoted by Democrat Socialist politicians who have accepted millions of dollars in campaign dollars from Teachers Unions!

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