You MUST Understand And Become “WOKE!”

Lost in the madness surrounding COVID-19, the Vaxx hoopla, Afghanistan, and illegal immigration is the social system that has flooded our nation and changed our culture. What is that system? Wokeness. Don’t turn away because of the “woke” word in this story! What you may not know is that, culturally and socially, Wokeness has become a massive contributor to the structure of our society. Maybe it happened so quietly that most Americans don’t give it a second thought. If that’s you, you need to rethink your position. Why? Let me explain:

Have you heard someone important and well-known find themselves in the spotlight and they say something from their heart that’s captured via network television cameras? What if the thing they said is an opinion expressed about something or someone that might be a conservative icon or conservative view that all the “woke folks” despise but the individual really likes. I don’t think for one second they’ll get a free pass for that opinion! Here’s what will “probably” happen in today’s world:

  • The comment will elicit a lot of hatred on social media, of a fascinating kind;
  • The general diagnosis will be that they were doing something wrong by not maximizing the “woke” folks’ acceptable opinion of that person or idea;
  • They were actually “draining moral urgency and providing comfort to the status quo.”

I can’t relate to that because I don’t understand what that means! But my understanding is unnecessary in the acceptable language of the woke crowd. The default woke perspective about everything experienced in every sector of life must begin with separating the person involved from the “reality” of the certain truthfulness and superiority of the woke folks. And it’s all they think about!

This mental habit is closely related to what we now call “wokeness.” In an older frame of mind, you objectively perceive the reasoning for such a “mistake.” Then you propose a solution, which might either be radical or moderate, conservative or liberal. You were judged primarily by the nature of your proposal.

But wokeness jams together the perceiving and the proposing. In fact, wokeness emphasizes how you perceive a situation — how woke you are to what and who is wrong — then what exactly you plan to do about it. To be woke is to understand the full injustice.

The victims are generally white. Wokeness’s goal is the short-term advancement of minority voters at the expense of all others. It is advanced by campaigns of disinformation that chill countermanding arguments, publish propaganda, manipulate search outcomes, and control educational curricula. Its execution relies on allies in the media and academia.

Much of academia now uses selective history and exaggerated tales, untestable theories, and biased materials to ensure that America’s future leaders are indoctrinated. Indoctrinated, that is, to see all whites as inherent oppressors and all minorities as inherent victims. Some children are now shamed into pursuing redemption for the crime of being born white.

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