I am trying to comprehend all of the explanations for the furor surrounding last weekend’s demonstrations turned riots turned murder in Charlottesville, Virginia. Forgive me, but as a true Southerner I am a bit simple in many ways. Although I stay tuned to the political happenings in D.C., I often struggle as I am today at reconciling our laws, the Constitution, and what law enforcement at multiple levels allows in light of laws that regulate those actions. In that light I do not understand the furor over not what happened in Charlottesville, but only the detail and timing of the President’s outcry against terror and violence that occurred. It seems to me the country is once again split down the middle: half feel he did not say enough quick enough and did not say enough about those who perpetrated one side of the violence; the other half are aghast that even with the President (before the actual “blame” facts were in) decried all the horror and violence that occurred and blasted all of those who initiated and participated in the violence that resulted in a auto homicide and during which a police helicopter crashed killing two officers, he did NOT do so soon enough and then when he did, he did not say “KKK, White Supremacists, White Nationalists” enough times or with enough anger to satisfy those of that half.

My dilemma is comprised of this: why is it that when an atrocity occurs in which one faction who is politically unacceptable is heavily involved, but is joined by several other groups who also are politically unacceptable but purposely keep a lower profile than the others, the only faction that faces blame of any kind is that faction that is politically unacceptable, even when their presence was illegal and they came armed to the hilt and obviously there only for a fight — which very quickly occurred?

The other part of my dilemma is my trying to understand why the media have concentrated only on the message delivered by the President “about” the atrocities and not concentrating at all on those who committed the atrocities (except for that one group) and certainly have spent very little time in conversation about those who died because of and during those atrocities. Today I discovered the answer.

Political Correctness. To the media, Charlottesville was not about the devastation, destruction of property, lack of sufficient law enforcement personnel to protect citizens, but rather only about not even the content of President Trump’s speech immediately after the riot and subsequent deaths, but the way he made his statement and that he was not damning enough when calling out those who committed the violence. The next day when he complied with the media’s suggestions and called out by name the groups considered to be “Right Wing” that had participated and stated that in every way their actions were unacceptable to Americans and will never be accepted as part of our nation, even calling them thugs, the media still attacked not only his messaging and method of delivery those messages, but because of that, his capacity and capability to effectively serve the nation as President!

Here are some points to consider as this saga continues to develop:

  • The President pointed out that the White Supremacists/KKK had legally obtained from the city a permit to demonstrate. Those on the other side had no legal right to a formal protest because they did not apply for a permit;
  • There is no question the Supremacists came itching for a fight. But the other side — even though doing so illegally — came to demonstrate dressed in riot gear, helmets, wearing masks and carrying shields, baseball bats, and sticks. Obviously their plan was to fight;
  • The media have concentrated on one thing and one thing only: the KKK/White Supremacists/White Nationalists (who demonstrated legally). I haven’t heard nor seen even one story from the media that even  mentions the “other” side that included Antifa, Black Lives Matters, and several other Leftist groups who did so without making application for a permit. It was obvious that they went to Virginia to have a fight. And they did;
  • There are several obvious conclusions I have made: Donald Trump in a proper way delivered his message about the horrors on Saturday before law enforcement had confirmed who were actually involved in the incidents that resulted in human death. Note that if he had waited, the media would have attacked him for not coming to Americans sooner. Even though when the facts were in, he did EXACTLY what they attacked him for not doing soon enough. His by name calling out the White Supremacists and condemning them for their actions in the most obvious and demonstrative way — was still not sufficient for the Left.  They ramped up their “Dump Trump” rhetoric, feeding on the anger and hurt Americans were feeling because of the racist horrors and loss of life. THEY BLAME TRUMP AND NOT THOSE WHO COMMITTED THE CRIMES! The media in their denouncements of the President were joined by many Democrats in the Senate and the House AND even by some Republicans. Their doing so pushes me even deeper into my dilemma.


I’ll put these points also in bullet format:

  • It matters not when the President responded or what he said when he responded. Whatever and whenever he did so was not appropriate nor timely in the minds of all those on the Left. Simply because they came from President Trump they must be inaccurate, inappropriate, and insufficient, regardless of their content. The Media’s default position is that President Trump is racist;
  • The media and many GOP and Democrat members of Congress attacked the President for condemning “violence from both sides.” They felt he should have only called out the White Supremacists. That would mean that the ones that came there illegally with only one thought in mind — to fight — and then did so using clubs and sticks they brought were somehow justified because, after all, they were “anti Fascist” — at least that’s what their name claims: Antifa, or “anti-fascist.” (read the post from several days ago titled “Charlottesville, Virginia: where Liberal Political Correctness is Stronger than Ever.” I’ll summarize that post and say Antifa and Black Lives Matter are NOT as they claim to be “anti-fascist.” The opposite is true: they exist to destroy free speech and independent thinking and expression. They have been given a cloak by the Press to hide their real identities. They are the true fascists.

This is a demonstration by members of the group Antifa. These are the people who have gone nuts on college campuses, threatening those who are conservatives who show up to hear other conservatives speak about conservatism in scheduled meetings initiated by the Administrations of those colleges. Some of those scheduled speakers canceled because of personal safety fears. Others are threatened simply because members of Antifa are there to carry out the almost century-old objective of Antifa: stop any messaging by anyone that promotes thinking in ways that are not conducive to Antifa’s process of thinking and the specific messages Antifa wishes to force on others.

This picture carries a common message of Antifa: refuse to be governed by those duly elected by Americans to govern. And “This is War.” They have shown up in Portland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Gettysburg, Baltimore, and other cities. In every case they come fully equipped with blackout clothing, helmets, shields, masks that entirely block their faces, bats and large sticks, often with professionally designed and printed signs with multiple totalitarian messages. They in days before the demonstration/riots have been seen and overheard recruiting those who would be interested in joining their ranks for a “riot of the week,” and have been offering people $15 an hour to do so.

  • Not only was it acceptable for the President to call out all those who committed violence in Charlottesville and that he waited to do that while waiting for the details about who exactly started the violence, it was the RIGHT thing for him to do. All of the noise from anyone and everyone on the Right or Left that condemned him for doing that and subsequently then naming and condemning the White groups who were part if it is unconscionable. Violence of any kind by anyone/everyone against others is wrong. And those who somehow try to paint the President as being racist or a White Supremacists sympathizer totally ignore the truth. “If” the President had NOT called out all those complicit in the violence, the Media would have attacked him for not doing so! It’s simple: it is common knowledge that no matter what the President says in explanation of any occurrence in his Administration, the Media will attack not what he says, but will attack him. To the Media, the truth does not matter!

America has slipped into an abyss. Reality, truthfulness, doing the right thing, abiding by the law are all not only unnecessary, they are denigrated and laughed at by the Left. It no longer matters what reality and truth are. What we do in our lives makes absolutely no difference. It is irrelative. The only thing that matters is what someone — anyone — on the left says. Truth is insignificant. In today’s news world it is called “Symbolism over Substance.” The realities in a dilemma can be totally eliminated “IF” the Mom and Dad agree and embark on a cruise to Politically Correct La La Land. Talk about an easy life! No one knows who the governor of La La Land is, who is vice-mayor, even who owns the cruise ship going to La La Land. The only thing that matters is that whoever has been “anointed” to be the “Politically Correct Guru of the Day,” is propped up by the Press to guarantee that message gets out clearly and uninterrupted.

The saga of the “Dump Trump” gang this past weekend shifted into high gear. They are rabidly trying to do and say anything they feel necessary to destroy confidence of the American people in this President. Unfortunately for those piloting this boat further into the Swamp, Americans understand that. And real conservatives don’t buy the Identity Political narrative being sold by the Leftist Media. Americans listen to what the President says — really listen. The Media have ignored Donald Trump’s 50-year professional business career in which he has employed hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. “If” there was a shred of evidence of racism during that 50 years, certainly by now the investigative departments at the New York Times and Washington Post would have uncovered those and plastered them across the Media sky for all Americans to see. There’s obviously no “there” there.

Donald Trump is not a racist.

Keep it up, media. You are helping in the dismantling of what little bit of credibility Democrats have. I’m fine with that. Please continue thinking Americans are stupid and that Americans trust you and that Americans feel they MUST get their truths from you. Remember: Rome burned while the emperor fiddled.

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