The hellish cauldron of venom in D.C. has spilled over into the Potomac, is spreading through rivers and streams west to the Pacific and south to the Gulf of Mexico.  In my anxiety and fear of what the results of this might be, I came to a stark realization:  we’ve seen it before — but even worse.  Post Korean War, post Cuban missile crisis, America deteriorated into near Anarchy.  Think about it:  President Kennedy was assassinated as was his brother, Robert.  Malcolm X was killed, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  Civil disobedience and rioting visited almost every major city in the United States.  National Guardsmen in Ohio killed Kent State protestors.  When MLK was assassinated April 4, 1968, major riots struck 1oo cities across America.  In Chicago, Mayor Daly mobilized 400 police officers as a 28 block square in the city sustained massive looting and violence.  The 1965 Los Angeles riots (later called the “Watts” riots because of the neighborhood where they occurred) were the most violent in L.A. history and would hold that title until the 1992 riots 27 years later.  A President — Richard Nixon — resigned rather than go through pending impeachment proceedings. In 1973, 21 prison guards were taken hostage in Oklahoma in the Nation’s worst prison riot in history.  Prisoners turned against each other.  Five hours into the riot the facility was in flames.  It took law enforcement 7 days to regain control.  In 1967 massive riots in Newark, NJ were triggered by a rumor.  The rumor was that police had stopped an unarmed black man for a traffic infraction and somehow the results were his being killed.  It was a complete fabrication — it didn’t happen.  However, the rumor ignited six days of anarchy in which $10 million of damage was done to the city along with 26 deaths.  Lost in history was that during the Newark riots, that unrest spread to nearby Plainfield, NJ which suffered similar rioting as Newark with similar results.  To this day, much of Plainfield remains as it was after the riots — empty buildings everywhere that businesses abandoned, never to return.  Who can forget the Los Angeles Rodney King riots, spurred by the acquittal of the 4 L.A. policemen charged with the brutal beating of Rodney King in late 1991?  The beating was captured on video and played nationally live on television.  All four were acquitted in a trial on April 29, 1992, which prompted massive riots with tragic results:  the National Guard was called in, 1000 buildings were destroyed, 53 people were killed with thousands injured, and a reported $1 billion in damages — the most deadly and costly civil unrest action in U.S. history.

Yet, when I detailed the above incidents, several were unknown to you until today.  The reason for that is why as brutal and devastating and costly as were those riots, those costs of dollars, civility, and human lives, pale in comparison to the “perception” of today’s national civil unrest.  Today it seems to most Americans that in the midst of the cradle of America — Washington, D.C. — there is NO civility, NO patriotism, NO love for “God and Country,” NO honor for our government and government servants, NO respect for the White House, the Office of the Presidency, and especially for President Trump, and NO loyalty to American ideals revealed in the U.S. Constitution.

Why is this?  As bad as it is, we are not seeing dozens if not hundreds of deaths in riots in 100+ U.S. cities, no massive destruction of buildings, no businesses shutting down for weeks and months and in many cases being shuttered altogether.  All of this and more were products of divisiveness and hatred and strife in the 60’s and 70’s.  What’s the difference between the 60’s, 70’s and today?  THE MEDIA!  Think about it:  there were no satellites in those decades, limited cable television, no high definition, no DVR’s, no VHS tape for recording, and because of these and the insurmountable expense of video broadcasting, very few television news outlets.  (I know it may be hard to believe, but CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC weren’t born yet!)  National newspapers were there and were much stronger and much more visible than today’s, but we all know that live video news compared to static print news is a much better source for real news and real news NOW.  And the media make those reports larger than life — often larger than reality.

Today we have news NOW, but it’s not necessarily REAL news.  (I’d steal the term from President Trump and use it here, but everyone knows it without my saying.)  I am not going to bore you with a “media rant,” because the horror we face in American politics today is not just about a product of the media.  The horror is that the media are NOT simply looking for truths to share.  They are not looking for news at all.  The scariest thing in all of this is that the media are out to change the fundamental foundation of America:  free elections.  Think about it:  the vitriol we see and hear spilled nationally on cable and satellite television daily in normal circumstances would simply dissipate over time as Americans began to see the truths and untruths in every story.  Day after day, night after night, story after story, the media are concentrating on one thing and one thing only:  to turn the American national election system upside down.  I no longer feel they are simply out to discredit Donald Trump and in doing so either unearth some evil that would cause him to resign in disgrace or to see him impeached.  They are out to unilaterally remove him from office.

If successful with this coup, the media would fulfill for Barack Obama what he said was his purpose for running for President:  “to implement fundamental change in America.”

Historically we have seen amazing negativity in America during political seasons.  Almost every President has at one time or another seen groups — sometimes large groups — of U.S. citizens go sour on an Administration or its policies.  We’ve seen this during every American war, each economic downturn, and in periods of dramatic racial unrest.  It seems that America’s diversity which made it the “Melting Pot” of the World also fuels much of its internal divisiveness.  Its that internal divisiveness that today seems to be a product of a combination of racial and economic inequality, ethnic and religious differences, and multiculturalism that fuels the media to whip Americans day after day into a frenzy for dramatic political change — instant and unconstitutional change — by removing for the first time in history a legally elected President.

Formerly I just thought the media because of their embarrassment for their loss in the election were just lashing out.  But I’ve come to understand that the loss was just one setback in the master plan for the American political landscape that had been set in place with the election of that junior Senator from Illinois as President.  Secretary Clinton was to be the bridge between Obama and the next liberal elitist to occupy the White House, and was to perpetuate that “change” started by Obama.

The election of Trump was a devastating blow to the master plan and to the media.  Many actually felt like they had failed this generation by allowing Trump’s election.  After all, the U.S. media knew that with their power, overpowering voices, and control through their “reporting,”  they control the essence of American government.  They caught on years ago that it is no longer about the truth or money.  Elections are now only about power:  power to re-shape the political structure of American government for generations to come.  With that power comes control of EVERYTHING.

I’ll close with this:  my position I have clearly detailed above is no longer just opinion.  There can be NO other explanation for all that we are seeing from the media.  I will not detail it because you see and hear it all day every day.  The only example I can give you to make you understand the significance of what the media is doing is that they are (almost unilaterally) perpetrating an evil overthrow of the American government with one and only one objective.  They want to unseat Donald Trump as President, and they are willing to do anything and everything within their power to make it happen.  And they totally disregard the fact that Americans voted and elected him.

The travesty here is not just that Trump is doing good work achieving great success and their objective would stop that.  That would be a first and would usher in a historical era heretofore never experienced in the U.S.  The United States would cease to exist as we have known it for 250 years.


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  1. Question- Is the media really any worse than in the past or is it that we have more technology to check for accuracy? I think that in the past many things that we thought/think are correct simply may not have been indeed true but we had no real way to know. We took there word. As we know the Word of D.C. is not reliable. Just a thought.

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