Today’s the day: D-Day. Once again the U.S. government faces the dilemma of running out of money to operate itself. That by itself is almost comical. How does somebody or some entity that has the total control of how much money it has, how much it can spend, AND what it spends it on run out of money? But it will — at midnight tonight.

Does anybody but me think that 535 paid politicians in Washington let the government get to this spot, again and again, is insane? It blows my mind to think that these several hundred government “experts” cannot (or “do not”) craft a budget, get it passed in the House and Senate, and signed into law in time to fund government operations the way they are supposed to. But it happens over and over. And it’s happened again.

What seems to be the problem?

The answer to that has been hidden for some time. Maybe that’s wrong — maybe what should be said is that the “accurate” answer to that has been hidden. There have been lots of opinions — explanations — for what’s been happening and why. But the truth is out. Let’s get to “the truth.”

The Reason

Honestly, it should have been easy for Americans to see why these Continuing Resolutions have been put in place by Congress and the President regarding government spending on a short-term basis only. Many have suspected why, but now it’s pretty clear. It’s not about the Democrat or Republican parties. It’s not about dollars and cents. And it’s certainly not because those 535 people cannot figure out the best way to spend American tax dollars — OUR tax dollars. It’s because most of those 535 have had a secret purpose for a long time in controlling government spending and where those dollars go. Their purpose? To remove the borders of the United States.

I hope you didn’t spit coffee when you read/heard that last line. But it’s true. Why else would every month or two we find ourselves at a drop-dead day and hour to put not a federal budget in place, but just a Continuing Resolution for short-term spending? Because that group (let’s call them “Open Borders Incorporated”) sense their power slipping away. It’s been happening for years and it’s a secret no more.

So just for a moment, let’s answer your obvious question: “Why and who would want that?” We’ll answer it by asking and answering some “Why Else?” questions.

Why Else Would….

  • U.S. Mainstream Media (purportedly “in the tank” for the Democrat Party) denigrate everything to do with border security, ICE, and alleged mistreatment of illegals in captivity?
  • That same Media downgrade the real numbers of illegals now in the U.S.?
  • No one in the Media beat the public over the head with videos and pictures of illegals crossing the border?
  • None of those constantly quoted “experts” ever appear on news shows — radio or television — to legitimize their “expert” status regarding the “non-crisis” on the southern border?
  • None of the mainstream media will give the public the names of those quoted experts that say “there’s no need for a wall,” and that “walls don’t work.”
  • Nobody get government officials on the air or in print from any of the other 161 countries who have border walls that work?
  • No media outlet — absolutely NOT ONE — will either on television, radio, or in print give the actual names of people who have been robbed, stabbed or shot, raped, or are victims of break-ins or other violent crimes at the hands of illegals so that Americans can see first-hand the realities of crimes committed by many of those illegals?
  • No media outlet — absolutely NOT ONE — will not persistently present border patrol agents, ICE agents, or other immigration officials who are consistent in their declarations that a border wall/barrier would dramatically lessen crime committed by illegal immigrants who cross into the U.S.?
  • Politicians and their media lapdogs continue to create and perpetuate the perception that there is no reason for a border wall and only agree that “border security” needs to be improved?
  • Politicians refuse to speak out against the influx of illegals?
  • Politicians continue to allow ANY immigrants into the U.S. that are ILLEGAL? Think about that: THEY’RE ILLEGALS WHEN THEY STEP FOOT IN THE U.S.
  • Politicians — ANY politicians — not loudly and consistently demand diligent arrest and prosecution of ALL illegals for their crimes?
  • Members of Congress not vote for any and all necessary funding to add immigration judges and support staff necessary to initiate and complete the legal process for ALL pending immigration cases that now number approximately 900,000?
  • Has NO One in this Administration or previous ones issued a hard and non-negotiable demand that ALL Central American countries AND Mexico stop ALL illegal immigrant attempts to breach the U.S. border coming from those countries?

No Budget, No Immigration Reform, No Wall. The Reason?

Simple answer: Open Borders. And in spite of what most feel, the cry for open borders may come loudest from Democrats, but it is NOT exclusive to those from the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

While Democrats heatedly deny being in favor of open borders, their actions and even their own words say otherwise. Much the same could be said about many Republicans.  Both parties want an unrestricted flood of immigrants to America, but for different reasons.

Democrats want a permanent underclass that reliably votes Democrat. Establishment Republicans want cheap labor to keep their Chamber of Commerce donors happy. Neither party acknowledges any negative consequences of the current open borders policy, allowing far more than voters and workers to enter our country.

Ignored are the contagious diseases, still uncommon in America, being brought across the borders. Or the criminals we read about daily in the news, raping and killing Americans. Not to mention potential terrorists.

How does this play out?

What if there weren’t a President Trump working to build a wall and to insert other measures to seal the southern border? Instead, suppose we had a president named Jeb or Marco, happy to grant amnesty to the 10 to 20 million illegals already in the country, a number which would double as soon as amnesty was proposed.

Gallup tells us that 147 million adults would move to the US if given the chance. That’s almost half the current US population. How many of these adults have children? If you assume one child per adult, you have just doubled this number. Don’t forget grandma and grandpa. Pretty soon we’ve more than doubled the US population. That means more people with no increase in the necessary infrastructure to support such a population increase. As a country, we can’t even maintain our infrastructure with our current population. Look at the subway stations or airports in New York City. Or the bridges over Western Pennsylvania rivers. Or the potholed streets of Chicago.

Who in Washington DC, among our elected leadership, sees a problem with unrestricted immigration? Among the ranks of those who have the power and authority to make a difference on the subject, there are few besides President Trump. I’m not saying he’s flying solo. But his Boeing 757 still has a number of empty seats.

There is certainly no similar sentiment from the leadership across the aisle. According to Nancy Pelosi, “Our view of the law is that it — if somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is no reason for deportation.” She’s not alone. Hillary Clinton, fortunately not in power, instead only coughing in half-filled lecture halls, shares Pelosi’s views, “Of the people, the undocumented people living in our country, I do not want to see them deported.”

Chuck Schumer joined the chorus declaring that President Trump will not get the U.S.-Mexico border wall “in any form.”

Republicans are hardly any better. Despite control of both houses of Congress for the past two years, with a president firmly in favor of shutting the open border, Republicans could not find a way to fund a wall. Funding Planned Parenthood, despite campaign promises to the contrary, was easy for Paul Ryan to push through. And Republicans wonder why they did so poorly during the midterm elections?

When America can’t support her existing population, why add more to the mix? Too many Americans are homeless, going without adequate food and healthcare. Many attend crumbling schools, drive on third-world roadways, fly through decrepit airports, and look at a federal budget constantly running in the red. The “law of holes” states that if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. America is in a big hole in so many ways, yet the smart set in Washington, D.C. wants to keep digging deeper. An open border is just one more way of digging America into a deeper hole.


Make no mistake about this: “If” the autocrats in Washington — Democrats AND Republicans — wanted to seal the southern border, the southern border would already be sealed: NO one would get in. That statement is identical to the one that answers the question asked by millions of Americans, “If it is against Federal law to possess and use marijuana (other than prescribed medically) in the United States, why do multiple states allow it to happen and the feds refuse to enforce the U.S. laws that make it illegal?

Here’s the “skinny” in this conversation: many in Congress WANT border barriers gone. Numbered among those are Democrats, plenty of Republicans, and a bunch of Independents. They all have reasons; they all have excuses. And they justify those reasons and excuses with a plethora of explanations. But what is common among ALL of them is this: They have each justified to themselves and others their active allowance and even support of immigration fraud and illegalities with total disregard for the laws of the United States and the enforcement of those laws. They ignore the personal, corporate, and national costs of ignoring those and even other federal laws. And somehow, that’s OK with them.

But the most important thing they ignore in their complicity in immigration lawbreaking is this: there is only ONE fundamental difference between the United States of America and the nation of Russia. Oh, there are many differences, but really just one big one: the Rule of Law. Now there are plenty of laws in use in Russia just as there are in the U.S. But in Russia, there is an autocratic group of political elites who have given themselves and a selected few to simply ignore the laws of Russia. Why would they do that? Because what drives their boat are the things that THEY want and that THEY don’t want in total disregard of other Russians, and what Russian laws state.

That being said, know this is an absolute factual certainty as you lay your head on your pillow tonight after tucking your precious children into bed: there is a group of political elites in Washington D.C. that have claimed and have assumed the authority to do the same thing in the United States as those Russian autocrats have been doing for decades in Russia: ignoring laws for the benefits of an entitled few.

Is that the America you want for those babies you just tucked into bed for the night?


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