Deal With It

Here are some facts:

  1. Obamacare is dying a quick death.  Why?  It doesn’t work and therefore (as structured initially and as revised over 50 times by the previous President) Americans have summarily rejected it;
  2. Dems SCREAM “Don’t repeal…..let’s just fix it!”  Fix it how?  They haven’t offered a fix!
  3. Americans elected Donald Trump to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”  That’s what is happening right now.  (What?  An elected official fulfilling a campaign promise?  That’s unheard of…..until NOW)
  4. The House of Representatives passed a replacement plan.  The Senate is working on another version now.  Senate and House leaders will meet in conference to reconcile the two.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work in Congress?
  5. Detractors are SCREAMING against the Senate bill even thought they don’t yet know what’s in the initial draft and certainly don’t know what their finished product will look like.

Put your head close to your computer screen so you can easily read this next statement:  What the GOP is doing is exactly what/how Constitutionally Congress is supposed to do in crafting legislation — and nothing more.  Yet the MSM (and now even FOX News) immediately upon the announcement of the first part of the Senate plan began attacking it, with no knowledge of its content:

FOX News:  This is the original story that FOX News posted on their website minutes after the draft of only the first part of the Senate version of the Healthcare bill was rolled out.  FOX News is a “Conservative” news source!  At least they have touted their mantra as “Fair and Balanced,” and “We report, You decide” for years now.  Yet here they did NOT promote the fact that “after seven years of promising Americans the repeal and replacement of Obamacare if Republicans were elected, Republicans are now keeping their promise just as the President.  The Senate has just revealed its version of the new Healthcare bill to begin discussions and negotiations to reconcile it with the already passed House bill to be able to send a unified bill to the President to sign into law.”  Nope.  What FOX News did was immediately point to the “Gang of Four” and that those four will not vote for the Senate bill.  What FOX didn’t do was what all the other media outlets didn’t do either:  state that the members of the “Gang of Four” all said they will not vote for the bill IN ITS PRESENT FORM, but all four state they want to negotiate and amend the bill to include changes they feel need to be part of the finished law as they promised to their constituents. That’s a long way from “they will not vote for the bill.”

And that’s FOX News!


ABC News:  Then we check out that bastion of news impartiality, ABC News.  Once again, here’s Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who tells ABC News exactly what he told FOX News:  he cannot vote for the bill as it has been rolled out, but he wants to get to a “Yes” and will gladly do so, working with other Senators and members of the House in reconciliation to get Obamacare repealed and a good replacement in place.

CNN:  No surprise here that CNN would lead with the same context of the lead story for FOX and ABC:  “4 Republican senators not ready to vote for health care bill.”

NBC News:  Believe it or not, NBC actually used a headline on their story that was probably the most impartial, true journalistic lead of any of the major television networks:  “Senate Healthcare Bill Draft Released:  What’s Inside?  Will it Pass?”

CBS News:  The Walter Cronkite/Mike Wallace/Dan Rather institution of news called CBS News.  You know them.  They give Americans all of this combined:  fair and balanced;  honest news;  always impartial and complete news;  true news journalists;  as they say “The most watched News Network in the United States.”  Their lead story and headline the evening of the release of the Senate Healthcare bill:  “Investigators probing if Trump campaign got info from Russian hacks.”  Seriously?!  The single item that comprises almost 20% of the entire U.S. economy is front and center on not just the U.S. stage but the World stage and CBS is still talking about Trump campaign collusion with Russia?  Does anyone now need to convince you that CBS is in the tank for all things anti-Trump?


It is a foregone fact that the MSM (“Mainstream Media”) are ALL in their vocations for one thing and one thing only:  secure viewers, which turns into ratings, which turns into advertisers, which turns into millions of dollars, which turns into huge talent multi-million dollar contracts.  Good news, unfortunately, seldom draws crowds of viewers like bad news.  Something about human nature dictates that the baser things of life get more of our attention than the everyday things in life.  That obviously is not lost on the news Big Bosses as their bonuses are also predicated on ratings, which are all predicated on wild and wacky news headlines.  I DO think it’s sad that it appears that FOX News that for so long has been the only network that has maintained any journalistic integrity in reporting has now begun a steady slide to the Left.  (If FOX News vacates its Conservative position in reporting, where will Americans turn for unbiased news?)

As you watch the Senate healthcare bill unfold, get debated and amended, and finally reconciled with the House bill, remember this:  the process for making laws per the U.S. Constitution has NO provision for keeping the news media in the loop, does not dictate to legislators that they seek the advice of nor clue in the news media during this process, and that it is commonplace to have disagreements between lawmakers who are committed to do what they were elected and took an oath to do:  create laws for the benefit of all Americans.

Oh by the way, don’t forget that the crazy Left say anything they feel fits their narrative, and that it makes no difference if what they say is true.  Why?  Because Americans are too stupid to discern the truth from “politi-speak.”  You are too dumb to understand that what they said today is exactly opposite of what they did 7 years ago!  They honestly believe that, which is one more reason why Americans are steadily waking up to the fact that the Democrat Party either does not understand how good, smart, and honest most Americans are or — even worse — they don’t care.  If they DID care, if they DID believe in your capabilities of understanding and making informed decisions for yourself, they would stop treating you like you are mentally so incapacitated you are incapable of reason.

To that end I echo President Trump’s plea for Democrats to leave Nancy Pelosi in her position as Minority Leader in the House.  She’s doing a pretty good job of showing just how Democrats continue to miss where Americans are in our thinking.  She’s doing a great job — for the Conservative cause.



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