Democrat Weapons of War: -Ism’s and -Phobias

There is no credible objection raised to the assertion that politicians have mastered the art of weaponization — the weaponization of any tool with which they can attack their political opponents. The actual weapons change from time to time, but the process is eternal. And that process itself is a very effective tool in their quest for weapons.

Democrats gained virtual control of the entire U.S. government in the 2021 election. That gave them almost unilateral authority to rule the nation. But long before that “Victory” — which will forever be listed in history books followed by an asterisk — Leaders in today’s Democrat Party had gathered into their trove of weapons of war the tools they needed to master their march toward total government control. Worse still is that, during the 2021 election, they proved those already in their armament are really effective. They worked! And Democrats won.

What are the -Ism and -Phobia weapons the Democrat Party has chosen to use in implementing their agenda? Let’s begin:


Some will say that sexism has been around for so long, used so often, and so often misrepresented that it has lost most of its power. Maybe in its purest form that might be true. But used in the context of a perpetual all-out political war, no weapon can be left undeployed.

Sexual Liberation from the 60s and 70s opened the door. Feminism and Lesbianism kicked the door down. Sexism — whether real or perceived — has been an effective tool for decades to use against men. And Democrats have consistently and effectively put it into practice, and still do.

Feminists, when using the term, “assume” its use in context is understood by all who hear. The context referred to is that “All men are evil, domineering, and overpaid chauvinists who want women only as sex partners, mothers/caretakers for their children, and “Suzie Homemakers” whose chief job is to serve men. That mantra includes an assumed “fact” that all men consider women to be less enlightened, less intelligent, less knowledgeable, and less capable in their understanding than are their counterparts: Men.

The obvious response to these assertions is “Poppycock!” But replying with that, “IF” the speaker is a man, proves that men are sexists.

Additionally, don’t ever make the mistake of challenging their sexism dogma in an attempt to present facts to disprove the legitimacy of this weapon. Doing so invites a cornucopia of claims that include every denigrating term one can imagine. Chief among those, of course, is: “Only a Sexist would say such a thing.”


Do NOT ever say (at least not in a public setting), “Homosexuality is a sin,” or “It’s degrading,” or “It’s not real,” or “It’s only in one’s mind.” Certainly NEVER say that it’s a myth because “The plumbing doesn’t work.” Whether or not any or all of these might be factual is immaterial. In amassing the arsenal necessary to defeat their foes, Democrats have masterfully written, edited, revised, and implemented a gameplan in which they have insightfully prepared for EVERY counter to their weapon against Homophobia.

In a subset of this, we must include Transphobia. It matters NOT to Democrats that one’s opinion of their gender doesn’t mean a freaking thing! Science for hundreds of years has shown that chromosomes with which we are born are the sole arbiter of our gender. No matter how loudly or adamantly one argues regarding this fact, those labeled “Transphobic” are marked with a scarlet “T.” It’s just another very effective weapon for Democrats use against their enemies.


Few had heard that term until 9/11. But it didn’t take long to appear and quickly become a weapon for the Left. Forget that 3,000 Americans died with the fall of the Twin Towers. Forget that Muslims flew each of those planes and did so voluntarily with just one mission: destroy the Enemy while dying as a martyr for Allah.

Long after those dark days in the Fall of 2001, that weapon is constantly deployed to attack political leaders who mention banning immigrants from any Islamic countries. President Trump did so. He did NOT ban immigrants or visitors from ALL Islamic countries, just from those which harbor known terrorists or other nations who cannot effectively investigate the backgrounds of wannabe immigrants. ANYONE who speaks of that or supports that practice is labeled as Islamophobic — especially Donald Trump.


Honestly, I can’t think of the name of any person I know that dislikes people who come from other countries just because they’re from a country other than ours’. I also do not understand why any American is against being certain that all who are allowed to enter our country are NOT here to commit illegal acts. Why not make certain they have no serious criminality pending against them in the countries from which they emigrate? But Democrats in large have weaponized that very thing. In fact, it’s become a catch-all to use against anyone who wants any immigrant from any other country to go through just the legal process of United States Immigration that was implemented by the People’s representatives in Congress and then signed into law by the current sitting President. How does one that feels just that be labeled as a “Xenophobe?”

The current immigration crisis faced today is the direct result of this Democrat President’s actions, which unlocked our border, should give every American pause and justifiable outrage. Be careful: if one expresses those feelings too loudly and Leftists in earshot know it was said and by whom, the “X” tag is applied instantly.


Racism is the most egregious of Democrats’ weaponry. Seldom is it used to address a legitimate case of racism. No matter; it’s a great weapon. There’s no de-bunking it when applied.

Calling someone a racist is a parallel to, in a crowd, shouting to a friend or acquaintance across a bunch of other people, “Hey, Bill. Did you ever stop beating your wife?” It’s irrelevant whether Bill actually DID  beat his wife or if he STOPPED beating his wife. All that matters in these cases is that the allegation was made, people heard it, and each of those listeners must process it without using the prism of facts that instigated this allegation.

Often, claims against racism are unfounded. The Left frequently uses the label to make a sweeping claim against, not individuals but systems, companies, and even churches and events.

Their most outrageous claims are those leveled at institutions or even segments of our society, blaming those for  being “Systemic racist.” As outrageous as these blanket allegations are, they are often VERY successful when made. Why? Because there’s NO way to rebut these claims, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Think about it: how can any system, group, entity, company, church, or school be racist? None of these mentioned are able to contain a human trait: they’re each inanimate and without feelings, emotions, or even thoughts. They are not alive nor able to consciously “do” or “be” expressive of anything requiring mental capacity.

Does that mean there cannot be racism IN any of these? Certainly there can be racism of every construct in each, but it’s not the entity itself. It’s people. “Things” are not racist. People are racist. People who operate within these institutions can “choose” to be racist. But the systems are not guilty. Those people are.


The mastery of this art did NOT just happen. For it to rise to the level in which it exists today was a planned and implemented process. No one can truthfully allege that the Democrat Party is inept at finding ways to self-preserve in the midst of the most chaotic environment in U.S. political history.

Why do they operate in this fashion? Most Americans know that those allegations are most often inaccurate and unwarranted. Yet Democrats — especially leaders in the Party — are quick to grab one of these many weapons to inflict grievous injuries to their foes.

Why? When facts do not support one’s objectives, one must find ways and weapons to use against foes sufficient to win each battle. 

This explains each of these:

  • Every time there is a situation that appears to be negative for Dems, they lash out against opponents rather than find ways of reconciliation;
  • Regarding issues with which conflicts are present, Democrats seldom, if ever, admit the opposite of their position could possibly be correct;
  • The “truth card” played in battle is often not the truth — and they don’t care;
  •  They seldom if ever apologize;
  • They NEVER admit being wrong on any issue;
  • Every weapon they use always exceeds (when enacted) levels needed to just win that battle: they must obliterate their opponents;
  • “When all else fails because of lack of substance, play the Race card!”

“Aren’t Americans smart enough to understand this process?”

Being smart enough is not the issue. The issue is finding facts on each issue and then initiating responses sufficient to overcome those offensive weapons engaged by Democrats.

Remember this: Democrats are almost always more and more united in their battles than are Republicans and other Conservatives. That by itself is often all that is necessary to determine who wins and who loses. But when their unity falls short, they have learned which ones and how to put the weapons necessary for victory on the line.

Unless Conservatives find ways to turn these weapons used by Democrats against Democrats, this war will continue in perpetuity. And conservative Americans will always be underdogs, no matter the truth of any conflict. Remember the underlying thread that permeates all of this process: It’s always “Symbolism over Substance.” And in that world, truth is irrelevant.

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