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Dems Resistance re: Immigration is NOT about Immigration

Honestly, Democrats absolutely do NOT want a “real” Immigration Plan.

What makes me think that?

  • Senator Bernie Sanders  in 2015: “When you have 36 percent of Hispanic kids in this country who can’t find jobs, and you bring a lot of unskilled workers into this country, what do you think happens to that 36 percent of kids who are today unemployed? Fifty-one percent of African-American kids? I don’t think there’s any presidential candidate, none, who thinks we should open up the borders,” said Sanders.
  • Senator Chuck Schumer when asked his stance on changes in immigration: “I support further securing our borders; prohibiting hiring of undocumented immigrants by requiring job applicants to present a secure Social Security card; creating jobs by attracting the world’s best and brightest to America, and keeping them here; requiring undocumented immigrants to register with the government, pay taxes, and earn legal [status or face deportation.]” Source: League of Women Voters 2010 Candidate Questionnaire , Aug 11, 2010
  • Senator Schumer’s 2010 stance on Sanctuary Cities and regulation of Immigration: “To create a reserve fund to ensure that Federal assistance does not go to sanctuary cities that ignore the immigration laws of the United States and create safe havens for illegal aliens and potential terrorists.”
  • The border wall opinions of Dems including then Senator Obama:  As a senator, Barack Obama once offered measured praise for the border control legislation that would become the basis for one of Donald Trump’s first acts as president. “The bill before us will certainly do some good,” Obama said on the Senate floor in October 2006. He praised the legislation, saying it would provide “better fences and better security along our borders” and would “help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.” Obama was talking about the Secure Fence Act of 2006, legislation authorizing a barrier along the southern border passed into law with the support of 26 Democratic senators including party leaders like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer.
  • Senator Dick Durbin, who says President Trump’s use of the term “Chain Migration,” is offensive and racist to black Americans, said something entirely different PREVIOUSLY about Chain Migration. In 2010, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) advocated on the Senate floor for ending the

    Dick Durbin

    process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S., a term that he now claims insinuates racism. While asking Congress to pass the expansive and failed “DREAM Act” amnesty, which would start by legalizing millions of illegal aliens, Durbin touted the fact that the legislation at the time would have ended chain migration, preventing newly amnestied illegal aliens from bringing their extended family members to the U.S. “The DREAM Act would not allow what is known as chain migration,” Durbin said. “In fact, DREAM Act students would have very limited ability to sponsor their family members for legal status.”

What Are Dems Objectives?

After almost 18 months of Donald Trump either being the GOP nominee for President and then President, it should be apparent to all what Democrats at every level are up to: “Dump Trump.” Their horrific attempts to fulfill that “dream” that daily play out on the national and World stages have become almost comical as you can see, read, and hear the desperation in all they initiate. And daily the web of deceit and corruption grows stronger and snares more and more victims as it tightens its grip on all those who have fallen prey to its soothing and delightful song: “Don’t worry about a thing all you Humans. We have everything you need here and we will take care of you in every way. Work, honesty, and commitment are things of the past. Come here and all you will need to do is commit your life to support us and all we bring to you and your worries are over.”

And it was working — until Donald Trump.

During the 2016 campaign, he caught the ears of Americans, some of who had been caught-up in the fairy-tale promises of the Left. Many began to believe once more there just might be “Liberty and Justice for All,” that hard work really could reap great personal rewards, that setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and the benefits of those achievements might be realistic. They began to hope.

Trump confronted not only the person of the Democrats, but the hypocrisy of their promises, the lies from their past (some of which are listed above), the failed promises they dole out during every election campaign every two years, and their failed policies that under Obama sent black unemployment to the Moon, the federal debt too went on that ride: it doubled, consumer confidence tanked, and as we are seeing now, corruption consumed Washington D.C. and was dangerously near destroying the U.S. before the wake-up call in November of 2016. Americans with their votes said, “Wait a minute: Washington YOU work for us. It’s NOT the other way around.” And Donald Trump was elected. In the words of Barack Obama: “Elections have consequences.”

The only way Democrats could ever succeed in gaining majority control of Americans, (not “Congress”) was to open the immigration faucet to bring enough poor immigrants and literally force those immigrants to rely on Democrats for everything of substance in their lives. Obama basically told the DNC he would take care of Americans already here. They needed to get that immigration faucet open to get the necessary numbers here from outside the U.S.

Money has never been the goal. Money has always been just a tool. Money begats  power. Power begats control. Control begats votes….then go back to the Money. That is the only Immigration objective of the Democrats.


Don’t agree with that synopsis? Fair enough. Sign in below in the comments section and send me your answers to these questions:

If Democrats really support Immigration, then:

  1. Why didn’t they pass comprehensive Immigration when they controlled both the House and Senate AND the White House?
  2. Why have they stated they will only support legislation that gives Dreamers a path to citizenship, continued Chain Migration, and will NOT fully fund a border wall?
  3. Why do they continue to establish and support Sanctuary Cities? That concept flies in the face of a Legal Immigration policy.

Folks, if they wanted comprehensive Immigration, they’d do anything to get it, including intimidation or even blackmail to get votes to pass it. If they felt it necessary they’d force a white cow to give green milk if they felt that green milk was necessary for one of their causes. They WOULD find a way to make that cow get it done!

I’ll wait to read your answers. I really DO want to hear from you!

One more thing: remember that surprise 1-hour televised White House Immigration meeting between Dems and GOP members of the House and Senate and the President? The World saw that this President can actually run a real meaningful meeting making some really good objective points and promoting real conversation instead of just arguments between the opposites. Why then do you think Senator Durbin ran to the press with his yet unfounded allegations about the President using profanity describing Immigrants?

I have for months listened to Lefties gripe about the communication methods of Mr. Trump and how non-productive they are. He should just talk to members of Congress, hold press conferences, and let the “professionals” carry his message to the public. So when he listens and does just that and has a productive meeting, Durbin — who has done this before at least twice telling lies when he did so — rather than confront the President in that private meeting with a handful of fellow Congressmen, runs to the press. Two GOP Senators in that meeting immediately stated they heard nothing remotely like what Durbin claims was said by the President. But Durbin got his 15 minutes of fame and in doing so has given Democrats another reason — actually just an excuse — to not be forced to bring a real Immigration bill to the floor for debate and a vote. THEY DON’T WANT REAL IMMIGRATION REFORM……THEY WANT OPEN BORDERS!

That is the ONLY reason Senators Sanders, Durbin, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and former President Obama would all make their 180 degree turn on their very vigorous and demonstrative stands on the matter.

It’s about Control and nothing else. They don’t care one bit about those immigrants — I guarantee it.

2 thoughts on “Dems Resistance re: Immigration is NOT about Immigration”

  1. It’s pretty sad to realize how insanely corrupt our government has become. Hard to believe for some, impossible to believe for most.

  2. Donald Trump has put a magnifying glass on the real motivation of Democrats and some Republicans. Their actions speak louder than their words

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