Like never before in American history we find ourselves standing on a precipice looking across a massive hole in the Earth to see other Americans standing on the other side looking down into the same abyss. To the dismay of both groups of people, that abyss keeps widening while getting deeper and deeper, even as they watch.

Who’s digging that chasm? Who are the people looking in? What’s in the void between the two groups? We’ll get to those answers in detail, even though I’m pretty sure most already know them. But for this conversation, let’s try to back into the answers.


There IS such a word as “politism,” but not in the English language. There is a Twitter site named “Politism.” But in the first tweet, you’ll read confirmation there is no such word as “politism.” So let’s make it ours.

“Politism:” the state in which one decides to live, regardless of realities. In doing so, that person determines a combination of beliefs — “their” combination of beliefs — is the correct combination that all people should adopt. That combination most often includes their personal perspectives of religion, U.S. law as it applies to persons and entities, social and economic “allowables” and norms, and politics. To hold politism together in one package, it is wrapped with the undying right to personally determine when and how to unleash their politism throughout their world, and that all who interact with them must receive the politismist’s permission to co-exist in their universe. Anyone who lives outside their World is unqualified and unworthy to do so. And those outside are the scum of the Earth, no matter who they really are.

Wait a minute — I thought the World is divided into racial groups, ethnic, political, and gender groups AND those people who self-identify with others of the same social ilk. But by the definition above, Politism appears to be the “ultra” identifier of all. How so?


Who can possibly argue that the U.S. today looks little like the U.S. of the 1900s or even the early 2000s? Americans are fragmented in so many ways that few if any can even identify the various groups who wrestle for space, yet alone determine eligibilities to identify qualified membership in the “right” group. But we are going to try.


For many years American political parties have been few in number and philosophy. Democrats and Republicans have pretty much dominated. There are other political parties that pop up from time to time. But Dems and the G.O.P. have held on the reins of politics. Libertarians, those in the Green Party, even Socialists are there. But in each election cycle, it seems the fastest growing political group are none of these and is not even a party: Independents. These are Americans who may hold political ideas that lean Conservative and Liberal, but not enough to identify with either major political party. In elections, they normally vote based on the positions taken by candidates on issues most important to those voters. So they vote for the candidate and not the candidate’s party.

Democrats have over the last 60 years watched as their party has skewed farther and farther to the liberal end of politics. John F. Kennedy was a Democrat, but most of his political ideas would today identify more with those of Republicans than Dems. Republicans still are faithful to the conservative side of the political spectrum. As it pertains to Politism, neither Democrats nor Republicans have a lock on being “THE” ones who own that moniker. There are politismists in both.

Politism in politics is not quiet, is not secretive, rather an “in your face” way to operate. It is most obviously used by those who lean to the extreme side of their party: Republican politismists lean far right in their party while Democrat poltismists lean extreme left. And we are seeing it played out on the world stage of politics in a greater fashion than ever before. In fact, many are just now discovering that politism even exists and what it is.

I’ve often wondered how there could be such vast differences between the two major parties. Republicans are quieter, more deliberative, seem more factual, and far more conservative than Democrats. Republicans are horrible in their messaging. Democrats have found ways to dominate political messaging and most often on major issues make Republicans look slow.

We will not waste any time to point out examples of these: all see them every day. But what we WILL discuss today is WHY the messaging process is so different between parties and how Democrats have launched what seems to be an all-out war on Conservatism that is relentless.


Conservative talk radio shows and television almost daily list example after example of how Democrats are running amuck with their attacks on conservatives and conservatism. Most of all, their attack of all things Donald Trump is mind-boggling. But if you look at polling numbers today — especially those of Millennials and Generation Z-ers, those young people that comprise those two generations, Democrats are really effective. And they know that! So what do they do? They ramp their efforts up to a fever pitch!

How do they do it?


Just like a nation needs an active military to attack that nation’s enemies and protect the nation from all outside enemies, Democrats have found a way to use militarization to attack and seize the political narrative of the day. Just as did Hitler during the decade before World War II, the American media has become the attack dogs of not the government, but of the Democrat Party. The Mainstream Media has now proudly accepted the brand of being that military arm of the Party.

What has been put front and center over the last decade is a heretofore no so obvious weaponizing of the American media. Have you asked yourself how those in news can get so many stories wrong? After all, journalists have always been the ones who get it right by telling us the truth in every story.

The media’s number one weapon? Politism.

There is a generation today that have benignly adopted Politism without even knowing it or even what it is: “the state in which one decides to live, regardless of realities.” The Mainstream Media have effectively (on behalf of their partners: the Democrat Party) convinced Millenials and Generation Z-ers of the correct political perspective of the day — EACH DAY.

How have they accomplished this? By the “frog in the boiling water” example: Put a frog in a pot of cold water and the frog is happy. Put a frog in a pot of boiling water and the frog immediately jumps out. But gradually turn the heat up on that pot of cold water, and the frog will swim around it disregarding the water getting hotter and hotter — until he dies.

Purveying the Democrat Party’s messages to those who are obviously the primary targets of the Left has been and is Mainstream Media’s #1 objective. And it’s working!

How is it working?

  • How else would so many Americans constantly demand facts of what’s going in D.C. and instead accept what the Media tells them AS THE FACTS WITH NO QUESTION?
  • How could Socialism, in the wake of the obvious failed Socialist nation horrors that fill the news like that in Venezuela and Cuba, be an actual possible solution to many Americans as portrayed by the Media?
  • How could someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be elected to Congress from New York? Her claims regarding global warming destroying Earth in the next 12 years, her lack of understanding of American jobs and employment, foreign policy, and the economy that have no basis in fact, yet alone in reality! Yet a recent poll shows that 60% of Americans polled would actually consider voting for her for president if she was old enough to run: Politism.


Hitler used the German media to confuse German citizens. Their media for years “reported” stories that were fed by the Nazi government to every German newspaper every day regarding important issues to the German people, but were skewed toward the Nazi politism. The truth did not matter to Hitler. And the German people after hearing it over and over and over again began to assume what they were hearing and reading were all facts.

Want a current American example of Poltism?


Antifa, or Anti Fascists, are making headlines around the country…particularly in Berkley, Portland, and other far left strongholds. They are initiating violent protests, counter-protests, and rioting on college campuses and in the streets of major U.S. cities. For many Americans, they appear to be a new organization, one which has sprung to life to protest President Trump’s election. In reality, Antifa is nearly 100 years old and has roots that go directly back to Joseph Stalin and post WWI Europe.

What is new about the current Antifa movement is their target. They are no longer attacking fascists to springboard a communist revolution in Europe. Their current target is the political rift between Conservatives and Liberals in the U.S. Their goal is to create the conditions for a Communist takeover of the Democrat party and the eventual subversion of our constitutional republic. To this end, they are attacking everyone who holds a conservative viewpoint–and for political cover, they are labeling conservatives as fascists while hiding their own communist ideology.

And the Mainstream Media have refused to denigrate Antifa or to even expose Antifa’s objectives as the group has destroyed millions of dollars worth of property in the name of protecting Free Speech while in essence attacking those who are practicing Free Speech! The MSM has made Antifa in America an acceptable Politism!

Other examples of the Politism of the Media are Identity Politics, Islamaphobia, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, and Nationalism. While those actually exist, the MSM has weaponized not the act of standing against any of these or speaking out against them, but have crafted REAL attacks against all those who express any anti-politistic opinion against any of these. And those Media attacks have NO factual basis or truth. Their only support is Politism.


We must be honest. We must open our minds to learn exactly how the political perspective of this nation could possibly spiral into an abyss of Leftist politism so quickly. It seems like only yesterday this nation united around a conservative president who launched an all-out offensive against Iraq when the Twin Towers in Manhattan fell killing 3000 Americans. Every American was in lock-step with that effort.

The rift between American political philosophies began to rapidly devolve into politism when the Obama Administration was birthed and with his promise to lead “fundamental change of America.”

Obama didn’t invent Politism: he simply gave it a shove into the world of the Mainstream Media along with his permission to use to turn the nation hard left. And it is working.

Remember this: any time you hear, read, or see any member of the media present facts that you KNOW are not facts, follow the perspective of that reporter to find the source of what is presented. More often than not you will find it rooted in a specific tenet of Politism.

Doing so is not evil as we are told everytime we disagree with those on the left. It’s what Americans were given the right to do. That right comes from the U.S. Constitution. And those rights — OUR rights — are being trampled as the Media is now ignoring the First Amendment that without saying it, guaranteed Americans to see and hear and speak the truth with total freedom. The Mainstream Media parrot that anytime they are questioned about their politistic “news” and its factual basis.

Unfortunately, even though they are the ones that should be the keepers of the Truth and the last hope for the Truth for Americans, they have fallen into Politism and all its trappings. Their bosses are using politism to turn the heads and hearts of millions of Americans. And it’s not getting better.





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