Dunstan Teo: One Of Earth’s Foremost Cryptocurrency Experts Live With Dan Newman

We are fortunate to have as a friend of TruthNewsNetwork and “TNN Live!” one of the leading cryptocurrency experts in the World — Dunstan Teo. He joined Dan on Wednesday to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency, which (if any) cryptocurrency he would suggest we purchase, and where the World is headed in “Crypto-Land.”

Dunstan today is the co-founder of Philcoin, a new coin that was established for very specific reasons and purposes. The name “Philcoin” — at least the first half — specifically refers to philanthropy using Philcoin as a vehicle to assure citizens in ALL countries the ability to protect their financial status through Philcoin.

Dunstan recently moved from Dubai to Central Florida but still works with governments and institutions around the World regarding cryptocurrency.

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