European Illegal Immigration: “Coming to Amerika”

The establishment media is largely ignoring ethnic violence as illegal immigrants stream into Europe.  The following from Kurt Nimmo of

“The latest incident occurred in a Danish refugee center near Copenhagen where a “a stateless Palestinian” in a refugee center stabbed a police officer.  Groups of migrants are engaging in gang-like violent behavior across Europe and as hundreds of thousands of primarily Sunni Muslim migrants flood into the continent.  On Sunday in a tent city in the town of Kassel-Calden, north of Frankfurt, Germany, groups of Pakistani and Albanian migrants attacked each other.  “Between 60 and 70 people were involved. They attacked each other with clubs and threw things at each other,” a police spokesman reported, according to the INDEPENDENT.  On Friday at an asylum center near Leipzig 200 Syrian and Afghan migrants attacked each other with table legs, bed frames and sticks following an argument over the use of a bathroom.

“The police have reached the absolute limit of what they can take,” said Jörg Radek, the deputy head of the German police trade union. “ We must do everything we can to prevent further outbreaks of violence.”  He called for segregating migrants along religious and ethnic lines.  A policy of segregation was implemented in the German state of Thuringia after Christian migrants in asylum centers were attacked by Sunnis attempting to impose Sharia law.

Max Klingberg of the International Society for Human Rights said a large number of migrants arriving in Germany are radical Islamists.  “Among the new arrivals is not a small amount of religious intensity, it is at least at the level of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.  Another German police union official, Rainer Wendt, said violence between groups of illegal migrants in German hostels is a common occurrence.  “We‘ve been seeing this violence for weeks and even months,” Wendt explained. “Groups join forces based on ethnicity, religion or clan structures and attack each other with knives and even weapons they have made themselves.”  He said “Sunnis fight Shiites, there are Salafists of varying kinds… Women are being forced to wear veils. Men are forced to pray. Islamists want to impose their values.”

Earlier this month German police in the town of Hemer reported that an Alerian Muslim had attacked an Eritrean Christian and his pregnant wife with a bottle. The pregnant woman was hospitalized. The man was wearing a crucifix.  In a refugee area in Suhl, Germany, an Afghan man who had torn pages from a Koran was attacked by a Syrian mob. In the resulting riot, 17 people where injured, including six police officer and members of the press. The enraged mob ransacked the refugee center office and, the following day, smashed car windows and vandalized property.

On the Greek Island of Lesbos in early September, a group of around 200 illegal immigrants attacked police and threw stones after they were not allowed to board a ferry to the mainland.  On September 16, Hungarian riot police resorted to tear gas and water cannon as 1,500 rioting Muslims chanting “Allah hu Akbar” on the border. The rioting Muslims, who received instructions from a megaphone wielding leader, threw stones, bottles and food at the police. SKY NEWS reported around 70 percent of the illegal migrants on the border were men.

In August French riot police battled illegal immigrants in Calais as they stormed the Channel Tunnel leading to Britain. John Keefe, the Eurotunnel public affairs director, said Coquelles terminal was being targeted by “organized groups” of illegal migrants on a nightly basis, according to THE DAILY MAIL.  In addition to violence between religious and ethnic gangs and attacks on police, the media and citizens, there is a rape epidemic in migrant camps, but “police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration,” according to Soeren Kern of the Galestone Institute.  Social workers and women’s groups in Giessen, a university town in Germany, wrote a letter to the local state parliament saying rape, forced prostitution and child abuse are common in a refugee camp there.  “Many women have felt the need to sleep in their clothes… they won’t go to the toilet at night because rapes and assaults have taken place on their way to, or from, there. Even in daylight, a walk through the camp is fraught with fear,” the letter states .

The situation is similar at a former U.S. military case in Bayernkaserne, outside of Munich. Women’s groups say there are allegations of rape and forced prostitution every day. A social worker said the camp there is “the biggest brothel in the city” and sex with a female migrant costs 10 euros.  The possibility of rape at the hands of roving Muslim gangs in Bavaria is so great the headmaster of a grammar school in Pocking informed parents not to allow their daughters to wear revealing clothes and avoid “misunderstandings” with Muslim males, said to be 80 percent of the migrants arriving in Germany.”

This is NOT strange, unusual, or unreal.  It is reality, and is really happening in Europe.  Why haven’t YOU heard about it?  The “World” media doesn’t want you to know how real it is.  Remember last month when Donald Trump stated how immigrants were destroying laws of every kind in Sweden and the Swedish government launched an immediate attack against the President’s statements?  Remember that 48 hours later there was a massive illegal immigrant attack in Sweden?  Remember that Swedish government statistics elaborate on the huge rise in violent crimes since the illegal population has mushroomed?  IT IS REAL….and it’s headed here — no doubt about it.

Our Media is totally all in with the Globalist agenda.  They believe in and are sold out to promoting and maintaining the mantra of Globalists:  that all humans are citizens of one entity — The World.  And Globalism is the only real and acceptable political and social system….period.  All others are fake, temporary, and evil.

I am not a conspiracy theorist at all.  In fact I feel I can detect deceit and untruths as good as the next guy.  But I have been in Europe in the last year a couple of times — Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Great Britain.  I posted on Facebook pictures of the immigration camps in Zurich, Switzerland.

I don’t have one infinitesimal of understanding of any people or government wanting to allow the generation in their free country of a social subset of totalitarianism.  Certainly among north Africans and Middle Easterners there are unmentionable horrors and travesties of the most vile kind.  But among those very people are hidden those who are part of that mindset whose highest calling is to infiltrate Western culture and implant that thinking among Western people, killing all who resist.

There is a simple way to take care of their horrors on their on home soil or that of countries close by.  The U.S. and Europe are spending billions in transportation, humanitarian aid, food, shelter, medical care, etc., of these people and none of these countries have the infrastructure capability to do so.  Did you know there IS that capability right in the Middle East?

Below see an entire self-contained, fully stocked 1 million strong “city” built in Saudi Arabia that is EMPTY!  It was designed to accommodate displaced immigrants from other countries in the Middle East displaced by civil war.  It has everything necessary for anyone to live and live comfortably.  Wouldn’t Europe and the West be better off (heck, wouldn’t immigrants be better off) remaining in their part of the World among fellow citizens who speak the same language, are of the same religion and social thinking and culture?  Hundreds and thousands of Westerners would not have been victimized by ANY crimes committed by Middle Eastern illegals if this had been implemented.

Immigrant totally self sustaining complex built in Saudi Arabia to house comfortably 1 million + displaced Middle Eastern immigrants. It’s empty!

I’m not for turning our backs on immigrants.  The U.S. accepts more immigrants annually than every other country on Earth…..COMBINED!  But we better get it right…and legal…..and quickly.  Our infrastructure and social environment are eroding very quickly.  We’re sliding downhill into anarchy and globalism at more than 100 miles per hour.

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