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Today’s story doesn’t work as a podcast: it’s totally visual. Watch this video and when finished we’ll talk.


Perspective of any situation can drastically change the way people view that situation. The current American “debacle of the decade” is immigration. The Left has even narrowed that debacle to no longer be just immigration, but now it’s ILLEGAL immigration, too.

Here’s what the Left’s perspective of illegal immigration is:

  • Americans must be sensitive, caring, and charitable to anyone coming from any country, no matter the details of who they are, what their backgrounds are, or what their abilities are;
  • Americans owe all citizens of every other country on Earth free entry into the United States based solely on one thing and thing only: IF they want to come;
  • Any American who wants actual borders, border security, vetting immigrants — both legal and illegal — a border wall, and a legitimate legal immigration process that is mandatory for any immigrant to become a naturalized American citizen is a racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, and is un-American;
  • Americans are obligated to — through confiscatory tax policies — underwrite the lives of any/all illegal immigrants. That includes free housing, free education, free healthcare, free transportation, free clothing and food;
  • Americans must agree to allow ALL people who reside inside U.S. borders to freely vote in local, state, and federal elections regardless of legal or illegal status or U.S. citizenship status;
  • Illegal immigrants have all the same rights as any and all American citizens.


American laws do not matter when it comes to all things dealing with immigration. It does not matter when, where, or how illegals arrive in the U.S. Their doing so — which obviously breaks multiple federal laws — is to be overlooked by law enforcement officials, members of local, state, and federal governments, and all Americans. It seems to many that liberal Americans — Democrats and other liberals — believe the “rule of law” in America is outdated, unfair, and no longer necessary and that it is OK to simply ignore.

Of course, those same Americans want to selectively decide which laws apply to whom and when, in total disregard of the lawmaking process.

Nowhere else is this more obvious than in the immigration process. It is amazing to the majority of Americans to watch as even members of government wink at illegal immigration and all the endangerment allowing it to continue causes Americans on a local level. Laws are meaningless.

In the “gumball” video, we see exactly how feeling obligated to and then trying to “fix” immigration World problems by opening U.S. borders to all can in no way can even touch the problems of billions of world citizens. No country on Earth has the ability or the resources to effectively impact the problems of most of Earth’s population.

Does believing that make Americans evil? Is it evil for Americans to refuse to accept the “no-border concept” as one we should adopt? Are Americans who insist on legal immigration and demand the federal government close our borders and stop ALL illegal immigration racist?

There are millions of political elites in the U.S. that categorically believe allowing only legal immigration is wrong, and that doing so is America shirking its responsibilities to “give” the U.S. to any and all who ask for it.

But how can anyone believe that and still believe in America? The entirety of the American concept and ideal is based on “liberty and justice for all,” the “rule of law,” and the U.S. Constitution as a roadmap for the establishment and maintenance of a system of laws that treat ALL people fairly and equally. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the laws and provisions in the U.S. Constitution that detail Americans rights apply equally to everyone — even those who are NOT Americans.


There are no easy immigration answers. But there ARE American legal, Constitutional, and lawful answers for “illegal” immigration.

Who is responsible for the regulation of immigration?

Regulation of anything cannot happen without rules (or regulations) that are devised, implemented, and supervised by someone. In the U.S., there’s not just one person or one group that is responsible for this process. It takes the entirety of government.

Congress write and implement laws. The Executive Branch implements and operates laws. In the event of legal disputes, the Judicial System oversees the legalities of laws and the implementation of any Congressional penalties for violation of laws. That process includes courts, judges, a penal system, and the operation of every piece of the legal process.

That is simple enough. Why can’t many in the U.S. simply accept and abide by the process? THAT is simple: it’s a consuming quest for power and all that it takes to acquire and maintain as much power and might as possible.

That caravan in Mexico heading to the southern border of the U.S. is NOT an immigration problem. It is a “symptom” of the immigration problem. And those symptoms will not stop, but will only increase in number and severity unless and until those responsible for making the legal immigration process responsible for ALL immigration stop picking and choosing which immigration laws to enforce and which to simply wink at and turn a back to.

Who are the victims of this immigration mess we are watching in the U.S.? Honestly, EVERYONE directly and indirectly touched by illegal immigrants — and those illegal immigrants themselves — are victims of this process.

Think about this: if ALL immigration into the U.S. was allowed to happen ONLY LEGALLY, how would the landscape of immigration in the U.S. look? Far different than today.

  • There would be NO immigration detention centers;
  • There would be an insignificant number of border patrol agents;
  • No Americans would be injured or killed by illegals because none would be in the U.S. Kate Steinle and many other Americans would still be alive;
  • No illegals would be taken advantage of by employers who cheat with pay and lack of benefits by hiring illegals;
  • The American medical system would not be abused by uninsured illegals;
  • Local school systems would not be forced to underwrite education for illegals;
  • Local, state, and federal law enforcement resources would no longer be dominated by concentration on illegal immigration matters.

You watched the gumball video — you know the U.S. CANNOT subsidize the World and fix the economic conditions of the billions of Earth’s population who are mired in poverty by bringing them to the U.S. It is foolish for any to believe doing so is an obligation of Americans, is feasible, and remotely sustainable.

It’s time for Americans to accept this one fact: we can help many in the World who have far worse life circumstances than we do. But we cannot do so for very many more than the 1 million per year we have been allowing to come to the U.S. legally.

If we continue to allow it to happen, we will eventually find ourselves by sliding into economic devastation ourselves by simply exhausting our resources on others without first making certain we take care of the United States and its citizens.

The book is out on whether Americans will bow up and let that reality rule the day.

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