Heads are Spinning…

I enjoyed watching the President conduct his own press conference Thursday from the White House.  Anyone who thought he was afraid, intimidated, or unsure about facing the press himself under the present whirlwind of controversy in D.C. quickly discovered that the White House is his and that he IS the boss.  Oh, and he’s far from intimidated or afraid.  He made certain everyone in the White House press pool who wanted to ask a question was heard in the approximate 90 minute get together.  And he did not mince words when he “schooled” the press on why their approval rating among American voters has now dropped below that of members of Congress.  Americans do not like “fake news.”  And Americans blame fake news on the media, of course — or as the President calls them, “fake media.”

Interestingly enough the heads of all the Intelligence agencies yesterday stated that none of the agencies were withholding intelligence information from the President, contradicting a “news” story that permeated national political headlines at every news outlet early Thursday printed first by the NY TIMES.  (more “fake news”)  After reading the Sperry story I posted Friday in the Epilogue of my Attack series, I wonder now which reporters are on the payroll of the OFA — the Organizing for Action not-for-profit former President Obama is using in part to fund his behind-the-scenes political operations to preserve all his “good” policies and keep Mr. Trump from reversing them?  There are many carryover Intelligence agency employees that are loyal to the former community organizer and who subscribe to his many socialist ideals.  One or several of them must be those leaking that fake news to the liberal media.

As President Trump’s approval rating continues to climb nationally, (Rasmussen clocked it yesterday at 55% which is higher than Ronald Reagan’s approval at this point in his presidency) the President reminded the press pool their approval rating is in the tank.  And he reminded them why that is so.

Here’s what is about to happen:  all television revenue (including news) is driven by ratings.  Television ratings are driven by programming.  Programming is driven by news directors and producers.  The guys who sit upstairs at the networks read reports daily and make corporate decisions based on those reports.  Those reports contain ratings and ad revenue numbers.  As the CEO’s of ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and FOX News watch their numbers, one of them will be the first to call their news producers/directors and say this, “News ratings are down so our news advertising revenue is down.  Stop whatever you’re doing on-air and get back to the basics of news: reporting.  And stop all this anti-conservative on-air editorial rhetoric.  Americans don’t like it.”  I promise you, this WILL happen.  Which network will be the first?  We will see before the end of March.

I come from a Journalism background and have spent quite a bit of time in broadcasting, although not in news.  Most news people are VERY opinionated and VERY stubborn about what should and should not be reported and how news should be delivered.  They do not like to be told what to do on-air.  There will be much resistance when this edict comes down from the network bosses.  And no network is immune.  FOX News on air, although know for some time as being “Fair and Balanced,” has several personalities who during the 2016 campaign and since the election have become negative about the Trump Administration, President Trump, and things that have been said and done of which they disapprove.  Megyn Kelly left before network executives reigned her in (which was imminent), Shepard Smith is now the most belligerent and negative on-air personality about this Administration, and even Chris Wallace who I think (in the mode of his deceased father Mike Wallace from CBS “Sixty Minutes”) has been the most impartial political interviewer in network news…..until lately.  Even Chris gets somewhat abrasive and negative about Trump actions since taking office.

It is obvious to most Americans that these national broadcast and print personalities and writers live in rooms full of mirrors.  All reporters report what they see, driven by the feelings they get from looking at what they see.  When you live in a room of mirrors, what do you see?  That’s simple:  you see only yourself.  So all YOUR thoughts and opinions are what you put in your news stories.  Those stories on the most part do not reflect the thoughts, ideas, opinions, or life circumstances of the members of their audience.  President Trump gets that even though the media do not……YET.  And the “getting that” is about to start happening to news media operations beginning with the guys upstairs who write the checks. 

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