Here’s How to Quiet ALL the Noise about Russia

Are you like me sick and tired of watching and/or listening to the news? Every national story is either about or tied to the investigations of President Trump et al and the Russian investigation. The Talking Heads are having a field day! The New York Times just published an op-ed titled “Time to Talk Crimes?” penned by David Leonhardt in which he includes multiple links to “authorities” in which various opinions are expressed as facts regarding the Russian collusion with members of the Trump Campaign. Never mind that dozens of legal authorities — several of whom are prominent Democrat Hillary Clinton supporters — make it very clear: If there was actual collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government, unless there was direct action taken by Campaign members to in any way directly alter the voting and/or results of the election, such collusion would NOT be criminal in any way.

All that being said, I am still sick and tired of the “Collusion” talk and am ready for it to stop. Even though I personally do not believe there was any collusion, I agree federal authorities need to take demonstrative and immediate actions to shore up the voting systems in all 50 states to assure Americans every vote cast in any election by a lawfully registered voter actually counts and is not tampered with by anyone — foreign or domestic. That is a separate issue from the “Collusion Noise” that I desperately want out of the news. And there is a way to make it happen.  I think you’ll like it.

Let’s be honest: there are many likely federal crimes that have been exposed in the Fall of 2016 through today that need to have the light of justice shined on them. While Special Investigator Mueller continues his independent investigation of the Russian interference in the election, there are too many other issues and too little time to waste waiting for the squeaky wheels of justice to pull that train into the train station with answers. But there’s a way to “Get ‘r Done.” It’s a Grand Jury. And it may take more than one.

What else (and who else) needs to be investigated and for what?

  1. Former FBI Director James Comey. Comey admitted illegally releasing confidential and classified documents and information on multiple occasions. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law not to mention FBI protocol;
  2. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch (according to sources) wrote an email to the DNC in which she made it clear that if the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email and document scandal got too nasty, she would intervene. Violation of federal law as well;
  3. Hillary Clinton. This investigation needs no explanation other than to say all that is necessary is to direct the FBI to handover all its investigative materials from that case to the Grand Jury prosecutors. And, by the way, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign DID collude with the Ukranian government who provided the DNC and the Clinton Campaign a lot of assistance and documentation to attack Donald Trump during the campaign. That is indeed collusion with a foreign government to affect a campaign and possibly change election outcomes;
  4. The New York Times and Washington Post. Inclusion of these may surprise you. But both news outlets have printed multiple stories (many already proven false) alleging criminal wrongdoing by multitudes of Trump affiliates, all based on information passed along to the news outlets by “anonymous” or “unnamed” sources.  Those who released classified information for any reason without proper authority to do so committed felonies.  That needs to be cleared up and any applicable actions taken for lawbreakers;
  5. There’s the matter of the illegal unmasking of the names of Americans by those in the Intelligence Community — specifically former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.  Doing so for political purposes (as it seems this action was) is against federal law and those who do so are guilty of felonies.

While #4 may seem a bit extreme, I certainly feel it is warranted. But how would this investigation take place? Joon H. Kim — the acting Federal Attorney for the Southern District of New York — has jurisdiction over all of the alleged and/or confirmed crimes listed above. He should impanel at least one grand jury that would be charged to fully investigate and examine all evidence of potential violation of federal crimes in all 5 of the above cases and any others deemed necessary.Further (and critical to the “noise” stoppage I and many others want) the judge in the case should issue immediate gag orders for every person involved in this (or these) grand jury investigations from the very first day. And if a gag order is violated, offender or offenders should be prosecuted and be liable to the fullest extent of possible fines and/or incarceration for gag order violations.

In my opinion, this is the only way we will ever get the Liberal Left media out of the picture, which is necessary to rein in the raving and ranting about everything “Russian” and the manufacturing of “fake” evidence provided by sources. If the goal of all who care about any of these issues is to get to the truth and protect Americans from those who have broken the law, everyone — including the Mainstream Media — should support this action. However, if my concept here ever sees the light of day on any national stage, it will be attacked immediately and attacked viciously by  MSM (with the exception maybe of FOX News and some of the conservative news web sites and radio talk shows). Why? Readership at the mainstream newspapers has been steadily declining, UNTIL the news panacea of “Trump Collusion” breathed new life into them — at least for a while.

The politics of all this has become comical with all of the noise surrounding the multiple and daily allegations trumpeted by the MSM giving new flavor of the day spins — all to prop up failing newspapers and bolster television and radio ratings. Why do Americans continue to fall for this ploy? The same reason the National Enquirer sells millions of copies every year at the grocery store checkout counter. Human nature dictates people love to engorge themselves on the misfortunes of others, no matter if true or not. And the MSM have capitalized on that human trait and will continue to do so as long as possible. They no longer give a rip about printing or reporting the truth, and they HATE Donald Trump.

Stay tuned: it will get really interesting!

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