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Here’s the Face of the “New” Democrat Party

After the cataclysmic Hillary Clinton defeat by political neophyte Donald Trump, the Democrat Party awakened to a fact that many Americans had known for years: the Democrat Party had become the party of the elite west and east coast wealthy, and had become the directors of all things political reported by elite Media minions daily to the American public. And — even worse — the Party had totally disregarded EVERY important issue of the American middle class, who they had once championed. In fact, for years the Democrats had assumed they had middle class voters in their pockets.

Not only was Hillary’s loss disappointing and embarrassing to them, the 2016 election and those special elections afterwards with those humiliating losses by the Dems in each further illustrated their dismal standing on a national level. Those voting losses are in addition to the state and local elections that nationwide the Democrats had lost year after year after year. Some “brain surgeon” at the DNC finally said, “We probably need to find a new face to replace the faces of Bill and Hillary on the DNC campaign materials.”

With that realization, one would expect Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Uncle Joe Biden, and other high profile Democrats to immediately scour their party to find someone who could don the hat of leadership among the Dems and quickly right the ship. Unfortunately they have failed to find someone palatable who owns some credibility with everyday Americans. During their frantic search for that person, they decided in the Democrat Party credibility vacuum to try something novel to distract left-leaning Americans: Identity Politics. (When I was a kid we called that “name calling”) They still haven’t found the person to bear the Dem mantle, but they have successfully stirred things up, and that’s being kind!

Here’s how it works with them: THEY own all the power to label people; THEY label people; THEY determine what people are allowed to say and do that will not draw their wrath; THEIR wrath is reserved for those who are not flaming liberals; THEY brand all those who disagree with the Leftist cause “Nazi,” “White Supremacists,” “Facsists,” “neo-Nazis,” “homophobes,” and “Islamaphobes.” And if any politician does not publicly express their personal outrage at the “group of the day” the Leftist are attacking, and do not express that outrage quickly enough or angrily enough (as determined by the Leftists), they are immediately labeled as members of one of those “groups.” Example: Donald Trump.

Take the riot at Charlottesville. Forget about the truth about the President’s history about the KKK, Nazis, and White Supremacists. As far back as the 1990’s on numerous occasions he blasted those and other extremists for their domestic terrorist and extremist acts and philosophies. After Charlottesville, the only thing that mattered was the instant messaging by the President that did not meet the Left’s criteria. Their expectation was that he should have — regardless of the lack of evidence at the time of his message — blamed ALL that happened in Charlottesville only on the racist extremists. Their furor resulted in his being pummeled by their media lapdogs. Then when he “corrected” his statement the next day to try and placate them, what he said enraged them further. Why? He made the mistake of not only blasting each of the racist groups by name, making it clear that none of their bigotry, hatred, and violence would be accepted or allowed in today’s America, he made the mistake of saying there were violent protestors on BOTH sides and there was plenty of blame to go around.

The Lefties I listed above — Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, Chumer — all came out bashing the President for what he said. (remember the talking points of the Left: “Don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good sound byte or story”) In a subsequent press conference, the President doubled down on his holding not only the White Supremacist groups guilty for the riots, he once again blamed the Leftist rioters. With that the Establishment GOP leaders could choke back their glee in silence no more. THEY began blasting President Trump. Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and John McCain joined many from across the aisle in piling on President Trump.

Democrats are very good at drawing quotation marks around every incident in which they feel Republicans (and especially the President) are guilty of anything they determine is racist, whether it is or not. And always they cry for the guilty Republican to recant whatever the racist statement made or apologize for whatever racist act was committed. Is there ever any quid pro quo? NEVER!

Just in case you missed it on the news, watch this video. (It’s only 1:34)

The Washington Post for the very first time got it right by finally calling out Antifa as perpetrating violence. Americans have known for months after watching the Berkeley riots in April, riots in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland, and Charlottesville that Antifa is NOT “anfti-fascist” as they claim, but are trying to muzzle those who want to speak in public. What they want to say Antifa refuses to allow. So they initiate violence wearing hoods and masks so their identities cannot be made and therefore prevents their arrests for their illegal actions.

I have carefully listened and watched for the leaders of the Democrat Party — Pelosi, Schumer, Feintstein, Obama, Biden and others — to call out the Leftists that are very obviously conducting coordinated and well funded and planned demonstrations intentionally intended to turn violent, and doing so in the name of anti-fascism to quash free speech with the fear they instill in others by their violent actions. The Dems remain closed mouth. Why is that?

Antifa is the new face of the New Democrat Party!

If you feel that thought is unrealistic or extreme, think it through. Can you ever remember the leaders of the Democrat Party being too shy to claim the moral high ground in any contentious matter they ever faced in D.C. or anywhere else in America? Never! Historically when they are quiet about anything, their quiet confirms their support or at least benign acceptance of what happened.

If you find it difficult to believe that Democrat leaders could be in agreement to have these radicals as the “keepers of the Democrat brand,” consider this: they have lost so much legislative and executive political party integrity in the nation, they need something significant to tip the scale far to the Left — much farther than ever seen — to attract Millenials who they see as the only hope for saving true Liberalism. They’ve set the stage with Leftist, liberal education in high schools and colleges, hundreds of Obama appointed Liberal federal judges, labor unions given unfettered power to feed Leftist campaigns with millions of dollars. These all together prop up a pure Leftist, Socialist utopia that they have  used to convince Millenials that utopia can exist IF DEMOCRATS REGAIN POLITICAL CONTROL.


How do they win? One way they have pretty much already won: they have convinced millions of Millenials theirs’ are the answers to all of life’s problems: free education, guaranteed wages, free healthcare, and welfare, and a government that takes care of everything and everybody. Leftists know what’s left that is necessary for utopia can only come through brute force and intimidation. Enter the new poster children for the Democrat Party: Antifa. Do you think any normal American can possibly feel comfortable going to a Free Speech rally knowing that thugs with sticks, bats, shields, pepper spray and sometimes even knives might show up to attack those who speak? Certainly not. So what happens? Grab a history book and read about how the two Antifa objectives I mentioned above worked very well in Hitler’s plan as he stealthily took control of Germany.

Think about it: Hitler would have taken control of all of Europe and eventually Asia if Stalin had not turned it on and simultaneously determined HE wanted control of Europe. Stalin stopped the Nazi takeover of the continent.

Antifa is not new to the political landscape. They’ve  been around for 100 years! They know from history how to accomplish all they have set out to do. What better way to achieve success than to have a bunch of America’s prominent Democrat leaders inaudibly give their permission for this Antifa intimidation?

Remember, I’ve said this over and over again: politically it’s no longer about money — it’s about POWER. And Antifa’s been pretty powerful in dominating the conservatives they have attacked, haven’t they?

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