House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Interview With FOX News’ Sean Hannity

I have received numerous phone calls and texts since the House selected Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) as Speaker of the House. Some of the calls were because Congressman Johnson is a frequent guest on our show “TNN Live!” Others reached out because of my longtime friendship with Mike. But some of the calls happened because of the pile of allegations against the Speaker for numerous untruthful things spread by who knows who.

I attempted to dispel as many of these negative perspectives about Rep. Johnson. But I was delighted to learn he would sit with Sean Hannity on Thursday evening, October 26, 2023. From the beginning of that interview to the last question answered Mike Johnson made clear his opinions on EVERY issue Hannity voiced.

If you missed the show, I’ll make your seeing it very simple. We captured it and bring it to you here at TruthNewsNetwork. You can watch it by clicking the arrow in the YouTube video below.

I have one request: please download and share it with someone else!

Watch, download, and share!

(House Speaker Mike Johnson October 26, 2023, Interview with Sean Hannity)

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