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How Much Does it Cost to Impeach a President?

Really….what is this Impeachment process costing America? Make no mistake: the costs are staggering. Our nation not since World War II has experienced anything so expensive and so life changing as this drama thrust on the world stage to capture the attention of hundreds of millions.

How expensive is it going to be? Let’s measure the impeachment ticket balance.

Add It Up

Although Republicans insist the impeachment proceedings are a partisan farce and Democrats claim that our democracy is literally at stake, there’s one result of impeachment that neither party can deny. It’s costing taxpayers — bigly, as President Trump would say.

As House Democrats have pursued impeachment for the past three months, they’ve already cost taxpayers $3.06 million, according to Heritage Foundation’s research.

Add up lawyers’ fees and the salaries of staff whose duties have been consumed by impeachment proceedings, and taxpayers are footing a hefty bill. As the Daily Signal reports, the price tag could be even higher.

The total likely is a low estimate because it does not factor in overtime hours for U.S. Capitol Police when House hearings ran well into the late evenings. The total also doesn’t include the cost of executive branch expenses, travel costs for witnesses, or supplies and materials.

While members of Congress waste time on the House floor reading the Pledge of Allegiance or comparing Trump to Jesus, both arguments for and against impeachment have wallowed in meaningless rhetoric. As support for impeachment appears to be dropping, Democrats are going to have to prove to voters that they’re doing the right thing, and they need to do it before public opinion turns even further away, tanking Democrats’ chances in 2020.

At the moment, House Democrats’ empty rhetoric isn’t helping their case much. And each second costs taxpayers more money.

Impeachment History in $$$

In 1999, The New York Times reported that five months of impeachment work on former President Bill Clinton’s case cost $1.2 million, according to records from the House Judiciary Committee. Adjusted for the cost of inflation, $1.2 million in 1999 would be equal to about $1.8 million in 2020 dollars, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s consumer price index inflation calculator.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the individual legal costs connected to the Clinton case detailed by the Times:

  • Payments to Chief Republican Investigator David Schippers: as much as $20,000 per month
  • Payments to Democratic counsel Abbe Lowell: as much as $18,000 per month

In 2020 dollars, those costs would be:

  • Chief investigator’s monthly salary: $30,179.05
  • Head counsel to represent the president: $27,161.15

Theoretically, in the exact same circumstances today  it would cost around $100,000 more to pay the lead investigator and counsel in this presidential impeachment case than it did in 1999, when Clinton’s impeachment trial concluded. Add to that an inflated cost of paying for the work of entire legal teams on both sides, and you have a considerable increase over 1999’s $2 million in impeachment costs.

If one adds to the actual impeachment process costs the expense of the 2.5 year Robert Mueller investigation, and the dollars for impeachment explodes. Mueller’s price tag was an estimated $40 million.

No matter if any of these numbers are accurate, impeachment costs are exorbitant. The only way Democrats can attempt to justify any of this expense is not and cannot be based on facts. The only reason they can possibly present for justification is that “history demands a president guilty of wrongdoing be held accountable.” And then there’s the constantly quoted saying by Pelosi and Company, “No one’s above the Law.” Pelosi can say that, but that’s not what she really means. What she is REALLY saying is “We’re creating a narrative that the President is guilty of wrongdoing.We don’t have evidence of impeachable offenses, so we’re going to do our best to sell the political narrative we have to the American people.”

Let’s be honest: the actual articles of impeachment sent over to the Senate have nothing to do with what Democrat members in the House used in multiple impeachment motions in the first months of his presidency. Remember: just hours after he spoke his oath of office, on mainstream newspaper published a story with this headline: “Let Impeachment Begin!”

From the beginning of his presidency, numerous Democrats made this ridiculous statement: “Donald Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses committed even before he was elected!” Do you know how ridiculous that is? No president can commit an impeachable offense WITHOUT BEING PRESIDENT! What they SHOULD have said was, “We don’t have any evidence of any impeachable offense by Mr. Trump. But we hate him. So we’re going to scour the world to find some wrongdoing we can accuse him of and impeach him.”

I questioned President Trump’s constant use of the term “Witch Hunt” for the Mueller investigation. But now I thoroughly understand the amazing similarities between this impeachment circus and the actual witch hunts that sent dozens and dozens of innocent people to their deaths in Salem, Massachusetts: “The Salem Witch Trials.”

The dollars and cents estimates of impeachment detailed above are hardly a drop in the bucket of the real impeachment costs. Don’t think for one moment those can be measured with a calculator. One thing is certain though, History will detail the cost of this charade. It certainly will NOT have dollar signs.

The REAL Cost of Impeachment

One entire generation of Americans — and maybe two generations — have been virtually lost when it comes to truth in politics. The current elementary, high school, and college generation have been brainwashed by educators who in large swallowed the pill of Socialism that has consumed their thinking. And what do teachers and professors all do? Teach their students not what they should regarding American government but what those educators personally think and feel about politics. (It’s all about politics, not government)

Do your children have a Civics class at their middle or high school? If they do, they are the rare fortunate ones. Civics is a lost compilation of the structure of the greatest country in World history and its government and operations. Instead this and the last generation have been filled with these thoughts: “Capitalism is an evil manipulation of the economy to benefit only large companies and the top 2% of the wealthiest Americans. Those corporations and wealthy Americans pay hardly anything in taxes while the middle class bear the brunt of financing the United States.”

Here’s the conundrum with that: there’s no debate of those statements. No one is there to present an alternative perspective. And since American adults have held confidence in our public educators’ teaching methods, (assuming that they still do as teachers did in our years in school) we have trusted them to feed our kids the truth about Capitalism, Democracy, Socialism and Totalitariansim, and free markets.

They haven’t done this. Now we have a generation that has not only lost its way and grasp on the truth, they have developed what they feel is the reality that Democracy, Capitalism, and free market ideas are oppressive concepts forced on Americans for decades.

How could that be? It’s simple: if a baby pig from birth is not allowed to oink but taught to bark each day, after a while it will begin to think and act like a dog!

That may be an extreme example, but, after all, isn’t that how education works? We teach what we want others to learn and duplicate in their own lives. That’s what these Millennials and Gen X-er’s are doing: living what they’ve been taught.

The Big “Kahuna”

Sadly, there’s one much bigger cost playing out in today’s political system illustrated most vividly in this impeachment process. We’ve said this often here at TNN: “The difference between Democrats (the Left) and Republicans (The Right) is that when political opponents of Republicans disagree with those Republicans, Republicans do not like what these opponents feel and express. When political opponents of Democrats disagree with Democrats, Democrats do not like what these opponents feel and express. But today’s Democrats take that one step further: THEY HATE THOSE REPUBLICANS!

This hatred, vitriol and vicious rejection of everyone with a different political perspective than do these Leftists has split America right down the middle. Polls don’t necessarily show how deep and concentrated it is. Why? Because many conservatives by the nature of Conservatism on the most part don’t become confrontational in political disputes while leftists often go right to the confrontation from the start. So conservatives just walk away.

I’m not foolish: I know there are hateful conservatives among Republicans. I also know that in the context of the whole of American conservatives, that number is minimal and is NOT the skeleton of the Conservative movement.

I sadly know that those Leftists that have found themselves in demonstrations-turned-riots shown on television beating and severely hurting conservatives have no hunger for truth or justice. All they know is the hunger their hatred pushes them to appease. And that hatred is quickly turning to evil. And evil is stealthily stealing the soul of America.


House Speaker Pelosi with total arrogance consistently denigrates President Trump, publicly makes baseless allegations against him she knows when they’re made against him that their false. She shows NO remorse for doing so. She consistently attacks him personally. And she has NEVER given him credit for a single accomplishment of all those that have created better lives — significantly better lives — for tens of millions of Americans.

A House Speaker that is untruthful, disrespectful of the Presidency, the U.S. Government, America’s election system, and all conservative Americans has never existed before in my lifetime. Quite simply, most Americans do not know how to respond to this. I could detail example after example of the anger and hatred by Leftists in the U.S. government and in the media. Let’s not go there — I’m certain we agree about that.

One thing is certain: our nation has taken on brand new characteristics that have never before been seen in the majority in the U.S. I pray they NEVER become representative of the majority in the nation.

What is about to occur is that the nation will in the next few weeks witness firsthand how far left these people are and that the only sustenance for their rabid hunger for power is total domination. And they’ve pushed the throttle to the floor to get there.

Truth will expose them, their intentions, and the process they’ve chosen for power and domination of every aspect of American life.

I doubt Americans will allow fulfillment of their dream. I PRAY Americans will not allow it.


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