I’m Sad Today

Today’s story “I’m Sad Today” is presented only in audio. For those of you who regularly read our story, I apologize. I am so emotional about the travesties that play out daily in Washington D.C., I felt you should all be able to not only read my thoughts on these subjects, but I wanted all to hear them.

We don’t do this often here. And it will seldom happen in the future. But as we get closer to choosing whether or not Brett Kavanaugh will become the next member of the U.S. Supreme Court, we all need to take what we discuss daily at TruthNewsNet.org, hear the emotion along with the factual information disseminated in our Podcast, and align it somehow with your already developed thoughts.

More than ever I encourage you to share your thoughts AND this Podcast with your friends and associates. I must confess that I rail against Leftists and the “new” way of governing with which they slap Americans in the face daily.

It is imperative that everyone knows the truth of these allegations levied against the nominee. But it is just as imperative that everyone knows the purpose and process that are aligned behind the curtains of governing by Leftists.

Thank you for understanding and your tolerance!



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