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“I’m Sick And Tired Of…”

About fifteen years ago, I started a website “” Its purpose was obvious. It was a way for me to vent more than get anyone to join in on my rants. It was funny how viewership spread when people heard about it. It seems we all had many things in common — like needing to vent without physical violence!

I segued from that to being creative and felt a need to GIVE something of substance to people rather than ASK others to share my anger and fear. After all, ranting is necessary, but finding ways to help solve the emotions that lead to ranting sounded more reasonable.

Thus, the birth of and “TNN Live!”

Let’s be honest: never before in our lifetimes have we had MORE things to be “sick and tired of” than we have today. And it’s not just about politics, though politics leads the day. To that end, why don’t we examine some of my “sickest” of things that I’m “sick and tired of.” I think you’ll probably feel several of these are shared by you.

“I’m Sick and Tired of…”

  • D.C. politicians — both Democrats AND Republicans — who, with impunity, amass amazing amounts of money, stocks, bonds, and even business ownerships while so-called “serving” congressional district and states, taking advantage of information unfairly received before you and I hear it;
  • In the wake of a massive number of riots (that the Left call “protests”) in which millions of dollars of damages occur as well as deaths while FBI Director Chris Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, again and again, claim: “The number one danger we face today is white nationalism and supremacy. Since the summer of 2020, there have been tens of dozens of such events: Antifa primarily on the West coast, Black Lives Matter in cities such as Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Rochester, Atlanta, and others that have caused damages in the unknown dollar amounts, a number of deaths, and the destruction of good-paying jobs;
  • Mainstream Media persistently lying about everything and everyone who claims to be Conservative branding them with the “white supremacy” moniker;
  • Screaming this: “There was no voter fraud in 2020!” THERE WAS!
  • Joe Biden stating he has created more “new” jobs in one year in office than any other president in U.S. history. Those jobs he’s talking about are not “new” jobs — they’re simply people coming back to work after his egregious COVID-19 lockdowns;
  • Joe Biden hugging little girls and smelling their hair;
  • The financial uncertainty in every area of our lives for which this Administration and this President refuse to take responsibility;
  • The consistent cry of abortionists that any person who is Pro-Life is trying to seize control of women’s healthcare self-determination just because they believe abortion is actual killing;
  • “Selective” reporting on left-leaning events while disregarding conservative events and causes, then denying they disregarded conservative events and causes;
  • Labels: I cannot stand the arbitrary use of labels for everyone that EACH bear on political status;
  • The weaponization of any subsequent label to expressly demean one’s political foes;
  • Wokeism and all brands of Identity Politics;
  • Barack Obama STILL talking down to every non-Democrat every time he gives a speech — and he’s no longer in the White House and, therefore, has no right to do so, even if he did as President;
  • Political campaign ads — EVERY political campaign ad;
  • Congressional spending of ANY kind that is part of a budget (or “emergency” matter) that is all or part of any spending of any amount of money that is part of “deficit spending;”
  • Campaigning at every level of government;
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — PERIOD!
  • Labor Unions filling their bank accounts with federal money while they demand, and then achieve, massive pay raises for employees that drive manufacturing, medical, technological, and food costs far higher than REAL costs justify;
  • Lack of everyday items on store shelves;
  • The skyrocketing cost of natural gas, gasoline, and diesel under the President was avoidable and would NOT have happened outside of pure partisan politics;
  • Sales taxes and prices of goods and services that are soaring as the direct result of the COVID-19 lockdowns and shutdowns;
  • Biden when asked always claims he never once talked to his son about his business dealings;
  • Biden denies every meeting with any foreign business partners or “proposed” Hunter business associates when we have dozens of pictures that say otherwise;
  • Pure hatred in politics;
  • A lack of bipartisanship in governing;
  • The very concept of campaign dollars, how they are collected and how they are spent;
  • Economic middle-class Americans who serve in D.C. then leave office after serving in the U.S. House and Senate worth tens of millions. No one ever leaves office worth less than several million dollars;
  • The Federal Reserve continually printing bonds to sell that the American taxpayer must repay or at least pay interest — repaying for these and other federal government loans that our great, great, great-grandchildren will be unable to pay;
  • Pouring praise on someone, not for what they’ve done or what they will do, but on the party in which they serve;
  • Demeaning someone for being a member of the party in which they serve;
  • Treating the American taxpayers as piggy banks;
  • Feeling and acting like the American citizen works for the United States Government when the opposite is factually accurate;
  • People who work for the Federal Government make more than an American working in the exact position as does an American in the private sector — and the federal person can NEVER be fired for any reason;
  • Abuses of federal benefits;
  • Illegal aliens flooding into our nation;
  • Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stating every time he’s asked in Congressional hearings that the Southern border is NOT open;
  • Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas daily ignoring the Rule of Law and allowing millions of illegals to enter the U.S. with no prosecution for breaking U.S. laws;
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci — PERIOD!
  • “We must pass the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill!” Nancy Pelosi, first, about Obamacare, then about every other Democrat partisan piece of legislation.


I guarantee I touched on just a few of your “I’m Sick and Tired Of’s.” (If you want to add to this list, email with yours to:, and we’ll add them to this list and we republish this story later with YOUR updates.

If you sometimes feel you’re close to being overwhelmed by things that make you sick and tired, don’t any longer feel you’re all alone. Share them with someone — anyone — else you can trust and know they care for you. It beats beating your head against the wall or worse.

Here’s a suggestion that will help you wade through the maze of graft and corruption that threatens to drown you every day:  Get them off your chest! It always pays to share your fear, misunderstanding, anger, and confusion with someone else. Often, you’ll get answers. Sometimes you’ll get laughed at. But ALWAYS, you pop the cork on your noggin that felt like was about to pop!

For me, I do all of the above as best and as often as I can. And I’m still sick and tired of being sick and tired!

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