In just a few days, control of the U.S. House of Representatives will be officially handed to Democrats as the new Congress begins its two-year lifespan. I am certain that Americans who live in those 40 Congressional districts from which enough new members were elected to the House to wrest House control away from the GOP are excited to FINALLY see the logjam of almost zero legislation from the House end and NEW and exciting governance begin, right? WRONG! Here’s what House Democrats who are about to take control are preparing to do: INVESTIGATE! CNN put it best:

(CNN) The House Judiciary Committee is looking for a few good lawyers.

A recent committee job posting reviewed by CNN asked for legislative counsels with a variety of expertise: “criminal law, immigration law, constitutional law, intellectual property law, commercial and administrative law (including antitrust and bankruptcy), or oversight work.”
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee needs lawyers, too, posting jobs for “executive branch investigative counsel.”
The advertisements give a window into the Democratic recruiting that’s ramped up ahead of the party gaining subpoena power for the first time in eight years when it takes over the House in January.
2016 Presidential Election Investigation Fast FactsWhile Democrats publicly talk up their interest in focusing on legislative priorities like health care and voting rights — not to mention ending the ongoing partial government shutdown — they are quietly preparing for what will likely be the largest congressional investigation of a sitting president in recent memory. Party leaders and committee chairs have spent months ironing out potential targets, from President Donald Trump’s taxes and business dealings to the conduct of current and former Cabinet members.
To handle all this investigative work, House Democrats are expected to double the number of their staffers. Though they can’t officially hire anyone until the new Congress is seated, plans are well underway, with House members saying that candidates — especially those with specific investigative skills, from money laundering to contracting — are coming from all directions.
“They’re finding us,” said Rep. Adam Smith, a Washington state Democrat who will be taking over the House Armed Services Committee, which will have a significant piece of foreign policy oversight. “There are a lot of Democratic refugees out there after the Republicans took over the House, the Senate, and the White House.”

2019: A Very Special Year

If you think that with a new House of Representatives we will finally see legislation passed in Congress to initiate a slew of new and meaningful bills to address the very necessary but forgotten deficiencies in Americans’ lives, you are sadly mistaken. First, a divided Congress is doomed to fail to get anything meaningful passed. Think about it: with a House and Senate with relatively small GOP control over the past two years, very little legislation could get passed. It seems that GOP Congressional leaders could never get enough of their members on the same page to get anything done. Just imagine how much more fragmented Congress will be in 2019.

What do Americans really want Congress to get done?

  1. Immigration. This is probably the most contentious, most ideological, and most necessary issue to tackle and get resolved. Yet Congress after Congress has failed miserably to take any meaningful action since before Reagan. Sure, Reagan cut a deal and gave citizenship status to a host of illegals. But there was a “pro quo” to that deal: southern border security to stop the flow of illegals into the U.S. was to be enacted in exchange for the “quid” of that deal: citizenship for millions. Democrats laughed and did nothing. Clinton did nothing during his eight years in spite of numerous promises. Bush 43 the same as was the case under Obama. Trump hit hard the proverbial immigration continuously in his first two years, even with a United Congress. (ha!)
  2. Healthcare. Nobody doubts over the past couple of decades a problem with the U.S. healthcare system existed. Unfortunately, politicians tagged the problem as being with the entire healthcare system. It was and is not with the entire system — the problem rests in healthcare finance alone. The “new” Left-wingers in the Democratic House ran during the election promising and are still crying about “Medicare for All,” or even Universal Healthcare. Nobody has tackled the REAL healthcare issue of finance. American healthcare itself is the best on Planet Earth! Beginning with Obamacare, sadly we have seen healthcare professionals by the thousands run to different job sectors or retire prematurely. Why? Government messing with Healthcare and ruining its amazingly positive results. This new House is full of those who are hell-bent on totally destroying the entire system when all that should be addressed is healthcare finance. The two buzz terms regarding healthcare finance that has everyone up in arms for years are “pre-existing condition coverage” and “premium costs.” Those can and should be addressed and fixed without blowing up the entire healthcare system! Oh…”Medicare for all” cannot be done in the U.S. — PERIOD. The costs are impossible to sustain in any way.
  3. Government Spending/Nat’l Debt. Do we even need to mention this? Congress after Congress, Administration after Administration: Americans want the same thing and no one in Congress or the White House seemingly pays attention — or CARES. Running any home, business, local, state, or federal government, continuously spending more than that entity makes can end in only one way: Disaster. Americans know that sooner or later, the American debt holders will come calling for repayment of what the country owes. There are only two options if this happens: pay the bill or default. We cannot pay the bill. So what would default look like if the U.S. has no other option? Answer: there’s never been a country like the U.S. default on government debt. We don’t know what the results would be, other than that they wouldn’t be good. But with certainty, we are headed toward that Armageddon.
  4. Fix Congress. There’s nothing wrong with Congress itself — right? That’s incorrect if you ask the average American. Americans want Congress to change in the new House. Here’s what they want to be changed: 1) Members of Congress are paid a base salary of $174,000, and that’s way too much, according to public-opinion polls.  A majority of Americans believe members of Congress – a majority of whom are already millionaires – should earn less than $100,000 a year, somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. 2) The House of Representatives has averaged 138 “legislative days” a year since 2001, according to records kept by the Library of Congress. That’s about one day of work every three days, or fewer than three days a week. Americans know there’s more to work in the House than just what happens on the floor. But it seems to most that when serious issues that need serious results are on the “table” for Congressional action, House members simply do “other things.” 3) It’s not very responsive. How would you feel if you took the time to write a detailed letter to your member of Congress explaining your concerns about the particular issue, and your representative responded with a form letter that began, “Thank you for contacting me regarding ________. I appreciate your views on this important issue and welcome the opportunity to respond.” This kind of thing happens all the time, though. 4) They waffle too much. It’s called political expediency, and elected officials have mastered the art of taking positions that will maximize their chances of getting re-elected. Most politicians will cringe at being labeled a waffler, but the truth of the matter is all elected officials and candidates would agree their positions shift constantly. 5) Bi-partisanship. Let’s be honest: Americans really don’t want it. What Americans want is for members of Congress to forget about party politics and do anything necessary to work with other members to get done what voters elected them to get done. Nothing else they can do really matters.


Robert Mueller and his team have already spent a reported $25 million investigating collusion during the 2016 election cycle between Russians and members of the Trump Campaign. $25 million! So far, not one person has been found guilty. Sure, partisan hacks scream that multiple indictments have been issued, several arrests have been made, and some are going to jail. None of them were charged or convicted of doing anything having to do with President (or “Candidate”) Trump or any members of his campaign. Don’t you find it odd that such a whopping amount of taxpayer dollars would so flippantly be thrown away in this manner? What price is a justifiable price for the wrongdoing that Mueller and his team have unearthed?

Don’t you think that enough is enough? (If you don’t, you’re probably an elected official, Democrat Party hack, or someone that simply hates Donald Trump)

We are about to enter a never-seen-before time in the United States in which a political party is going to take over the “purse” of the American people and direct additional millions of dollars to investigate Donald Trump! Why? Simple: They want him gone.

Their vitriolic hate for this President is far beyond normal distaste and even disgust from one party’s members for another party’s members. It is so intense and so vicious, it makes me wonder what is REALLY going on? Why do they REALLY hold so much hatred for this President?

The answer to that question lingers. But one possibility continues to creep into my consciousness more and more regularly: what are they trying to hide from Americans? What do they not want the populace to know that they feel that on the watch of this leader and his aggressiveness toward Democrats might be exposed? What could it or those be?

While you are wondering too, you might ask these questions:

  • The Clinton Campaign obviously colluded with Russia and Russians during 2016. Why has the Mueller probe left THAT collusion alone?
  • Knowing that Hillary herself violated federal laws regarding the handling of classified information, documents, and communications, why has Mueller not even visited those felonious actions?
  • Did you know Hillary through her unsecure email server communicated with Barack Obama himself, (him using a secret Gmail address) and in doing committed multiple felonies? To our knowledge, so far none of that has been examined by Mueller.
  • Why have Congressional GOP committees been totally unsuccessful at taking the horrendous information unearthed in their investigations into election wrongdoing to federal authorities for prosecution of offenders? Why have their multiple criminal referrals against many who have been found in criminal wrongdoing simply been ignored and for which no criminal action initiated?

In the meantime, the southern border is leaking like a sieve and illegal migrants are pouring into the U.S. While border officials watch in dismay, federal judges apparently in cahoots with Leftists continue to tie the hands of President Trump as he tries to fulfill Americans’ wish for border security and meaningful immigration law enforcement.

Does anyone but me feel aghast that American citizens must scream at Washington D.C. to enforce federal laws, to beg for our government to stop illegals from murdering, raping, and terrorizing legal Americans? When will this nonsense stop?

I can tell you when: not until Americans stop simply saying “Enough is enough” and take actions to either stop it themselves or put people in office who will stop it by forcing everyone to abide by legally passed laws. And the practice of using liberal federal judges to rule against duly passed laws allowing open-borders philosophies propagated by the Left must be stopped for that to happen.

I don’t know for certain when it will happen. But what I DO know for certain is that the 116th Congressional House of Representatives is not planning for ANY OF THE THINGS WE HAVE DISCUSSED IN THIS STORY TO HAPPEN!

Oops….I’m wrong. They ARE planning on spending more of our money conducting dozens of “new” investigations into Donald Trump. For what?

“I heard that he took two sugar packages and stuck them in his pocket when he and Melania stopped for lunch at Bubba’s Cafe in southern Alabama in October of 2017. The cad! He needs to be forced out of the White House for that! Which is he guilty of by stealing that sugar: High Crimes or Misdemeanors?”



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