Is There Something Happening We Don’t Know About?

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Is There Something Happening We Don’t Know About?

This question has puzzled me now for almost four years. Watching all the things that happen in Washington regarding American politics and their impacts on American lives is virtually impossible to follow. Why? There are far too many moving parts, many of which are impossible for average Americans to understand. That inability results directly from the hiding of details from most of us. Whether those details are “confidential” or “classified,” it seems there are far too many of these types of roadblocks to understanding.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I heard about the Deep State and a phenomenon called “Q” or “QAnon.” As many resources as we have at TruthNewsNetwork, through the last three-plus years, our research results always stop short of answering that question. Yet again and again, Q posts, predictions, suggestions and opinions seem to be confirmed or proven to be accurate.

Who is Q?

That’s a great question. Speculation about Q being a single person, a group of people, a very connected intelligence official or even President Trump himself run rampant.

The Media are horrified at the enigma of Q. It’s been humorous to watch their numerous attempts to define for us all who Q is and what the goal or objective or purpose is there for Q. The one term used unanimously by every mainstream news outlet labels Q as a conspiracy theory. No doubt they are horrified at the thought of there being someone or some people who are closely connected to those at the top of this government that knows more than they know.

President Trump has never spoken publicly about Q although he is asked quite frequently if he knows Q’s identity. I actually saw him respond to a reporter who asked that question. The President’s response was, “I could tell you and you would really be surprised.” That the President knows the identity of Q has the media petrified! Why? Because they have no idea.

Whatever is Q’s identity pales in importance when examining his numerous posts which contents are mystical. His stories and statements about the most topical issues of the guy again continually stupify the Mass Media. They simply do not get how anyone could actually be further inside the Federal Government than they. And it is horrific to them that this Q person seems to have beaten them again and again with some type of information access Q apparently holds.

Here’s what I want you to do: watch the following video. Most of our partners know of Q. We’ve presented previous introductory information about Q through the past few years.

I have NO inside information about the Q phenomenon. I cannot (and will not) vouch for the existence of nor the reliability of information that Q disseminates from time to time.

I encourage you to watch the video once. Then watch it again! After doing so, I’d love to see your comments. Please post your thoughts on the website front page. If you’re too shy to post, I’d still like to see those via email. Let me hear from you at


Let me close with two observations:

  1.  The ironies of the statements posted with their actual truths immediately being shown in this video are riveting;
  2. The panic with a sense of unified “Aw, Q is just a conspiracy” by the media tend to make me believe there IS something deep going on that average Americans are oblivious to.

Maybe QAnon is NOT so hidden and mysterious. Maybe they know something we don’t. MAYBE Q IS REAL!

2 thoughts on “Is There Something Happening We Don’t Know About?”

  1. This is eye opening and makes a lot of sense. I see major news outlets covering the same stories, often using the exact same words and tag lines. There may be something to this…why else would BOTH major parties oppose Donald Trump? Most of the opposition comes from the Left but there have been some from the Right (McCain, Romney) that have also fought the President since the election. Q is very interesting….

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