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Is Trump Caving?

This just a while ago from overnight news:

“Congressional negotiators on Sunday reached an agreement to fund the U.S. government through the end of September, three congressional aides told USA TODAY, averting a government shutdown at the end of this week.

The deal includes $15 billion in extra funding for defense programs, which is half of the $30 billion that President Trump asked for in his emergency request to Congress. It also includes $1.5 billion in extra money for border security, but not the $1.4 billion Trump wanted to begin construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. And it includes $2 billion in extra funding for the National Institutes of Health, which Democrats were pushing for, according to a source with the Senate Appropriations Committee.” (USA Today)

What is NOT mentioned in USA Today is that funding for Planned Parenthood continues as does the promise to NOT cutoff any funding for Sanctuary Cities who continue to harbor illegal immigrants and others who have committed crimes instead of notifying ICE of their apprehension for processing.

Needless to say my hair is on fire.  I don’t understand:  Republicans are now a majority in the House and Senate and control the White House.  Here are the promises from the GOP to gain re-election to Congress and to gain the White House last November:

  1. Repeal and Replace Obamacare
  2. De-Fund Planned Parenthood
  3. Build a wall between the US and Mexico
  4. Stop Sanctuary Cities
  5. Cutoff funding for stifling EPA regulations
  6. Stop senseless runaway funding for government programs

Of these 6, NONE are part of the negotiations for government funding.

So now my question to Americans is this:  does it really matter to anyone in Washington what Americans in the majority want in our government?  Does anyone in D.C. really care?  What difference does it make for there to be a Republican or Democrat Party?  It seems like liberals control both and both don’t listen to any Americans other than those that write big checks to both sides.

What happened to government of the people, by the people, and for the people?  What happened to party platforms that supported reduced government spending, protecting unborn babies, cutting horrible government regulations, kicking illegal criminals out of our cities, and cutting stifling government spending?

If Congress passes the Continuing Resolution so they can borrow almost another $1.5 trillion to run these crazy programs that the majority of American disagree with, AND that Congress said they would not do before the election, they will open up a can of worms for 2018 mid terms and will introduce the most contentious environment in American politics in my lifetime.  I don’t think Conservative America will take this sitting down.

1 thought on “Is Trump Caving?”

  1. I can only muster two words about this budget deal among back room buddies…..”Term Limits”

    I have become a one-issue voter, but my issue will solve many of our problems in politics. Trumps presidency will be a success if he can massage term limits into the Congress for a vote. It’s a tough fight, asking The Congress to put themselves out of work that is……

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