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It’s Mob Rule

American Democracy has devolved into Mob Rule. Life in the United States has dramatically morphed into something akin to life in a third-world country. There are those in leadership that have literally tossed out reliance on the U.S. Constitution as the roadmap to governing. Their choice? Mob Rule.

Gone is the Bill of Rights; gone is the Rule of Law; gone is “Liberty and Justice for All.” All of these tenets of the United States of America have been replaced with a new process of governing: rule by a political few who make the rules as they go, force their rules on the American people, and shake their fists in the faces of all of us who still believe that America is a nation of laws.

America is a country ruled by political elitism determined ONLY by the politically elite.

Who are the Purveyors of this Elitism?

Oddly enough, this group is comprised primarily of formerly genuine public servants who have been swept into what many conservatives now call the Swamp or the Deep State. The flow of governing from these places is driven by an overpowering quest for power. It is unclear if there is an individual or a small group who “run the show,” but if its leadership is held by more than one person, that group is small in number, but vast in power.

I won’t speculate on who those may be. But what is evident in a greater way today is the duplicity of government being implemented and enforced by this Mob that has set one set of standards for its adherents and another for everyone else.

No where else is that duplicity more evident than in the rules, the enforcement (or lack of enforcement) of those rules by the Mob, and how determination of the classes of Americans are set. There really are only two classes. And one is comprised of liberals, progressives, or Democrats — the other of conservatives or Republicans.

Center political stage illustrating how this elitism works are the several current examples of male sexual attacks or allegations of sexual misconduct. Let’s start here:

That is the former girlfriend of Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison who besides being a Congressman is vice-chair of the Democrat Party. There are police reports and eyewitness testimony of Ellison’s physical, mental, and emotional abuse of her. The Mob has done nothing to punish the Congressman. In fact, he made a decision to not run for re-election to Congress. Instead he just won a primary in his quest to be elected as Minnesota’s next Attorney General and is the darling of the Democrat Party.

Then there’s Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ):

I know that this newspaper column written by Booker may be hard to read. It was published in 1992. In it, the Senator details a New Years Eve interlude he had with a young woman in which he confesses to have groped her despite her rebuffs.

This is the Senator Cory Booker — or “Spartacus” — who famously invited censorship by the Senate for his releasing confidential documents regarding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Booker (and every other Democrat Senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee), before interviews with the nominee or any hearings by the Committee where even held, declared he would not vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation .

Further Booker excoriated Kavanaugh when recent allegations of an identical interlude as Booker detailed in that column were made against Kavanaugh for an alleged incident witnessed by no one 35 years ago.

Why should Booker be given a pass for something he admitted and then declare Kavanaugh unfit to serve based solely on an allegation that has NO evidence in support of it? Answer: Mob Rule.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

On MSNBC, Gillibrand illustrates Mob Rule when she was asked should Kavanaugh’s accuser appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee: (click to listen)

Gillibrand illustrates best just how this new Mob Rule really works: two sets of rules — two sets of standards. There’s one for Democrats in D.C. and another for Republicans. Republicans are damned based solely on allegations while Democrats are given free passes for the same things Republicans are accused of but that Democrats either admit or overwhelming evidence confirms their guilt!

Remember Bill Clinton, Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, and Monica Lewinsky? Overwhelming evidence of his sexual improprieties and even allegations of rape were totally overlooked by Dems. But let’s get back to today and the current Mob Rule ruling regarding allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

What’s craziest about Gillibrand’s statement regarding the accuser’s invitation to testify is that Kavanaugh has undergone extensive FBI background investigations multiple times. Even though as of this writing it appears Ford and her attorney may have backed away from the FBI investigation demand, understand THE FBI INVESTIGATION ALREADY HAPPENED! For Senate nominees in every case, the FBI does this:

  • Examines every bit of public and private historical information available about the nominee. That includes financial records, driving records, criminal records, any previous and current civil actions, social media records, and employment records;
  • Interviews immediate and extended family members, current and former fellow employees, current and former employers;
  • Conducts an exhaustive investigation of educational history, including academics, social and civil involvement in attended schools, interviews with former classmates, teachers, and professors when possible;
  • Conducts door-to-door interviews with current and former neighbors as far back as possible;
  • Conducts investigations of newspaper reports about or including the nominee in all localities in which he/she lived;
  • Meets with any church or other religious organizations in which the nominee attended or participated in/with.

With this extensive and exhaustive investigation process undertaken by the FBI 6 previous times, and with Brett Kavanaugh’s extensive role within the federal government, one must ask, “How could any such alleged sexual misconduct on the part of the nominee NOT be mentioned by someone during the FBI investigations? Knowing the nominee was the subject of such important federal appointments, wouldn’t somebody in his life who participated in these investigations feel obligated to share his conduct with the FBI if such conduct existed?


We are immersed in a Swamp in which the Mob is finally showing how it operates. It did not just happen. It has summarily evolved over years, quietly working behind the scenes. The Swamp creatures have stealthily stretched their tentacles into every part of American government and have slowly, quietly, but steadily squeezed the life from Lady Liberty, replacing that life with the stench of Mob Rule.

So what is about to happen?

  1. Conservatives in the Senate will either stand up for the Rule of Law, reject what the Mob is demanding, and send the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the floor of the Senate for a vote, or
  2. Conservatives will cave to the Mob who all are hoping for the return of control of both the House and Senate to Democrats in the midterm elections. If that happens, there will be NO Kavanaugh confirmation and certainly a liberal judge will be confirmed to the Court as soon as the Mob can force that to happen.
  3. With a Democrat controlled Congress, we will see almost immediately impeachment proceedings initiated to roll-back the results of the 2016 election to remove Trump from office.
  4. The Mob will cancel the tax cuts put in place by Trump, and will further raise taxes on the wealthiest of Americans to previously unseen levels, doing so as punishment of conservatives.
  5. There will be NO immigration reform, and real border control will disappear. Massive numbers of illegals will be granted full amnesty with American citizenship, and the U.S. will have only virtual borders that are not enforced.

Our only hope is for those folks in D.C. that wear the white hats to either develop (or draw from hidden) intestinal fortitude to stand in the gap for democracy and the American Rule of Law, and summarily reject the Mob and Mob Rule. Hopefully the investigators in the Justice Department together with Utah’s federal prosecutor will quickly conclude their work and bring more indictments, arrests, and prosecutions of those members of the Mob who have violated innumerable federal laws over the last decade or so. There are so many of those it would take hours to name in this story. But believe this: there are thousands who have already been identified and have federal warrants issued against them that are currently sealed.

This is a developing situation that is changing almost momentarily. But know this: there are a number of Americans that have for a longtime been watching those perpetrators, and a plan has been developed and implemented to correct this push toward Mob Rule.

Let’s pray it is in time.




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