It’s Time….

I’ve had enough: it is time to stop all the political posturing, name calling, the “he said, she said,” the blame game, and get down to business.

One memo has been released, a heavily redacted criminal referral has been released, and another memo is about to be released. All of this leaking and blaming has gone far enough. Let’s just step into the ring and let the parties involved in this be forced to duke it out. How?

James Comey

How can one man dodge so many “justice bullets?” James Comey has lied out the wazoo — and so far is unscathed. In his lies he is guilty of obstruction of justice in multiple incidents and is spitting almost daily in the faces of the American people with his smug tweets. The most obvious of his acts of obstruction is his approval and filing of the initial FISA warrant application using the Steele Dossier as partial basis for the application. Then he presented the dossier to Donald Trump saying that he could put no stock in the dossier’s viability or accuracy. That is simply Obstruction of Justice.

Rod Rosenstein

The Deputy Attorney General has his fingerprints all over the corruption that is being steadily exposed in all this. He was at the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch. He was in the middle of the Russian investigation long before Mueller entered the fray. When he appointed Mueller as Special Counsel the day after Mueller interviewed with President Trump for the FBI Director job, Rosenstein knew that Mueller had multiple conflicts of interest and by any definition of “conflict” was NOT eligible to serve in such a sensitive and highly visible position.

Regarding recent happenings, Rosenstein is quoted as threatening Congressmen Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy for their diligent and fervent calls for transparency and demands for details of the FISA warrants’ to be released to the public. Think about that: the Deputy AG threatened Congressional members for pushing for transparency of government agencies regarding the targeting of private American citizens in fake foreign agent investigations — which is illegal!

Loretta Lynch

My mentioning the former Attorney General in this conversation may surprise you, but she is in this up to her neck. It would be foolish to believe the AG did NOT know everything going on in this investigation as it played out in 2016-17. Remember her famous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix? That meeting was Obstruction of Justice. Why? Clinton as the principal of the Clinton Foundation was under investigation at the time of the meeting. Also, his wife was under FBI investigation at the time.

Further, her obstruction went further in her instructions to FBI Director Comey to call the FBI Hillary investigation a “matter” rather than what it was: an investigation. That’s obstruction, too.

Hillary Clinton

Do I need to detail? I think not. Her fingerprints are on EVERY part of this investigation. It goes far beyond “Email Gate.” She paid through her campaign and the DNC for the Steele Dossier — opposition research of the Trump Campaign — and then began to cry for investigation of the Trump Campaign for Russian collusion! There indeed WAS collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election cycle — not by Trump or his campaign, but by the Clinton Campaign!

Barack Obama

Do not be so naive as to believe that all of this investigation process into the Trump Campaign that was handled by his FBI and his Department of Justice without the President hearing about every detail and knowing what was happening as it happened. Think about this: this investigation involved direct dealings by members of the Intelligence Community with members of the Russian government. Details were certain to be discussed as they developed by National Security Advisor Susan Rice along with Michael Flynn, Comey, the CIA and NSA heads in National Security meetings with the President. He may not have directed specifics in that investigation, but he certainly knew what was happening and when it happened.


So what should happen now? Simple: IMMEDIATELY impanel a federal grand jury with a federal prosecutor. That prosecutor needs to be Michael Horowitz who is currently Inspector General of the Justice Department. He is close to wrapping up his massive investigation of the Justice Department. Even with 500 employees on his watch in this current investigation, we have seen or heard NO details at all leaked of his investigation. He has a history of sticking to the law, staying out of political influence or obligations to either side, and is a bulldog after the truth. As the federal prosecutor in this matter, he should be given free rein to take any and every action necessary to investigate all of the individuals mentioned above, given complete subpoena power and whatever budget is necessary to have a thorough and immediate investigation to get facts and get them immediately.

To be quite honest, there is NO fear in the hearts of any of these folks — YET. They probably have been operating in a perfect vacuum in which they have no accountability and have every opportunity to run free in all their wrongdoing. It is time to pay the Piper.

It is time to stop the memos, stop the wild assumptions by the Media, and get to the truth.

We are at a scary place in American history. The way this whole thing has played out looks eerily just like what happens in banana republics. The United States certainly is NOT a banana republic. But it is beginning to look like one.

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