“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…!”

Impeachment is about to ramp up in the trial in the Senate. We have been informed that all the preliminaries were completed on Saturday and that the actual trial is set to begin Tuesday morning. We said we’d be with you today with the details and timeline for the impeachment trial today. But we were informed late last night those details will not be made public until Monday.

Here’s what we can tell you:

  • Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn to preside over the trial;
  • All of the members of the U.S. Senate have been sworn;
  • The Prosecutors from the House were sworn as well;
  • The detailed articles of impeachment were brought over from the House of Representatives and formally presented to the Senate for the trial.

As far as any late news regarding the submission and acceptance of “new” evidence in the form of documents and/or witness testimony is still to be determined. As you know, House members along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have for weeks been demanding for the Senate leaders to agree to coordinate the structure of the trial with House leaders and to set up its structure before the trial begins. In fact, that is why House Speaker Pelosi kept the articles away from the Senate for 28 days, trying to use that delivery as leverage over the Senate. It did not work.

Both Senators and Representatives have tossed around their personal ideas regarding the call of witnesses to testify. Of course, the Democrats are demanding they be allowed to call witnesses: the same ones they called before. They are especially interested in “forcing” all those they subpoenaed that did not appear before the House because of executive privilege. Additionally, they certainly wish to hear from the just “discovered” Rudy Guliani “friend” who gave Democrats some information Dems say incriminate the President.

Republicans, on the other hand, wish to call and hear from the whistleblower, Rep. Adam Schiff (which is unlikely to testify), former VP Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and a number of former members of the Obama intelligence department.

Even if witnesses WILL be called is up in the air and will remain so for several days.

Remember: when the trial starts, it will daily last all day and into the evening, six days a week until it is completed. It is going to be very difficult to follow every important moment in the trial. We certainly want to make certain none at TruthNewsNetwork miss a thing. What we will do is every morning when our email with story link goes out to all our partners include a bullet-point summary of the important impeachment trial matters from the previous day. If you’re a TruthNewsNetwork subscriber, you’ll get that overnight email with the link early every morning. If you haven’t enrolled, please do so by filling in the form at the bottom right of the home page of www.TruthNewsNet.org.

Have a great end to your weekend, and get set: we’re going to have a wild week!

1 thought on ““Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…!””

  1. This should be about as good as the McGregor fight last night.

    In one corner Schiff “Shifty” /Nadler “Nadless”
    In the other corner Starr/Dershowitz

    Yeah…That’s a fair fight.

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