Make No Mistake: America is at War Part III

There is a mammoth altar that occupies a large piece of real estate at the Washington Mall.  It has been there for some time.  It was actually constructed in the late 90’s but was mostly ignored until 2005.  Its worshipers in that year began to grow in number, grow in intensity, in their religious zeal, and began to multiply by the millions as Americans and citizens of other nations were introduced to the god of that altar.   The worship by those millions of adherents that emanates from this altar has quieted any and all voices of worship for any other god in D.C., the most obvious are the voices of Christians in worship of their God.

Exactly where on the Mall is this altar and who is this god?  We all know the answers to both, but have ignored their existence or at least relegated their importance in American life somewhere close to “insignificant.”  But Americans since the 90’s have been warned by some media members, religious leaders, political pundits, talk show hosts and writers that the altar is at the head of the Mall — at the steps of the U.S. Capitol — and that the followers of this altar’s god are hopelessly devoted, loyal beyond measure, and intensely committed to his causes.   Their devotion exists even without knowledge and understanding of who they worship and what their worship’s results are and will be.  It is no coincidence that this altar’s seat is at the foot of the symbol of what America is:  a haven for peace, liberty, democracy, and justice for all — the U.S. Capitol.  Directly opposite the Capitol on the Mall is the Lincoln Monument.  Between the two are the Washington Monument, the World War II Monument, and the Smithsonian — all of which by their existence chronicle the spirit of America and its history.

The name of the god of this Altar?  Liberalism.  It was built there and has been maintained by its adherents to erase from the memories of Americans the purpose of the Mall: to express American freedom.  The replacement of American freedom these worshipers desire?  All things liberal.  Liberalism is now on the Mall, throughout the Nation, and in the minds and hearts of millions.  And it’s stealthily but steadily and successfully achieving its objective.

Who are The “Priests” of this Altar?

Artist rendering of “The Altar of God”

Almost everyone at this point in this document are thinking that these “priests” MUST be Democrats.  Not so.  Certainly most Democrats are loyalists to this god.  But Democrats are not the arms and legs of, nor are they responsible to implement this god’s ideals.  That right and responsibility belongs to one single group of adherents that have since the early 2000’s crafted their trade, honed their skills, and have stolen the hearts, minds, and ears of millions of Americans.  They and they alone dominate the delivery of the laws, fundamentals, and principles this god wishes for its followers.  They are the National Media.

Are you surprised to hear this?  I sincerely doubt so.  Maybe you are surprised to read this analogy, but I am certain you understand it in the context of American politics today.  The ironies in this Liberal environment are innumerable.  We could spend hours and volumes of writings to reveal and discuss each.  But we cannot do that here.  What we will do is discuss specifics so that all will receive fundamental understanding of this horror.


Proof of the objective of the god of Liberalism and that the Media are his priests abound and are virtually uncountable.  The Liberal god’s intentions are revealed through political issues that are front and center today because of — guess who — the “Media Priests.”  Time and space prevent the exhaustive list of examples that each prove this premise, but below find examples of Liberal Media attack of current illegal immigration actions and the lies that accompany their stories.  Here are just a spattering of yesterday’s news headlines:  “Deported Arizona mom’s lawyer: Trump orders ‘declaration of war’ on immigrants;”  “Democrats, advocates question ICE raids after hundreds of arrests;”  “Immigrants in American are afraid of Donald Trump;”  “Immigration officers breaking down doors to break up American families.”

These national news headlines are all FALSE.  This god of Liberalism hates truth.  And his priests use all of their might, influence, and power to destroy any and all political truths and all those who promote political truth.  As in many religions around the globe, the fact there IS a message is more important than its substance.  Substance no longer matters just as truth no longer does.

Why else would journalists purposely lie to the American people?  How could intelligent, professional news people simply lie so blatantly over and over again and seem to not care about their total rejection of the tenets of their profession — most importantly Journalistic integrity?  Here’s the answer:  the truth no longer matters.  Media members today with few exceptions hate conservatives and hate conservatism.  Why?  Simply because they are the antithesis to the propaganda of their god:  Liberalism and all its children — socialism, totalitarianism, me-ism, self actualization, welfare, corporate “fairness,” world citizenship over national citizenship — all the things that true democracy by its nature summarily rejects.  And these cannot exist in an environment of truthfulness.  Thus:  the national media is serving its god.

In our next chapter (Chapter IV) you will see documented evidence and specific comparisons of the National media lies about specific people and specific policies.  Their lies will raise your eyebrows, but the truth compared to their lies will shock you — not so much the lies themselves but that this god has so effectively trained and empowered his priests to not only dish the lies to Americans, but that these lies have been in many cases widely accepted as factual.  That is exactly the Liberal god’s intention!  In our final chapter we will examine the face of “the” leader — the Liberal god’s “Messiah” — and the proof that this person has already begun to fine tune the rhetoric and narrative to better arm the priests in their purposeful attack against all things NOT liberal.  It is a chilling revelation!

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