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Make no Mistake: America is at War

War it is.  Call it infighting…call it Civil War….call it whatever.  But the Nation is at War.  The battle lines are drawn and sides are being chosen. There are really only two sides in this American war:  conservatives and liberals.  Almost everyone has already chosen their side even if only subconsciously.  There will always be some from the middle of either side who are prone to being moved by news, discussions with friends and family, life circumstances that change, etc.  But most from both sides are pretty much glued to their positions — at least for now.  The War is for leadership at the national level in our country.  The U.S. has a two-party political system, but those in both parties seem to “know” the opposite party does not have what it takes to “take care” of Americans.  Each party’s members think they have what it takes.  In a war, the “battle lines” must be drawn so all involved the war know why and what the war is about:  The Battle Lines.  Let’s draw those lines.

The Battle Lines

Conservatives:  Believe liberals are wrong. Conservatives believe the government is too big and powerful, that it is too intrusive into everyday life.  Most fear the growing size of the federal government.  Ronald Reagan stated what most conservatives feel:  “Government is not the solution to America’s problems.  Government IS America’s problem.”  Conservatives want lower taxes, fewer government regulations, privatization of as many operating entities in the U.S. as possible.  They feel strongly the free market system works all the time, including private healthcare with government run programs only for poor, elderly, and disabled, but want revisions in the health system.   Conservatives believe in a strong military and want the U.S. military to be the largest and most prepared military in the World; strong foreign policy that without question tells all that the U.S. is here to help nations and foreign citizens but with reasonable rules and considerations.  Conservatives believe in free trade, and that it must be fair to the U.S.  Conservatives have tired of politicians who continually make decisions only about power and money as those pertain to them, not their constituents.  They want term limits at every level.  Conservatives believe in the traditional definition of the Constitution being an eternal guideline, believe in the sanctity of the voting system and the necessity to guarantee its fidelity and strength against voter fraud.  Conservatives believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is killing a human, that the justice system has become excessively liberal and must be brought back into compliance with its role as defined in U.S. law; controlled immigration based on qualification and need, but only with complete and verified history of immigrants that confirm commitment to U.S. ideals.  Conservatives feel government debt continuing to rise puts the nation in peril of financial collapse, reduced funding for the U.N., energy independence including aggressive fossil fuel exploration and development.

Liberals: Believe conservatives are evil (not just “wrong”) and must be removed from any control; that government should be the arbiter of all things, that it should control all things that pertain to the lives of Americans and make all the rules.  Tax increases are mandatory on a continual basis to empower continued growth and continued expansion of government.  Liberals believe the Constitution is evolving and should be interpreted by inferring the intent of the framers rather than based on its actual content.  Liberals believe in abortion with federal funding, open borders, internationalism, smaller military for the U.S., global warming, continued massive funding for the United Nations and other World organizations, restrictive environmental laws and regulations with restrictions of fossil fuel development, more control of education.  They want globalism — that is instead of humans having single citizenship to be labeled “citizens of Earth.”  Liberals want government healthcare — period, and that care to be free for all; expanded welfare and unemployment coverage with few if any limitations, massive minimum wage increases, increased federal control of communications, internet, and broadcast, and continued handover of states’ rights to the feds.

What’s ahead:  The war is on!  Now we know who is in the war and what the positions are for each party in the war.  In the next segment we will talk about the different strategies taken by either side in this war for political control and domination and detail who within each group are the leaders and the impact each has had.

Please  feel to comment as each of these is rolled out.  This is America where  Freedom of Speech is fundamentally guaranteed to all.  We can share our thoughts, concerns, and frustrations here and discuss as we wish.  Upon completion of these segments we may have failed to reach any amicable resolutions and/or peace in this war, but all who take part will understand exactly what is going on and why and what everyone in the discussion feels.

Part II tomorrow.


1 thought on “Make no Mistake: America is at War”

  1. Dan Newman this is interesting. Of course, you won’t be shocked, not sure we agree. For example I’m a conservative, a registered Republican who actively campaigns and espouses, conservative ideals. I don’t agree with many of the dichotomies which you consign to the title conservative. I do believe that capitalism when done properly, ethically and morally, works. Healthcare, we’re close to being in agreement, military, we’re close to being in agreement – term limits…nope…no way, here’s why- we have elections- NOW, I know that everyone likes to say that the system is broken, but actually, it’s only in need of repair. The good men and women who have spilled their blood that we might have the system we have set it up to run on elections, putting term limits in is asking for something very like the French Revolution, and it wouldn’t take much in this U.S. for that to happen, there is an awful lot of righteous anger in us, as was in the French toward the Monarchy. So we pretty much agree, what I will firmly assert is that this is excellent writing, it’s clear, it’s concise and a person can read this and know where you stand.

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