Memorial Day 2021: We Will NOT Forget

When we daily see videos on the news and watch speeches from our leaders in Washington, we take for granted that vitriol, anger, and division are normal for the people of our nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of political hacks that want Americans to embrace divisiveness as “normal.” We cannot ever allow that to be accepted.

There are innumerable things that we overlook, assuming they just come from being an American: freedom to move about as we please, assembling together, worshipping together, speaking our minds, voting our consciences, working for an honest wage, and being protected all the while by law enforcement at federal, state, and local levels paid for by our taxes. Those 400,000 buried today in Arlington National Cemetery probably overlooked many of these same things until they headed off to war — war for THEIR nation.

It’s almost sad that today is the only day of the year set aside as THE day to memorialize the contribution of all those men and women who in acts of preserving all these things we take for granted listed above and the massive numbers of those NOT listed. But isn’t it sadder that only when things in the nation get really tough, and when the rumbling of “potential” conflicts and/or wars escalate to a fever pitch do we give military service members and the price tag many of those who serve have paid a simple thought of gratitude?

Dare we take that love and commitment and sacrifice for granted?

“Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend.”

The most honorable thing about this that few ever contemplate is that almost every one of those who lie in rest at Arlington Cemetery or in makeshift graveyards around the world faced a decision, knowing that their choice could very well sentence them to death — and they still swore that oath!

From all of us at TruthNewsNetwork to all of you who have family members who gave their lives and lost them in the act of protecting our nation we say “Thank You.” We certainly know that our saying that does NOT make any of your pain go away. But it’s the least that we can do.

We will NEVER forget!–k6ehjc



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  1. The service members are well aware of the fact that they are appreciated in time of war, brought out shined up and respected but afterward put back into their box until next time. The disingenuous respect is transparent. Same goes for the ultimate sacrifice only remembered on THE day. Sad.

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