“Mr. President…..”

Mr. President, please take a moment to consider the thoughts of this American.

Your first year in office is over. May I have your permission to grade your first year?

  1. On Legislation. Yes, it’s true the only “big” legislative piece signed into law is the Tax Reform Law. But what a win! As just one American business owner who deals with federal taxes from the perspective of their being “confiscatory,” please know I understand why you pushed so hard for tax relief. Beyond that, please know most Americans understand as President your hands are tied regarding legislation. You can only offer up ideas and your opinions and make suggestions. Those 535 millionaires who have annually leaned further and further toward the advice of the lobbyists coming from E Street appear to have far more legislative clout than the American public has, including you. We voters have made several notes about their obstructionism. We expect some of that from the party opposite the sitting President’s party — not from his own party. We know this is not a political party issue — it’s purely an “anti-Trump” issue. Our notes are very likely to in November move the needle further toward the Right as it becomes clearer and clearer true conservatism is lacking in Congress. We need more conservatives who support YOUR agenda — OUR agenda. Keep pushing, please.
  2. On Immigration. Very few voters will give Democrats a pass for pushing so hard to obtain legal status for illegal immigrants. We applaud your continued insistence for the most simple of concepts to be kept in place and even strengthened: Stop Illegal Immigration. Allowing virtual open borders has nothing to do with a good heart or sincere desire to help those from other countries who are needy. It is only about votes. Being the party who will always be able to say (truthfully or not truthfully) that they were the ones who obtained amnesty for illegals. Democrats understand obtaining legal status for illegals is their only hope for perpetuation of their hopes to regain credibility among enough voters to regain control of Congress and the White House. Americans understand the objective of the Left is to use voting control to move our country to full fledged Socialism. We cannot allow this to happen. After all, there is NO pure Socialist country on Earth that can maintain that philosophy fiscally or socially. They fail. You MUST keep our country moving away from any hint of totalitarianism and away from capitalism.
  3. On Foreign Policy. I chuckle at the artificial derision of the media of your successes overseas. The U.S. media has absolutely no understanding of how little respect the previous Administration held from foreign leaders. For those of us who spend time in Europe and Asia in business, it is spooky to see just how the disdain for all things American grew so swiftly during the Obama Administration. There was little political foreign respect for the Presidency and for that matter Americans. Obviously the wake-up call came immediately upon your state visits to the Middle East, Western Europe, and China. The U.S. media looked on in shock. Of course Americans quickly caught-on that the foreign mistrust of American government came from the hypocritical foreign policy implemented by Obama and maintained by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Many foreign governments are full of hypocrites in positions of power and authority. And it’s easy for a hypocrite to identify other hypocrites. The difference was Hillary and Barack did not understand that and continued with policy that foreign governments fundamentally rejected — though quietly. Honesty, credibility, integrity, and trust with your election rushed back into place between D.C. and foreign capitals. That cannot be purchased or demanded. It must be earned. You have done so and most Americans applaud you for it.
  4. On the American Economy. Politicians seldom have business savvy. Americans elected you in part because of your understanding of the critical necessity at this time in U.S. history for a leader who does. You’ve proven that was a good decision through your mandates for the gutting of senseless bureaucratic business regulations, negotiating changes in U.S. one-sided foreign trade agreements, bringing back a long-gone belief to corporate leaders that the American government is on the side of corporations again, and pushing hard for the tax environment that now allows corporations to bring back billions of dollars that have been held offshore so as to avoid double taxation under U.S. tax law. 26,000 on the Dow was never even dreamed of until your inauguration. Forget about the cries of “this only helps the rich!” We have watched our 401K’s and IRA’s balloon in value. We get it.
  5. On Government Spending. Slashing sizes and even closing bloated government agencies is showing Middle Americans (who must from time to time do the same thing in their businesses to prevent losses) that we now have a President that knows government cannot continue spending more than it brings in. This practice more than any other under previous Presidents is the primary reason for there being so much mistrust of Congress among voters. You obviously recognized long ago that Congress feels that when they approve pork projects they act as if it is their money to blow. (And cutting taxes takes THEIR money away from them) Tax dollars belong to Americans! You have made it clear on behalf of the deplorables who elected you that such practices must be stopped — passing bills that perpetuate this waste will NOT be signed into law. $470 Billion in revealed Congressional waste in 2016 MUST be stopped! Our government must continue to find ways to frugally and wisely allocate American tax dollars to first fund the needs of protecting America from domestic and international attacks of every kind and the direct needs of the American people. Waste must be eliminated.
  6. Presidential Communications. Shortly after your election I suggested you consider ceasing traditional White House press briefings and open a “White House You Tube Channel” for your exclusive use to frequently bring your thoughts, plans, and ideas directly to the American people sans media filters. You obviously decided to ramp up your already consistent Twitter process that obviously reaches tens of millions of American instantly when sent. It is humorous to see the daily news cycle set early each morning upon the media’s receipt of your first tweet of the day. You own the news! And that tears them up. Please know most Americans love that fact. Sure, there are Americans who disagree not with your message but with some of the method used in your tweets to get your points across. But I understand you have a reason for every word of every tweet you share. What is critical is that you have found “THE” way to reach Americans without the need for the media. Brilliant stroke of method communication. Please keep it up.


If I was asked today to give you a letter grade for your first year it would be a solid “B+.” It is noteworthy that the only reason I grade your success down that fraction is that more of your policies proposed and political appointments made are not in place and in operation. That is not your fault. That lies at the feet of the obstructionists who diligently fight to maintain an environment of prevention of your plans and ideas.

Please, Sir, in spite of the negatives you face 24/7 from ALL sides, continue with the same resilience and resolve to lead Americans along the path on which we have embarked toward true liberty in every part of American life. I know it is difficult to face the continual derision you face, but you have the respect and honor already from at least 62 million Americans and a large contingent of foreigners who have recognized and are clinging to the hope of change that is already beginning under your leadership in your first term as President.

You truly are leading the fight — and doing so very successfully — to Make America Great Again.

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