Only One Way We’re Gettin’ Out of Here: Death!

He was a better football quarterback than was Terry Bradshaw in college. In fact, according to Bradshaw, if Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty had not quit the Louisiana Tech football team to start working full time in what had been his hobby, Bradshaw would have never been named starting quarterback for the Bulldogs. It all happened, including four SuperBowl rings, a bunch of Pro Bowl appearances and a seat in the NFL Hall of Fame for Bradshaw. For Robertson, when he put the football down to full time manufacture duck calls and guide duck hunts, he never picked up a ball again.

Many years and a longer, grayer beard later, Robertson has some very valuable insight, not about football OR duck calls, but about the COVID-19 pandemic and how you and I are and should be handling it:


When we decide at some point in our lives that we’re really not who should be making ALL of our personal decisions without some really good assistance, but that we need to give God at least a little input, things begin to change. And that’s not a bad thing!

Why is it we take for granted all the good things we have and have had through the years, and give just a smidgeon of concentration on the importance of things we cannot see or touch? What will it take to put us on that road?

Maybe it will take something like a Pandemic to get us in the right place in our thinking. Maybe there are some things we need to change.

As you digest this Sunday input from Phil, remember this one thing:

Nothing changes if nothing changes”

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