I’ve always been a thinker, mostly quiet and pensive. That has its benefits but certainly has its pitfalls. That mindset brings moments of insecurity and uncertainty about pretty much everything: how people feel, what I need to do, who I need to do it with, where I need to go, what’s going to happen next — I’m certain you know at least some of those feelings. Fortunately, through a relationship with God, strong upbringing and a great family, the older I grew the easier it became to deal with the negative parts of my nature. I worked hard to keep the “thinking” and “pensive parts.” I need those to be able to write — at least write things anyone else is interested in reading!

I’ve always been attracted to politics. My entrepreneurship, starting and operating several companies with some success, has skewed my political perspective to the Conservative side of most issues. American economics has always intrigued me. And watching Washington D.C. run the biggest “business” on Earth — the American Economy — long ago captured my attention. “Tax and spend” economics keeps the country running as fast as it can on that wheel the hamster spends so much time on. The results are the same for the hamster and the U.S.: running on that wheel doesn’t make the hamster thinner nor does it the U.S.

I’ve looked on as politicians have expanded the government to unnecessary and unsustainable levels. American tax dollars are gobbled up to feed the behemoth and keep it alive. Those same politicians — who are elected to run the country in a balanced and equitable way for its owners, American citizens — have grown to ignore their responsibilities to the People. That didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen because that’s what voters wanted. It happened because the glitter of politics and political might and power have consumed all things and all those who live and work inside the Beltway. And most of them do not even recognize it.

I’m told one can put a frog in a bowl of cold water, set that bowl on a stove burner at a low temperature, and watch the frog die from boiling as the water temperature passes 212 degrees. The frog could at any time easily jump out and save itself. But it doesn’t recognize the danger of the slow boiling of the water he is living in — until it’s too late.

I’m scared we Americans may be swimming in a bowl of water that has been on the fire a long time with the temperature slowly rising. And we haven’t yet recognized it. We’re still in the bowl, and if/when we recognize the water’s getting dangerously hot, it may be too late to get out.

I’m going to depart from our normal routine at the TruthNewsNetwork right here. As I do, I want to apologize to those of our members who read this stories instead of listening. The balance of today’s offering is very personal. I want to share it from my heart. I can best do that by speaking instead of writing. When we read stories, it’s hard to confirm the emotion of the writer. Words always have emotions that are integral in shaping the message of the words. Please “turn the page” with me this one time, and come to the Podcast to finish with me. I’ll think you’ll understand. And I am sharing the things that have prompted this chapter at the TruthNewsNetwork in the Podcast. If doing this creates a problem for you, I apologize in advance. I do not wish to intrude in the way any share these stories. Please humor me this one time! I’ll make it up to you somehow.



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