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Postponement Of Chapter of “Corruption” to Discuss Congressional Corruption Seen Today!

If you’d like to skip the written story here scroll to the bottom and simply click on the Podcast link and hear the story instead. Enjoy!

Apologies to all our members. This is supposed to be an installment detailing Intelligence Department corruption. Today’s chapter (which will be published tomorrow instead) talks about the NSA, DNI, individuals like former Obama White House National Security Director and UN Ambassador Samantha Powers.

The “Latest” Congressional Boondoggle

Today we need to weigh in on the pending boondoggle in D.C. that is the largest financial boondoggle in U.S. History: they are calling it “The Omnibus.” What does that mean? Instead of each House of Congress separately over a period of time creating a budget template, debating specifics, presenting and debating amendments, talking with voting constituents to get ideas, then reaching consensus in the respective chambers and reconciling the House and the Senate versions into an exhaustively researched and debated budget, these Congressional members simply sent 4 leaders into a room — 2 from the House and 2 from the Senate — to discuss a MASTER bill that included EVERYTHING! There was NO individual introductory, debate, discussion, or individual Congressional input. These 4 developed a 2200 page bill that they showed to NO ONE until 6:00 Wednesday night! There is no way a single member had time to even read the massive legislative bill yet alone understand any part of it. And just 12 hours after seeing it for the very first time, the House was forced to vote on it Thursday morning. The Senate must pass it before Friday night so as to have the President sign it into law before — guess what — THE GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN!

Let me ask you, our faithful readers a few questions:

  • There are 535 members of Congress. How is it reasonable in any scenario for 4 of the 535 elected Congressional members to determine what should and what should not go into a $1.3 Trillion bill? (By the way, that bill if signed into law will last only until the Fall, will create by itself an additional $1 Trillion deficit increase in these few months?
  • How many of you are OK with just a few of the elements that we know so far that include fully funding (with our federal tax dollars) of Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary cities, building a tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey, and allocating just a bit over $1 Billion to start the border wall when $25 Billion was DEMANDED by the President for his willingness to sign any budget deal?
  • Are you comfortable with Congressional leadership forcing votes on this incredible expensive bill just 12 hours after first showing it to anyone? That sounds a bit like Pelosi’s famous “We must pass this law before we can find out what’s in the law” statement about Obamacare.
  • Are you a tad upset with the President who first maintained he would veto any budget bill sent to him that funded Planned Parenthood, funded Sanctuary cities, and did NOT include money for increased southern border security AND fully funded the border wall? House Speaker Paul Ryan visited the White House on Wednesday and reportedly talked the President into accepting this spending monstrosity.
  • Does it bother you that just 90 of the Republicans part of the GOP controlled House of Representatives voted against the measure on Thursday while 145 voted for the Bill? (In the interest of informing our readers from around the nation and around the World, click on the following link to see the complete detail of the vote of every member of the House on House Bill 1625)
  • Does the hypocrisy of the GOP House members who voted “Yay” on this bill shock you at all — especially in light of the fact that virtually NONE of them when campaigning for the 2016 election/re-election to their Congressional seat gave even passive support of Planned Parenthood, voting against the border wall, fully funding Sanctuary cities, and doing so without even taking time to read the content of the 2200 page bill. I can honestly say that I doubt if ANY GOP House member stated support of any of these when campaigning. In fact, virtually ALL campaigned in total support of President Trump’s promises. And probably ALL of these 145 promised to support de-funding of Planned Parenthood, to never fund Sanctuary cities, and to pass a sensible budget that would either cut government spending or stop its growth.

So where does your district’s Congressional Representative weigh in on this vote?

Very early this morning I sent a text to my Congressman expressing my horror at what was happening: “Mike: Dan Newman here. I encourage you to vote against the Omnibus Bill. I know you are FOR the common sense process of budgeting and Leadership in the Senate is ramming this spending boondoggle down our throats. They continue to use the “shutdown” as a threat. IT MUST STOP! Please continue to demand realistic spending planning. Thanks!” (“Mike” is Mike Johnson (R-LA), a freshman Representative) His reply was, “Thanks, Dan. The omni is an OUTRAGEOUS betrayal of our people and our principles, and I am a DEFINITE NO!”

Only 89 other Republicans voted against the bill. Here’s what those 145 Republicans who voted for the bill said to American Conservatives:

“Na NaNa Boo Boo!” We fooled you. You thought we were honest, hard-working, cared for you and our Country. You believed we would vote for conservative ideals that included smaller government, protecting our borders to keep our nation safe, and stop senseless spending, like sending your tax dollars to slaughter another million or so babies at Planned Parenthood. Sanctuary Cities — who cares? We certainly don’t. You were stupid to believe we would expend any real efforts to ebb the flow of illegals into our country and cutoff sending your tax dollars to those cities that refuse to handover those criminal illegals to ICE agents. Boy, we sure got you!”


Can you tell I’m a little ticked off? Honestly, this surely is the most tragic event regarding dollars to happen in American history, IF the Senate passes this tomorrow. How ticked off am I? Before the House passed the measure I posted this in social media:

“If the Omnibus Bill passes and is signed into law, in November Democrats will regain control of the House and Senate AND the White House in 2020. It fully funds Planned Parenthood, regulates 2nd Amendment gun rights, funds Sanctuary Cities, AND no money for the border wall: all things that Congress committed in 2016 campaigns. Oh, it funds a Schumer pork project to build a tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey INSTEAD OF THE WALL!

I should not be shocked because we know how corrupt Congress is. Personal deal making. “Why,” you ask? No one leaves Congress poor. Their pockets are filled with your hard earned money they confiscate through taxes for their gifts to special interests.

Fund Planned Parenthood? Another million babies will be sacrificed at the altar of D.C. greed.”

If President Trump who spent his entire campaign in many cases nastily lashing out against ALL of these elements in the Omnibus Bill, lashing out against the corruption in Congress that allows such things to happen, signs this bill into law — HE IS DONE!

And he should be……


2 thoughts on “Postponement Of Chapter of “Corruption” to Discuss Congressional Corruption Seen Today!”

  1. Dan, Darryl Posey here, I too am totally ashamed of how our elected officials are supposedly representing us in Washington. They have totally disregarded the reason that we elected them. I will say that Mike Johnson did vote against the Omnibus Bill, and I am proud of him for doing so. I totally agree with you on this subject and right now, I am very upset that my President is even thinking about signing this bill into law. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dan, I am outraged by this careless spending by the Congress. It is sad that we have people representing the American people that continue to only think of themselves and not the entire country and it’s future.

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