Privacy and/or Liberty

America was established in part to get “Big Brother” out of Americans’ lives.  The European way of governing had long been summarily rejected, so much so that thousands and thousands of Europeans fled to North America to escape the tyranny that accompanied a government’s unilateral rights to control almost everything in its citizens’ lives.  Government control in Europe was unbearable to the people.  In doing so the ruling classes in each country had assumed full authority for everything allowed or disallowed among its citizenry.  Lawmaking resided totally with that ruling class.  The centralized power in that government made it easy for the personal choices, likes and dislikes, and biases of all kinds to control day-to-day life for all European citizens.  Tyranny grew in every way.  Private life became a ghost as the government took greater and greater control with less and less concern for the non ruling class of the continent.

One fundamental concern for those Europeans that came to the New World was to ensure that governing totalitarian mindset did not cross the Atlantic with them.  American settlers established lives full of individual freedoms.  And their government was although similar in structure to European governments, on the most part was given limited powers to govern.  When the time came to formalize a national government, these settlers were desperate to guarantee that any new federal government had only limited power and that those powers were expressly and specifically given by the settlers.  That led eventually to the U.S. Constitution and its rights protections.

The U.S. Constitution was written for one purpose only:  to expressly detail all power and authority of the government and that any power and authority not specifically given to the government was retained by the people.  Those powers retained were defined largely as personal rights of the people.  Even with these protections, through the years many of those slipped away and the federal government picked those up, often simply by default.  Enter the federal courts — part of the Judicial Branch of the federal government, a co-equal branch of the Government.  The courts were to determine when those laws or any actions infringed upon rights of citizens as detailed in the Constitution.

Privacy rights for citizens was not much of an issue in the early going.  Through the years with development of communication capabilities never envisioned by the framers of the Constitution the need for court intervention grew in importance.  Lawmakers in a World with ever growing international dangers passed federal laws to enable the government to monitor threats to the livelihoods and welfare of Americans.  Sometimes those laws reached invasively into the lives of Americans.  Technology shrunk the World, and in doing so increased the likelihood of infringement upon individual rights.  An old enemy with a new face and that enemy’s propensity to use anything to takeover our freedoms led America to a new political frontier.   That enemy?  Hatred for the very things that created America more than two centuries ago .  Remember this:  “We have found our enemy and our enemy is us.”  It seems in the political landscape of America once dominated by like minded acceptance of diversity and freedom for all is now dominated by national entitlement on every front.  And with it came Big Brother we thought our forefathers left in Europe.

With Big Brother (or Big Government) back in control, its constituents know its survival relies on the elimination of the same resistance here it faced in Europe in the 15th century.  How?  By stamping out the individualism and self actualization that made America in the first place.  It has taken 200 years, but it is happening.  Each day as Americans cede more and more personal rights to Big Brother the landscape of freedom changes a little more.  The shiny coin that is marked by Lady Liberty doesn’t shine so much as the light of freedom dims .

However, the Fathers of this nation in its establishment foresaw the possibility of this enemy showing up again and gave us a piece of government that their parents did not have in Europe to beat back the tyranny there:  that co-equal branch of government — the Judiciary.  Most Americans have simply taken it for granted.  But it has forever been there, quietly about the business of protecting Americans.  But Big Brother has been quietly seeking ways to dismantle and take control of this last bastion of American freedom.  The Courts are all that stand between U.S. freedom and a socialist government of domination.  And we are watching Big Brother fighting for his life.

He expected the continuation of the last 8 years of American mediocrity.  And he expected with the death of Antonin Scalia his grip on the Supreme Court to tighten with confirmation of another Big Brother clone.  He did NOT expect Americans to awaken to the realization of his re-ascension to power.  And he did not expect Americans to do anything about it.  But they did.  Enter President Donald Trump who led the awakening.

With the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Big Brother’s quest for domination of Americans’ rights will at least be paused, if not stopped.  A Constitutional literalist on the Court rather than another justice committed to the ultimate establishment of Big Brother was the only way for Americans to right the ship.  And it may be the only thing to thwart the quest of Big Brother’s supporters to take America back to European ruling class domination.

In the next few days, watch and listen to the cries of anger and hatred for all things conservative as they take front and center in the confirmation process of Judge Gorsuch.  As you watch, know the desperation of the Left in their quest for control is the fuel for their desperation.  Their power over Americans is being ripped from their grasp as the Constitution is being used once again by those whose wishes for our Nation are simple:  “….one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.”

Yes, Liberty and Justice was and is for ALL in the United States and is not to be defined or given to those and under the auspices of anyone but the People.  As long as the government of any nation is “by the People, of the People, and for the People,” those People have the opportunity to continually pursue that indivisible liberty and justice.  When Big Brother steps in, Liberty is headed out the door.

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