“Real” Midterm Election Prediction: NOT Poll “Guesses”

Are you tired of the constant election polls analysis? Ever question how their results are determined? How can they vary so dramatically? Want a REAL solution with REAL answers? We have it!

Our research department found a real election analysis firm that doesn’t look at polls or campaign contributions or ads or speeches. They’re pretty good at the midterm numbers, too. They only analyze the House races: 435 in each election. How good are they? 

in 2012, 2014, and 2016 they projected each of the 435 House races in each election. In ALL 3 elections combined, they missed ONE SEAT! How?

See the “rest of the story” tomorrow morning right here. And it includes their analysis and expected results for these midterm elections.




3 thoughts on ““Real” Midterm Election Prediction: NOT Poll “Guesses””

  1. Marty sent me your blog about corruption. I’m hooked Danno.
    I thought to myself after reading it and hearing it , how nice it’d be to see you on Blaze or Fox
    Keep up the GOoD work. It’s a blessing to know you.
    Kenny Gilbert

    1. Kenny;
      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for finding us! If you have not already, log your email address in on the front page of the website. That way you’ll get an email with a link everytime a new story or podcast goes live. You’ll never miss one that way. Feel free to comment anytime as well. Great to have you aboard!


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