Russian Intervention: Who’s the Intelligence Leaker?

(Short blog post — VERY short!)

The easiest way to find the person(s) responsible for the intelligence leaks to the news media.

Attorney General Sessions in a employee meeting at the FBI, also at the CIA and NSA:  “We at the Justice Department have just launched an investigation into the source of intelligence leaks.  When we find the person or persons involved, we will arrest and charge them with treason.  Treason has a maximum sentence of life in prison at hard labor, and we will push for life for any and all offenders.  However, for anyone who knows details or  has been part of these leaks and steps forward with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible, we will soften their penalties:  that person will be terminated for cause but will not be charged with treason but with a lesser charge that carries a penalty with no jail time.”

Do you think we’d find out where the leaks are with an offer like that on the table?

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