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Wow! There’s a bunch of news flooding us 24/7. How can we possibly pick the top headlines from the week to give you a brief and concise but thorough snapshot of the week? But we’ll give it our best shot. Remember: first we give you a quick synopsis followed with a hyperlink to the full story of each. This way you can choose that you want to go deeper into without wasting team trying to pick through the ones that are what you want to examine.

Enjoy your weekend!

  • For FOX news fans, Judge Andrew Napolitano has been a frequent contributor regarding all things legal. On several occasions, I have differed dramatically with his conclusions. I know, I’m not an attorney and don’t have any legal background and he is and does. That being said, I have often found with attorneys in my business life an often stiff resolve regarding certain issues that sometimes are not accurate. I’m not saying the Judge is in such a spot, but I differ greatly with his conclusions that are the subject of the story below. The title to the story tells the entire story:Trump’s call with Ukraine president manifests criminal and impeachable behavior.” Click on this link for the full story:
  • Facebook was just handed a massive blow from a European court. A European Union court ruled that content on all IT platforms could be regulated by this court on internet sites worldwide labeled by the court as “defamatory content.” You will remember that Facebook has recently come under fire by even the U.S. Congress for their policies regarding their right to determine whether or not U.S. content is ruled unacceptable — not be any published policies but by Facebook editors alone. Click on this link for the full story:
  • In 2017 there were frequent reports about confusion and vitriolic feelings among White House staffers and those of VP Pence. The same thing is happening again. Speaking with CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman,  former White House Communications Director Joe Lockhart said that the offices of the president and the VP are not on the same page and that is leading to panic in both offices. Click on this link for the full story:
  • Right behind that Pence story comes another. This one is directly from the mouth of the Vice President. Although he did not reference the story above about his staffers having issues with their White House counterparts, the VP made it clear he is in locked-step with the President. Click on this link for the full story:
  • Presidential candidate Biden gives no signs of quitting in the midst of his personal and professional allegations of intense Ukraine corruption that embroils him and his son Hunter. He’s actually taken out a “Super Tuesday” insurance policy of sorts. He’s really thinking ahead: March of 2020! Click on this link for the full story:
  • President Trump’s now-infamous phone call with the President of Ukraine prompted the “supposed” final action necessary for Democrats to launch their “formal” impeachment inquiry. Why? Because the President, they say, asked the Ukrainian President to restart his government’s investigation into Joe Biden and apparent corruption involving his son and a company involving large amounts of money from a Russian oligarch. Now, it’s Trump’s Biden talk with China. Click on this link for the full story:
  • The latest in the Batman series — The Joker — opened Thursday night. It is literally a psychotic thriller. And with its release, some folks have gone absolutely bonkers online, actually making threats of violence around the country in coordination with the movie’s release. Obviously, many moviegoers are scared to death which has prompted the FBI to take a look. Click on this link for the full story:
  • Speaking of movies, the FBI gets pointed out in the upcoming movie about Richard Jewell. Remember him? It’s about the drama surrounding the bomb-plant at the Atlanta Olympics. During that scare, a security guard who “found a bomb” implicated Richard Jewell. The FBI famously swept in and grabbed Richard Jewell who was implicated as the bomb maker and who planted it. But it was discovered long after a massive and nasty FBI investigation that the reporting security guard actually planted the bomb himself. The movie titled “Richard Jewell” is set to appear in theaters in early December. It is supposedly a blockbuster presented by Clint Eastwood. To get full details and see the trailer, click on this link for the full story:
  • And a final headline for your weekend. I’ll not even comment on this one. Click on this link for the full story. And, you’ll certainly get a chuckle!:

It seems that the majority of the time we concentrate on controversial political stories. And that’s true. But we try to find stories from other than American politics that are critical to all of us. Yes, sometimes it seems there aren’t any others nearly as important as those detailing the political state of our country. But, believe it or not, there are other important issues for us to consider. Saturday is the time and is the place to get a breakfast mix of it all.

Thanks for joining in!



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