SCOTUS Confirmation: Final Word

This is Saturday! Today’s chapter will be brief: we all need at least one day in the week without Washington D.C. drama. And today will be just a podcast. But there are a couple of things of import for you:

  • We will begin the week Monday with a critical chapter into what may be the most important issue of this century: Sexual and Domestic Abuse. In the story, we will discuss the depths of the problems, their sources, but more importantly, we will discuss a way and a plan to eliminate the large majority of these abuses suffered most often by the weakest among us: women and children. 
  • We will NOT weigh-in any further on the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation until the FBI supplemental background investigation is complete and results are released. It is anticipated that will happen by the end of next week.
  • I promised a treat for our listeners and readers just ahead. Details of that will come Sunday, (which is basically another day off for you!) so don’t forget to look-in. You are going to like this, I’m certain!

PLEASE listen to today’s podcast: it is brief, but contains some very applicable and important information about these and other events. And there’s also a surprise included in the podcast!




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