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Something we NEVER Do!

This group of students represents Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. This small private school provides some of the top-rated academic programs in the state. Though private, the reach of the school includes communities of every type and students of every ethnicity in the city. It is known nationwide for its boys and girls athletic programs. But it’s just as well known for its academics and its messaging to kids from EVERY background that though life is full of challenges, sound education in the context of Godly teaching and interaction with others can and does work. It helps to establish this future generation of Americans as prepared leaders when they’re called on to take the reins of our nation.

This picture includes my two granddaughters and one grandson. These are the boys and girls Evangel 2021-22 soccer teams. As they prepare to get this season started, they are raising funds to support their uniforms, equipment, and travel for this season. They’re almost halfway to their goal.

They call me “Poppi.” And “Poppi” was asked to present this program to you. If you are inclined to assist these Northwest Louisiana teens in this quest, please do so by clicking on the link below. If you cannot do so, please whisper a prayer for the health and safety of these young Americans as they enter competitions in 2021-22.

And, by the way, “Poppi” thanks you!




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