Sometimes Rape is OK

Rape is OK, but only if the rapist is a person of a special class of elitist — but not really.

What the heck am I talking about?!? Let’s be honest: in today’s America, pretty much all actions are considered acceptable actions depending on the parties involved. Think about it: in some cases whether or not there was an actual rape is insignificant. If the right people say a rape occurred, then a rape occurred. There are thousands of prison inmates rotting in jail for committing rape who never committed rape. The same holds true for murder, armed robbery, and a plethora of other crimes.

On the other hand, if the WRONG people cry “Rape!” it makes no difference if there was or wasn’t an actual rape. “Who” is the alleged perpetrator and “Who” is making the rape allegation are more important — the ONLY things important — in many rape cases.

To most, rape is the worst thing one human can do to another. Typically rape is not a sexual crime. It is a crime sourced in rage and anger and is a fulfillment of the emotions of the perpetrator. But to the horror of many, rape is not universally deplored — not just in other countries of the World, but often in the United States. Take the cases of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Let’s look at Harvey first.

Harvey Weinstein

The movie producer is legend in the Los Angeles and New York movie and entertainment industry. His company’s movies, television shows, and even Broadway musicals have made hundreds of millions of dollars and have spring-boarded the careers of many actors and actresses. There lies the rub.

Weinstein saw many (if not most) of the young female actor-wannabees as prey. He in numerous cases perpetrated at best sexual harassment of young women, at worst rape of many. The horror these innocents must have felt certainly has plagued them throughout their careers and lives. Certainly it tainted their self confidence as they endeavored to reconcile the things the famous producer did to them in the name of helping them in their careers.

The cases against Harvey Weinstein have just begun to be exposed. Investigations have opened in earnest into his lawbreaking in Los Angeles, New York, and now in London and mainland Europe. It will probably take years to uncover, investigate, and initiate criminal actions against this predator. But thankfully the worry and concern of hundreds of women he has attacked throughout his career is hopefully coming to an end.

Bill Clinton

Dozens of women through decades have been sexually attacked by former Arkansas Attorney General, Arkansas Governor, and U.S. President Bill Clinton. Many came forward with allegations of everything from his voyeurism to harassment to rape. Just how Clinton was able to virtually escape certain criminal prosecution in at least one or two of the cases is legend. But no doubt his actions scarred many women, ruined the careers of many, and changed the life forever of the most famous of his victims: Monica Lewinsky. Who can forget the famous blue dress containing physical evidence of his numerous sexual trysts with the White House intern, some of which occurred in the Oval Office. Pretty much every American who was an adult at the time will never forget his quote on national television when asked about his relationship with Lewinsky: “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.” Of course that was a lie. He was impeached for lying in a deposition and his law license revoked.

Rape OK?

Where did my headline for this blog post come from? I doubt any reading this — especially those who know me — think that rape is OK and certainly that I think that it is. And I don’t. I also think that any American with a shred of character feels that rape of of any person is detestable and that rapists should be summarily thrown under the jail if convicted in a jurisdiction without the death penalty. Sure, rape is winked at in many Middle Eastern and some Asian countries, but not so in the United States. We are too civilized to accept rape and any other types of sexual attacks as justifiable. Or are we?

In both of the cases of Weinstein and Clinton, there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people who shrug their shoulders about their sexual predatory sins and quietly tell themselves, “Oops. Oh well, they got caught.” That’s right: some people ignore the violent sexual acts of guys like Weinstein and Clinton. How is that? When rape is OK!

Rape is NEVER OK. Unfortunately for some, benignly ignoring it when it happens makes rape OK. Who could ever turn a back on such a devastating act of aggression on another? Unfortunately there are many who do.

The Harvey Weinstein case has put a bulls eye on the biggest perpetrators of the “benign legitimization of rape:” Hollywood. Hollywood elitists have been exposed. Literally thousands of those in the entertainment business have known personally or known of the predatory activities of Harvey Weinstein for decades. Why would they do such horrible things? Let’s look in:

  1. Weinstein was such a power in the industry he could make or break any aspiring actor or entertainer’s career. So this class of elite simply turned a head, ignoring his crimes for career protection;
  2. Many talked to many of their peers often about Weinstein. Sometimes those discussions reportedly even contained light-hearted humorous comments. Such actions are nauseating to non-elitist, non-Hollywood Americans but seem almost commonplace in Entertainment;
  3. There actually are some — and probably many — who actually feel a little like Weinstein: that they too have power over others — especially women. That power gives them rights beyond those relegated to average Americans. And therefore there was nothing wrong with Weinstein’s predatory activities.

Oh, for his sexual sins, his Hollywood peers removed him permanently from membership in the Motion Picture Association. Whew…..I know Harvey is devastated at that harsh rebuke!

Regarding Clinton, he always had a posse surrounding him led by his “Enabler in Chief” — Hillary — that insulated him on the most part from deserved criminal action for his sexual encounters with the women in his political life. There is no telling how many times he dodged a legal bullet just because of who he is.

And that is the actual sin of all this. Let me explain:

Jesus explained that the evil men do is NOT the sin, rather the thoughts in their hearts that give birth to sexual predatory acts are the sins. The sin is committed before those thoughts and ideas are acted out. Clinton never had to commit those acts against women. Neither did Weinstein. Both did so for selfish, self-absorbed reasons. And they both felt justified in doing so. That feeling they have of not harming those women is the actual snapshot of a sexual predator’s brain after attacking others. And for them, it is OK.

So Who is Wrong?

No doubt the Weinsteins and Clintons and any others who take advantage of others sexually are wrong. But that is just the beginning of this horror. The real villains are those who knew all along about Bill and Harvey AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. They at least should have gone to Harvey and Bill one-on-one and confronted them. But really they should have reported the activities of these two to authorities. Yes, maybe their doing so would have ruined a Hollywood career or two, or destroyed political aspirations of somebody. But if one or two of them had done the right thing — reporting these lawbreakers — the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people would be totally different today. Those young women would not have been forced to spend one second of their lives questioning why they were raped, what had they done to encourage it, why those in authority around them and Bill and Weinstein did not intervene and, in some cases, allowed or encouraged them to participate in these “trysts” with the pair. Can you imagine how much psychotherapy these women went through trying to recover their self assurance and rid themselves of the false responsibility they probably felt? Imagine just how their personal and professional lives were permanently transformed for the worse at no fault of their own.

Everyone of those who knew about Weinstein and Clinton — many of whom have already publicly stated they knew — should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for aiding and abetting in multiple felonies.

The elitist, entitlement environment of Hollywood, Washington D.C., and New York must be destroyed. Just because someone can sing or act, write or dance, direct or produce a movie or album or Broadway musical does NOT empower them to take advantage of others with impunity — especially not doing so illegally.

I’m sorry, I forgot: to Hollywood and D.C., we are not “a Nation of laws.” We are only a “nation of immigrants.”

So I guess anything goes.

Forget about what I wrote.



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  1. The Shear magnitude and volume of abuses and victims over the decades of Weinstein will undoubtedly lead to a conviction at this point — that along with the conviction in the public eye already via social media will embolden other victims of Harvey and others that certainly spill over to the music industry as well to hopefully put a meaningful end to this culture, and allow real artists to be real artists again and stay out of politics.

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