The Future

2017 was (to say the least) a really interesting year. It was radically different for American politics. What’s ahead?

It is really difficult to project political events ahead for several reasons:

  1. We have never (at least in my lifetime) seen a President or administration like Donald Trump or his Administration;
  2. We have never seen a national media so “in-the-tank” against a sitting president as ours is;
  3. We have never experienced the outward nastiness across the Nation towards a President as we are experiencing today;
  4. There has never been such a huge divide between the Left and Right in the Nation politically and spiritually as there is today.

Why are these things happening?

Face of the United States

What people around the World see about the U.S. has changed dramatically. For many years — although people from some nations detest the U.S. (primarily because of jealousy) the U.S. has always been a beacon of light for citizens of countries that seem to be in constant struggle. There are those who disdain us because of political and religious ideological differences. But even most of those hold a measure of respect for the successes of our nation. This century we have seen some of that respect be eroded by the erratic and very visible structural changes in America.

The World has watched as the strongest and most democratic nation on Earth and the most Christian has slowly but steadily slipped toward a socialist model consumed by selfishness. Most of those countries that embrace Socialism have experienced only a modicum of success. They have no genuine ability to compare that political, religious, and social system to our Representative Republic model.

Let’s face it: what WE know and understand comes solely from our perception of what we personally see, hear, and experience. Few from other countries have the benefit (in most cases) of experiencing America on a personal basis. So their opinions are based chiefly on what they see and hear. To be frank, what they see and hear from the U.S. has been skewed dramatically by those in the 24/7 Leftist news media. And World media actually created the “reporting” model now used by Leftist American media. People of the World do not have the benefit of living “in” our actual environment to know if what they see and hear is real or contrived. They believe the skewed version of America as portrayed in their country’s news reporting, which takes its skewed version from that of American media. It’s a vicious, nasty, propaganda narrative fueled by what has now been termed a “Worldview.”


Everybody has a worldview, whether they acknowledge it or not. More often than not, they do not talk about it simply because they are unaware. This is because asking someone what his or her worldview is like trying to ask a fish to describe how wet the water is. You have no clue what it is; you are just in it. Nonetheless, your worldview defines everything about you.

What is a Worldview?
First of all, let’s say what it is not. It is not about the physical reality of the world that you and I live in; that is science. Instead, here is what worldview is and what it means for us:

  1. It is the metaphysical, or philosophical, or ideological reality of the world you and I live in.
  2. It governs how we live, not where we live. It defines why we live, what we live for, what we appreciate, what we reject, what we are passionate about, and what we detest.

What Makes Up Our Worldview?
Other than understanding what our worldview does for us, we also need to know that there are a few categories that shape our worldview:

  1. Cognitive: How we think. This is central. As a people think, so they will live. Everything else follows from this first category;
  2. Moral: How we discern between right and wrong. We cannot make a moral decision without having a clear idea of what is right and wrong. Our cognition and our morality are like two sides of the same coin. As we think, so we live. If we think something is alright even though it is morally wrong, we will act wrongly;
  3. Pragmatic: What we do with what is right and what is wrong. Have you heard this phrase, “the ends justify the means”? It is the belief that says, “It does not matter what I do as long as I get the job done.” Think about it. Is it really true that the ends justify the means? Not really. But we seem to think about it that way. We do that all the time. Every time we get into a situation where it is going to affect us, the first thing we are tempted to compromise on is not what we do, but how we do it.

These are the three fundamental things that shape our worldview. Understanding and defining these contributing factors will help us strengthen our values, and guide us on how to live.

For the most part, Americans like all other humans generally are quiet about things that are “normal.” We only get loud when something invades our lives that is different and makes us feel uncomfortable. Though things may be really going really well, we scream loudly about the things that seem or feel bad to us. And the American media has perfected the use of that human trait to create and paint an American persona to the World that has changed the World’s perceptions of our nation and has established worldview for everyone who thinks about the U.S. or interfaces with Americans. You know that old saying, “Perception is reality.” If they believe we are not the America of our parents, that must be the truth simply because it is their perception. The face of the U.S. has changed. What they see and hear about the U.S. is their reality — regardless of the truth. Hmmm……”regardless of the truth?” Seems like something the Leftist Media have perfected that operating style!


I feel strongly the chief result of conflicting worldviews of people has created the 21st century chaos we see played out on a national and international stage every day. There are so many competing worldviews and so little tolerance for the worldviews of others that this all results in pandemonium. So many philosophies, so many sets of morals, so many cultural differences have intersected and formed the “Perfect Storm.” The results remind me of the story of the Tower of Babel. In that story, people of one nation became so angry with each other and divisive, God caused them all to begin speaking in different languages. No one understood anyone else. That was THEIR pandemonium. Sounds a little like what plays out everyday in our lives, right?


We are headed straight for a world with nothing but Confusion. Babel is looking more real every day. Seldom do we talk “to” each other. We talk “at” each other. And seldom do we talk: we scream! Anger is everywhere and it quickly devolves into hatred, racism, and all the phobias you can think of. People turn against people simply for skin color, national origin, family name, hair color, religion, neighborhood of residence, frequented restaurant, etc. Oh, let’s not forget political preference. What we are now living is a world of great separation. It is fueled by many things but has one common denominator: Godlessness. We in the World — especially in America — have turned our backs on God.

Joy Behar said it best — or said what many Americans thought best is — when she ridiculed Vice President Pence for saying that he talks to God, and he listens to God. Joy’s worldview apparently does not include acceptance or even belief that there are actually people who believe communication with God is a two-way street. She forgot that 80% of Americans believe in God and His son, Jesus. But there’s no room in her head/heart for any worldview other than her own.

A troubled young man cries out to anyone who will listen out of his anger, frustration, loneliness, and empty heart. Apparently close to 50 times he reached out to others sharing his bizarre desire to hurt fellow students and teachers — even become a professional school shooter. Sheriffs, teachers, parents, students, and pretty much anyone that would listen to him heard his heart. Yet no one responded — no one did anything. And 17 are dead in Parkland, Florida today because of that.


Here’s my two cents, so humor me: Unless we begin to communicate with each other, respecting diversity of thought and opinion, put away racial, religious, political, ethnic, and sexual differences, we are doomed. I shudder to think about the U.S. going down that road. But if that happens it will be because the majority in this nation have made that choice.

Don’t make the mistake of laughing at me or saying that cannot happen. It can. And it WILL unless we find ways to stop the sliding.

It cannot simply be political, or religious, or ethnic, or geographical. We MUST find the common thing that historically has time and time again knitted the hearts of those with different worldviews together. People in times of horror, stress, and disaster historically have almost always found ways to lay down ownership of the “right” worldview, joined with others with different worldviews, and found ways to unite to achieve peace, love, and real harmony.

Joy Behar apparently hasn’t seen that common denominator that is necessary for this to develop. It comes from one source and one only: God. And, Joy, we CAN have a relationship with God and we can hear Him speak to us. What we need to right this ship is true relationship with God. And we need to listen.

Billy Graham found that as a young man. He gave his life to sharing his relationship with God will millions around the World who listened, believed, and adopted that same worldview. He was amazing in his simple commitment to others that came into his life — as life for all of us should be.

Got financial, health, marital, family, or job problems? Instead of just lashing out in anger or hurt at others who may not even be part of the problem, why not try reaching out to God? Tell him you’re lonely, miserable, angry, hurt, jealous, and desperate. Ask Him to help.

What do you have to lose? Go ahead and give it a try. I guarantee you’ll like it.



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