The House is REALLY Busy

Busy how? They’re certainly not working on Climate Change. Nor are they helping out those Dreamers who are stuck in no-man’s-land regarding their immigration status. Remember: President Trump offered them a path to citizenship a year ago and Democrats turned his offer down. Not working on our serious military funding bill nor on the New Mexico-U.S.-Canada trade deal. They’re busy with other stuff, the least of which are normal legislative items many of which are critical.

And, according to Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, they’ve been very productive during this legislative session:
Two hundred+ pieces of legislation passed by House Democrats in this Congress this year. Wow! They certainly have been busy. But now, they’ve hit a brick wall: this wicked man in the White House has forced Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts in the House to stop everything and pursue measures to kick him out of office. Any additional legislation by this House of Representatives will have to wait. After all, there is no place for criminals in Washington D.C. — especially not a sitting U.S. President. Mr. Trump has got to go!

It certainly comes as no surprise that House Democrat leaders like Nadler have gone nuts, placing the blame for the legislative logjam in 2019 firmly at the feet of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who controls each and every piece of legislation that is to be taken up by the Senate for discussion on the floor and possible votes for their passage. And now in the last sixty days of the year and with the pending impeachment proceedings against President Trump in the House that are certain to dominate all things in Congress through the end of the year, it is almost certain nothing else will be accomplished on Capitol Hill.

Don’t let any of this cloud your minds regarding the truth of what’s going on. The House Democrats hold a dominant majority and have quickly pushed through dozens and dozens of almost totally partisan bills just to wage a public relations war against Mr. Trump and Congressional Republicans. If one listens to Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat members of House and Senate leadership, Republicans have spent the last year on the golf course, junkets in the Caribbean, and taxpayer-funded trips across the U.S. No, that is what Democrats have been doing rather than meeting with and negotiating meaningful legislation desperately needed by and wanted by Americans. Democrats instead are playing political parlor games refusing to consider any legislation that would make President Trump look better than he already does.

The critical trilateral trade deal between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada is such an example — the “USMCA.” It’s a win, win, win for the three already close trading partners.

American business leaders directly involved in the USMCA sent this to Congressional leadership: “We write to you to urge passage of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement as soon as possible this autumn. . . . North America is the most significant trade market for the United States globally, with Canada and Mexico purchasing one-fifth of the total value of U.S. manufacturing output. Canada and Mexico alone, despite representing less than 4 percent of the global economy, buy more U.S.-manufactured goods than our next 11 trading partners combined.“

If passed, USMCA will create 176,000 jobs and will add $68.2 billion to the U.S. economy, according to the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Where does Speaker Pelosi weigh-in on House completion of the USMCA?

You follow all that, don’t you? “We’ve gotta have enforcement,” she parroted again and again. But isn’t enforcement a key element that Congress includes in ALL trade deals? That’s THE fundamental foundation for any agreement! What  Nancy is saying without spelling it out is “I’m not going to bring to the floor any bill that would possibly make Donald Trump look good. He’s devastated my caucus with great economic legislation and executive action that continue to embarrass us. We’re done with letting that happen. And we don’t care what the USMCA would do for American farmers and manufacturers!”

Besides Impeachment, What’s up for the House in 2020?

We purposely left impeachment alone this weekend. We’ve pretty much already had plenty of that nonsense with plenty more to come. But there IS something really big looming on the horizon for the House that I guarantee you’ve not heard about. This will certainly floor you.

Speaker Pelosi is backing a bill from Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib to make members of Congress exempt from taxation at all levels of government – federal, state, and city. The bill is set to be introduced for a reading this week and early indications are that it will have the unanimous backing of all Democrat members of their majority House of Representatives.

Tlaib took a moment Friday to attempt to justify this outrageous bill:

“The rich of this country don’t pay taxes. They use loophole after loophole and exemption after exemption to escape paying their share and they do nothing for the betterment of the nation.

We in congress work tirelessly for the people and can’t get ahead. If there’s any class of people that should avoid taxation, it is the government public servant. We are working to put more money in your pockets at the same time as our pockets are being emptied.

We are working for you. Don’t we deserve a break for that? Of course we do. We’re a special class. We want recognition for such.”

After you pick your false teeth up off the floor, let’s puzzle through this:

  • We already know that many in Congress — not party-specific — feel that they are underpaid and overworked and deserve special considerations that they already receive and others they feel they deserve.
  • Think about the obvious conundrum with Congresswoman Tlaib’s position: who passes taxes in America? Who can remove taxes in America? Who in government determines what all in government make in payroll and benefits? There’s only one answer to all three questions: the U.S. Congress. Theirs is probably the only employer-employee relationship in the U.S. in which the employee tells the employer what they WILL be paid and what their employee benefits ARE!
  • Why is TruthNewsNetwork is the only news entity to report this to the American public? Please let this prove to you that for the past few years as we have alerted you again and again that the Media are not only in the pockets of Congress, they are in direct partnership with the Democrat Party. The MSM report exactly WHAT they are told to report to Americans and they hide exactly what they are told to HIDE from Americans. This piece of the proposed legislation would fall into the latter of the two categories.


Let’s be honest with each other: this power grab by the Left is not new, was not unexpected, and has been carefully planned and orchestrated. They have for several decades laid the foundation for doing so. Obama actually initiated the process. Remember his telling us his plan was to “fundamentally change the United States.” He never tried to hide that. In fact, he proudly pursued the entire process very publicly. But his was to be simply Chapter One. Hillary was to transition us into Chapter Two. But something happened that not only intercepted their timing, it short-circuited the entire thing. And it is struggling to survive. That “something” that happened? Donald Trump.

Americans drifted into a mild coma regarding America’s political process during Obama’s two terms. That happened by design. Obama knew that if an attempt was made to overtly overthrow America’s entire political process, the furor from citizens would violently shut it down and possibly permanently. The plan was for Hillary to segue into a more militant and visible Socialist transition that would usher true Democratic Socialism into the previously strongest and freest independent country in World history. She was prepared. The Democrat Party was prepared. The Democrat National Committee was prepared. Democrat activists seeded by Obama into key roles in the federal government were all prepared. What none were prepared for was a two-fold tornado: a New York billionaire who was politically moderate but leaned to the right and who understood what average Americans were missing in their lives and how to give it to them. Part two of that surprise weather freak was a group of 63 million voters who were sick and tired of the same old shtick in Washington D.C. and were hungry for a champion to lead the country away from that demonstrative move toward European-style Socialism. Those Americans too were tired of government corruption and tyranny and were certainly wary of paying the tab. Donald Trump was seen to be their ticket out. And he’s made the Democrat Party by the end of every workday turn into a trembling puddle of confusion from failure to comprehend who Donald Trump is and how he has been able to accomplish all that he has.

This impeachment “inquiry” is nothing more than the next chapter of pushback against Democrats’ biggest foe. Normally that pushback would be to raise a billion campaign dollars, get a very together Democrat candidate to put on the campaign trail against Trump, ( an “Obama II”) and resume their journey toward a socialist America that would be their Nirvana. So what do they do?

I’ll end by quoting Texas Democrat Rep. Al Green who said this about Donald Trump: “We cannot beat him at the polls. So we’ve got to impeach him.”

You just received that House plan as lagniappe today. It’s laughable that they would quietly propose a 50% pay raise with the impeachment process ongoing.

And I thought Rep. Adam Schiff wanted total transparency! That’s nothing more than a talking point to the current Democrat Party.

How should you handle it? Don’t believe what they show you, don’t listen to what they tell you, or believe what they say is real. Expect just the opposite regarding it all.

This impeachment process will play itself out. But, honestly, it will play itself out in a manner that Democrats Will regret they let happen. And it will not only give the White House to the Trumps again, it will give the GOP control of the House once more.

Maybe this time a new House Speaker after having four years of a Trump presidency will see and accept that Americans no longer want top-down government OR top-down representation in the Republican Party.

And if that bill that exempts members of Congress from all federal, state, and local income taxes passes the House and even slips by in the Senate, the President better make a loud declaration of its idiocy when it vetoes it.

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