The January 6, 2021 “Insurrection” Story in Detail From The “Inside”

Photo Journalist Steve Baker is known in the world of Conservative Journalists as a “teller of facts.” On his website, his blog, his YouTube channel, and in interviews, he’s adamant that he “seeks,” finds,” and “tells” the truth about everything on which he reports. It’s not often a true journalist gets caught up in the travesty he covers and finds himself targeted by law enforcement simply for being there to capture in person the details of the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Such is the case of Steve Baker. (pictured above)

Steve purposely went to the 1/6 D.C. Event solely to document all that he saw and heard. He went with his camera, tripod, and recorder. Though Mr. Baker is NOT a Trump supporter and wore no MAGA paraphernalia and was obviously a videographer, he was (and is) a target. For whom? That’s the story he tells today in the following two-hour interview with Dan Newman, Thursday, January 6, 2022.

The interview aired on our show “TNN Live!” captured an abundance of first-hand details that are not only accurate but they are also authenticated by videos shot by Steve on the day of the event! His videos have been shared worldwide by international media giants who have been hungry for facts of that day. And his distribution of those videos may be a reason he now is facing possible prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice for simply being at the Capitol.

                Steve Baker

This interview will captivate you when you hear a precise, calm, non-partisan, and matter-of-fact synopsis of what he SAW and HEARD that day with his own eyes and ears. Much of what he relates today flies in the face of the “facts” presented by the Mainstream Media — which should come as no surprise.

It’s critical that Americans discover the truth of that day. Why is it critical? Because our government is now actively weaponizing their power to stealthily push Americans into a void in which NO information can be shared unless that information parallels the “political truth” of this administration!

Don’t laugh: it’s true.

Click below to listen to the true story of January 6, 2021, as told by a REAL reporter from the scene in vivid detail.

Breath deeply now, because it may not be so easy to do when he completes his story told to us all!



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