The Malone Controversy: Part One

Several weeks ago, we introduced you to our new friend, Cherie Zaslawsky. The first offering published here was a blockbuster look into the REAL happenings in that debacle in Maui. Needless to say, there was far more to the story than the Mainstream Media shared with the general public. And today, Cherie gives us Part One of a look into another very controversial area in our lives: vaccines. We promised all that we would never shy away from “documented and sourced stories” at TruthNewsNetwork. This is one such story! And it’s Part One of Two.

Dan Newman

By now, in spite of the media blackout, most people probably know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for the presidency. However, many may not know that one of his apparently informal advisors is reported to be a man named Robert Malone, who has risen from relative obscurity in the bosom of the Medical Military Industrial Complex to prominence in the health freedom movement in just a couple of years.

This is particularly noteworthy, as RFK Jr., founder, and CEO of Children’s Health Defense and author of The Real Anthony Fauci—a blistering account of the malfeasance of Big Government in collaboration with Big Pharma in the billion-dollar business of marketing often unsafe and ineffective vaccines while protecting the purveyors from liability—is a vehement critic of the US governmental agencies where Dr. Malone has spent much of his career. So the question emerges: whose team is Malone really on: the health freedom movements or the Deep State’s from which he hails?

If the latter, that would place him in the role of “controlled opposition,” i.e., someone who appears to be fighting the good fight alongside his compatriots but who’s actually there to disrupt things or at least to act as a gatekeeper, keeping the conversation away from truths that could lead others to recognize and effectively oppose their actual enemy.

Interestingly, Malone’s Substack title is: “Who Is Robert Malone?”

So, let’s see if we can shed any light on that question.

Screenshot of Malone on Joe Rogan, December 31st, 2021

Enter Robert Malone

In my 2022 article The Knights of Senator Johnson’s Round Table, I mentioned a number of courageous panel participants, including Drs. Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Harvey Risch, Aaron Kheriaty, and Christina Parks. As to Robert Malone, he seemed to me to be the odd man out, and he himself may have sensed that as well, as reflected in his opening statement on the panel: “A case could be made that whether you agree with what I say or disagree, it’s certainly valid that I should have a role in discussing the current data.”

Now, why was he defending his right to join in the discussion when he already had a seat at the table?

Maybe he is trying to short-circuit anyone who might view him as an infiltrator. After all, he makes no secret of the fact that he’s worked in what one might call the Big Med/Big Pharma/Deep State syndicate for decades, rubbing shoulders with Tony Teflon Fauci, as well as members of the DoD (Department of Defense), HHS (Department of Health and Human Services), BARDA(Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority), and Intelligence agencies, and profiting handsomely in the process.

Though many of us have come to realize our three-letter agencies have been largely co-opted and weaponized against We the People, the five-letter agencies: BARDA, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), DETRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease), and the new kid on the block, ACTIV(Accelerating Covid-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines) are where the sausage is made, out of view of most people, in the bowels of the DoD and HHS. This is where Dr. Malone has spent much of his time working for the government.

Say the Breggins:

“All these Department of Defense and ACTIV affiliations, from our perspective, make Malone deeply mired in the military-industrial complex and the health-industrial complex, involving global public-private partnerships characteristic of globalism and the Great Reset. How Dr. Malone has managed to present himself as a health freedom fighter remains something of a mystery to us.”

In addition to his presence on Senator Johnson’s panel, Malone admits he’s had a seat at another kind of table, the notorious “Tabletop” pandemic wargames à la Event 201—though he’s quick to point out he wasn’t present at that one. Diana West quotes him from an October 2021 interview on Stew Peters:

“Where I’m at now is what we’re observing is a scripted response that has been pioneered in multiple war games by a small cadre of individuals, largely at Johns Hopkins University, largely funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the World Economic Forum – that’s all true — involving multiple government officials. And as the war games become more sophisticated — and I’ve participated in some of these, too, although not the Hopkins‘ one…” (Emphasis Diana’s)

West goes on to call attention to the one major entity in the “small cadre” behind the scripted “plandemic” sessions missing in Malone’s account: the CIA. She quotes RFK Jr.:

“When I researched my book, what I learned was that this [2019 pandemic simulation] event, Event 201, was not a one-time occurrence. We found 20 separate pandemic simulations beginning in 2000. One thing they had in common — most of them Bill Gates was involved in, Tony Fauci was involved in — but every one of them the CIA was involved in. The CIA wrote the script, and high-level CIA officials participated in every one of those pandemic simulations.

Did Malone forget to mention the CIA’s key role in these “events”?

It’s also interesting to note that in August of 2023, in his talk at the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley in California, Malone not only referenced the CIA, but blamed both American Intelligence Agencies and “Five Eyes—the alliance of intelligence agencies between the US and UK—for pretty much everything nefarious transpiring in our world today. However, he avoided mentioning, much less blaming, the billionaire globalists behind UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030—the “elites” at the top, who Desmet actually warns us not to blame: The solution to the impasse we are in is not to forcibly eliminate any elite. On the contrary, that is the recipe for self-destruction.

The Inventor of mRNA Vaccinations

To the understandable surprise of many, when he made his sudden appearance in the freedom movement, Malone described himself as the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology. This raised eyebrows for two reasons: first because that experimental technology was thought to be harming and even killing people, and second, because such research is typically collaborative with many scientists working on it, as investigative journalist Kelleigh Nelson points out in her article on Malone.

Dr. Joseph Mercola puts it this way: “To be clear, he’s not the inventor of the COVID shots themselves but rather the foundational platform that underlies them, for which Malone holds several patents.” Though perhaps unsurprisingly, Malone’s wife Jill echoes her husband’s claim: “Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRNA vaccines (and DNA vaccines).” Not sure why he’d want that honor at this point, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

In fact, Malone has a point, as outlined in his wife Jill Malone’s in-depth article on The History of mRNA Vaccines and summarized in an article in the Atlantic.

Back in 1988, as a twenty-nine-year-old graduate student, Robert Malone reportedly injected a frog with DNA and RNA and discovered this resulted in a protein forming in its muscle tissue. He authored an important paper on this and subsequently co-authored a second paper. But then, as often happens in academic settings, apparently, bigger fish took over. And Malone has seemingly held a grudge ever since.

In fact, he refers to his experience at the Salk Institute and Vicalas as “an intellectual rape”—an odd expression, suggesting he felt personally violated and perhaps degraded by his treatment at the hands of these institutions. And he has a credible beef against them, even if, as some say, he did not invent the mRNA vaccine technology but rather pioneered a new mechanism with potential for use in vaccination. Either way, he deserves credit for his discovery—or blame, as the case may be. Here’s a link to what Jill refers to as his seminal paper on both in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection.

Unfortunately, this experience in his youth may have been a formative one for his character. He was quick to perceive himself as a victim and has seemingly harbored this complaint for over thirty years. “It’s all about Kati,” he gripes, meaning fellow scientist Katalin Karikó of BioNTech, who’s received accolades for her contribution to the mRNA technology. In fact, in 2020, he wrote to her that he’d been “written out of history” and essentially blamed her for taking credit for his invention, closing his email to her with the chilling words: “This will not end well.”

Pivot Number One: From The Inventor of mRNA-Vaccine Technology To Its Critic

Ironically, Malone has at last found his long-awaited glory—among the anti-vax, anti-mRNA freedom-loving crowd—the last place one would have expected. He’s done a 180-degree pivot from touting his brilliance as the inventor of gene therapy vaccines to acknowledging that the Covid vaccines were not ready for primetime—but he hedges his bets. As Diana West points out, after Del Bigtree described him as an anti-vaxxer, he told Del he wouldn’t be back on his show since he’d studiously avoided that description. Fair enough, as he’d spent his entire professional career working on vaccines in one way or another, even under the Fauch at NIAID.

In fact, during 2020 and 2021, while making a name for himself in the health freedom movement, Dr. Malone was apparently quietly working on the development of a new Covid vaccine called RelCovax, for Reliance Life Sciences, a pharmaceutical company in India. Here’s Malone’s video presentation on RelCovax, “a second-generation multi-valent SARS CoV-2 vaccine candidate designed to meet global vaccination demands.”

Screenshot of Malone’s presentation of RelCovax

And though Malone claims Relcovax is not a genetic vaccine, it is based on “heterologous expression,” which Wikipedia describes as: “The expression of a gene or part of a gene in a host organism that does not naturally have the gene or gene fragment in question. Insertion of the gene in the heterologous host is performed by recombinant DNA technology…. After being inserted in the host, the gene may be integrated into the host DNA, causing permanent expression, or not integrated, causing transient expression.” Now, I’m no vaccinologist, but it sure sounds like a genetic vaccine to me.

In fact, investigative journalist George Webb writes in a Twitter/X post: Look for Dr. Robert “DARPA” Malone AI-generated “novel” bioagents and vaccines to start hitting the market. Looking hard at COVAX and Relcovax. In his two-minute video, Webb says these are next-generation novel vaccines that go “from gene to vax” directly without using any cell cultures. What could go wrong? Don’t we need to “protect” the elderly and infirm? 

“Jab The Elders”

As Kelleigh Nelson and Diana West both point out, Malone’s on record saying “the vulnerable” should still get the shots, seemingly playing both sides of the street.

In fact, in an interview on Stew Peters from October 2021, as reported by Diana West, Malone described his “balanced approach” this way: “…jab the elders and the ones at high risk.” As Kelleigh Nelson points out, those are exactly the groups the Nazis considered “useless eaters.” I hear the same historical resonance when I read those three words: “jab the elders.” And what vaccines does Malone have in mind for this purpose—the mRNA vaccines he’s apparently acknowledged are flawed? The new “gene to vax” second-generation novel vaccines like RelCovax?

Let’s recall that “the vulnerable” are mostly the elderly. What’s rarely mentioned is that vaccines are most effective when the immune system is robust, as in childhood and teen years, and less effective as people age—especially when they reach old age. It’s called immunosenescence – aging of the immune system. Not to mention the myriad issues with vaccines, wouldn’t therapeutics be a much better way to protect the elderly?

But here’s a more fundamental question: Do we really want to risk more “transient” gene expression or, worse, in a vaccine for what is essentially a mild cold or flu for most people? More needles in more arms sound good to you? Me neither. Thanks anyway, Dr. Malone.

Two More Questions

Speaking of questions, here’s another: How was it that Malone and his wife were able to write an entire book about the “coming epidemic” of COVID-19 and publish it on February 10th, 2020, a mere ten days after the WHO declared the “novel” coronavirus a global health emergency and only one week after the US declared a public health emergency?

Oh, one more thing: How was it that the Malones knew that the name of the novel coronavirus would be COVID-19 when the WHO only announced that name on February 11th, 2020, the day after their book was published?


Stay tuned for Part Two!

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