Steve Baker: For Immediate Release 10/03/2023

As Investigative Journalist Steve Baker told our audience on our show “TNN Live!” Tuesday, October 3, a blockbuster investigation conducted by Mr. Baker is complete. Blaze Media — for whom Steve is a contributor — is set to release a blockbuster “tell-all” that will expose numerous people involved in January 6, 2021 happenings at the U.S. Capitol. According to Steve, the facts that accompany this expose include actual video elements and personal testimony that confirms the story details.

Blaze released the following Tuesday evening:

Blaze Media

U.S. Capitol CCTV Video Shows Testimony Given By Pelosi’s Security Chief
In Oath Keepers Trial Could Not Have Happened
Detailed analysis by Blaze Media of the January 6 Capitol CCTV video has
revealed the testimony given by U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus
on October 31, 2022 — during the first Oath Keepers trial — could not have
occurred. Lazarus was then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s security chief on January 6,
As verified from trial transcripts, Lazarus’s detailed testimony was fabricated to
corroborate Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn’s recounting of his interaction with
four Oath Keepers on January 6. Lazarus claimed he passed by that encounter
“three or four times” while rescuing “11 or 12” Pelosi staffers who had locked
themselves in one of the Speaker’s offices. Under direct examination by
Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Hughes, Lazarus claimed that the “three or
four” times he saw the encounter between Dunn and four Oath Keepers, it was
“very antagonistic.”
From an advance copy of Dunn’s forthcoming book obtained by Blaze Media,
Dunn’s version of these events further contradicts those of Lazarus’s trial
testimony. More troublesome — especially for Lazarus, whose version of events
was given in sworn testimony — is that according to the Capitol CCTV video
acquired by Blaze Media, neither his nor Dunn’s version of this consequential
encounter ever happened on January 6.
Capitol CCTV video shows, conclusively, that when the Dunn/Oath Keepers
encounter occurred, Lazarus was in the Capitol tunnels and subway system
escorting U.S. Senators to the Senate office buildings. Video evidence
additionally shows that Lazarus did not arrive at the location of Dunn’s
interaction with those Oath Keepers until 2:56:45 p.m. Well after Dunn had been
relieved by other officers from that staircase landing and several minutes after
the Oath Keepers had departed from that location.
Blaze Media will reveal additional elements of this year-long investigation,
showing that Lazarus was not acting alone in manufacturing and presenting
false testimonies in the Oath Keepers trial.
Blaze Media will release a detailed accounting of this breaking story this week.
The Blaze’s Steve Baker can be reached via the phone and email above for
more information on this breaking story.

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