The “Muslim” Ban: Why Not?

Have you read either of President Trump’s Executive Orders regarding a temporary immigration ban?  The first was struck down, then revised and re-issued only to be struck down as well.  It might be worth your while to take a look at them.  You’ll find a lot of information — accurate information — from which you can make valid interpretations as to their justification.  In neither case was there a “Muslim” ban…period.  Think about this:  if the President wanted a Muslim ban, he would ban all immigrants from Muslim countries.  His initial temporary ban was from 7 predominately Muslim countries who foster terrorists and terrorism:  Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.   These 7 were referenced in a law signed in 2015 by President Obama as being “suspect” in their governments either being able to or willing to provide certified background details of immigrant applicants.  Not one of the top ten most Muslim populated countries in the World or among those 7:

  1. Indonesia        209,120,000    13.1 %
  2. India                176,200,000    11.0%
  3. Pakistan.         167,410,000    10.5%
  4. Bangladesh.   134,430,000     8.4%
  5. Nigeria              77,300,000    4.8%
  6. Egypt                76,990,000     4.8%
  7. Iran                   73,570,000     4.6%
  8. Turkey              71,330,000     4.5%
  9. Algeria             34,730,000     2.2%
  10. Morocco          31,930,000     2.0%

“IF” the President wanted to stop Muslim immigration, it seems reasonable to believe he would have first issued a ban of immigration from the countries whose residents comprise 65% of Earth’s Muslim population.  The answer for his not doing so is simple:  it is not a Muslim Ban.  His request was for a temporary halt of immigration from those 7 countries until the U.S. Government — specifically Homeland Security and Immigration — were confident the vetting “processes” in place were sufficient to protect Americans in a reasonable fashion from potential Muslim terrorists.

The “processes?”  Let’s be honest: with the incorrigible conditions in those seven countries in every life sector and with their disjointed governments, is it not reasonable to question the accuracy of any and all background information given to the U.S. Government for each of those immigrants?  IT infrastructure in each country is sketchy if there at all, graft and corruption in each government is rampant — a little bit of money can buy anything, including lies and misrepresentation — and how can the validity of passport and other identification sources be considered reliable?

Bottom line:  a temporary “halt” is reasonable, justifiable, and necessary.  Quite honestly it is corrupt for any political figures in the U.S. to put up their current rhetoric fighting a temporary ban.  Why?  It is NOT a Muslim ban!

So why do you think all of the liberal, leftist pundits — media, government, and political — constantly throw out — when speaking of President Trump’s executive order — refer to it as a “Muslim Ban” when it obviously is not?  They think Americans are too stupid to collect real information, read, get and understand history, and make factual and informative decisions.   You know what’s really funny?  They’re labeling the ban in this manner thinking by saying it so much that when the Supreme Court hears the reinstatement reasoning from the Justice Department that SCOTUS justices are all ALSO too stupid to read, investigate, and get real facts.

What would fix this problem immediately?

It’s simple:  Judge Neil Gorsuch in his Senate confirmation hearing said that if government lawmakers would write laws that express in detail what their intentions and purposes for writing those laws was, and if the laws were VERY detailed, Americans would not need to rely so much on judges in the Court System to question laws — their meanings would be obvious and transparent.  He stated that by writing vague and general laws, judges are forced to actually “write” laws based on their interpretation of the lawmakers intentions.  I think that problem could easily come up in the SCOTUS analysis of Trump’s executive order.

You know what would stop that worry?  Why haven’t Mitch McConell and Paul Ryan gotten together and drafted a simple “temporary stay” law that named what countries in which immigration needed to be temporarily halted and the specific reasons for doing so?  Based on Justice Gorsuch’s statements regarding such it seems it would be prudent to take such immediate action to get that temporary stay in place.

After all, it’s really not political here.  It’s about national security.  Oh those of the Left will screech that none of the 9/11 perpetrators came for any of those 7 countries.  But 16 years ago there was no ISIS.  ISIS definitely IS in those 7 countries and are telling us over and over again “WE ARE COMING!”


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