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The Truth

The proof should slap you in the face.

Mainstream media has gone all-in for the Leftist agenda. And they quit trying to disguise their doing so. Why? Staff writers, editors, and publishing staffs are liberals. How ridiculous is it for Americans to expect any other type of “news” reporting from those whose political perspective comes totally from the Left? And the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, the television broadcast news outlets (with the exception of FOX News) are comprised of nothing but Leftist reporters and editors. And they are so “all-in” for liberal causes that they have tossed journalistic caution to the wind and laud the banner of Liberalism to all who read, watch and listen with no regard for truth or honesty in what or how they report. Most are so elitist in their thinking they feel most Americans either support and share their liberal views altogether, or think Americans simply don’t worry about truth in reporting or are too busy or ignorant to even care.

Most of the bad/evil in this is obvious. But not so obvious is what is lost in this new style of News: THE NEWS! Follow this thought process:

  1. Liberal news people simply hate Donald Trump. That is their default premise for all political news reporting;
  2. Liberal news people hate Conservatives of all kinds — not just Republicans. That is their default premise in all news reporting;
  3. Liberal news people dismiss the intelligence of average Americans, certain that news journalists are smarter than other Americans;
  4. Liberal news people have very obviously accepted Democrat Party perspectives on all things pertinent to America as the ONLY correct perspectives from which to report;
  5. Liberal news people have adopted the mindset to report as fact exactly opposite anything stated by President Trump or any other Conservatives.

The lunacy of this mindset has been discussed by many ad nauseum. Until a month or so ago I wrote almost daily of the specific and obvious examples of these fallacies. Why? Because as a journalist I have a fear of Leftist ideals taking over the Media. And I am watching it happen — in our faces. Not since Nazism in 1930’s Germany has such a publicly acclaimed and supported attack on a society by its Media been allowed. And justice as in Nazi Germany in the U.S. it is happening because an apathetic citizenry either supports the Leftist ideals from the Media or the citizenry is too complacent to take-on the media assault. Either is dangerous.

The Real Danger

I stated above that lost in today’s news is THE NEWS. That’s the real danger with media. Gone is reporting, replaced by political narrative cloaked as “news.” But to quote President Trump, much of it is “Fake News.”

For a bit I longed for the days of Reasoner, Cronkite and Brokaw — until I remembered that in the 60’s and 70’s we had NO FOX News. We may have been fed each evening with triple doses of fake news by Reasoner, Cronkite and Brokaw, but didn’t know it because we had nothing with which to compare . ABC, CBS, and NBC were our only news options.

Remember in July I posted here a four part series with each of President Trump’s accomplishments since his inauguration? (July 11-14) Each contained a list two-pages long listing his positive achievements. Yet how many of those did the Big Three + CNN, MSNBC,  New York Times and Washington Post give to us? None. I gave them to you with no narrative, no perspective, and no anticipated action plan. Those 4 lengthy lists of his accomplishments were passed along simply because NO ONE ELSE WAS TALKING ABOUT THEM. Those achievements were news.

Do you realize that right now your federal government is controlling the sources of the news you and other Americans see and hear? Most “news” is distributed electronically. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates all public forms of electronic communication in the U.S. The FCC issues all broadcast licenses to operators, determines what broadcast content can and cannot be aired, and therefore has the ability to control who gets every broadcast license for television and radio and what the content in those broadcasts is acceptable and what is not.

Did you know there are daily massive and coordinated attacks from the Left through the FCC against every conservative media news outlet and conservative news personality? FOX News on-air talent face crushing abuse from individuals and organizations disguised as American “consumers” pretending to really care about FOX programming. They initiate those attacks in multiple ways: lawsuits, organized complaints to FOX advertisers about programming and on-air personalities threatening advertiser boycotts, and with fake news leaks given to every other broadcast, print, and internet news outlet. In several of such cases the FCC has actually launched investigations into claims initiated in these fashions.

The Result

We simply do not get the news. Unless people are willing and have the ability to on their own dig into multiple news sources each day to uncover raw data, then put the data together and finally determine which news is real and which is not, Americans do not get real news. And that’s the only thing news organizations are supposed to give to us.

Is it hard for you today to make a determination as to which television, radio and print sources are liberal and which are conservative? Is it difficult to know which broadcast personalities are liberal and which are conservative? It was for a while, but then they became so emboldened during the Obama Administration as finally having a White House resident who would allow their socialist ideals to be spewed on-air and in print all day every day they now simply ignore any journalistic honesty opting instead for whatever the Leftist narrative of the day is. And they cram it down Americans throats.

News is gone. All you get today is what the State Media chooses to put out there.

And the reason for the Left’s war on FOX and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and other news conservatives: Just like Hitler they know that any news that does not filter out what the State does not want its citizens to hear will destroy any seeds of socialism found planted in the minds of Americans. And that must be stopped at all costs.

Be watchful….be vigilant. Take time each day to consume real news, however and wherever you can find it. Mind numbed robots in every American home is the objective of the Left. They have succeeded in implementing that program in the public education system. Now they are taking that war directly to the rest of us — through satellite television and our computers with their version of the News.

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”

Don’t take anything you hear or see at face value, including what I write. Get facts on your own.

Tomorrow come back for “Gun Control via the Vegas Massacre”


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