The “Perfect Storm”

I have had for sometime now an uneasy feeling about our entire national political process. Most Americans were looking forward to the changes expected with the Trump Administration. And early results and accomplishments on the jobs and foreign policy fronts have far exceeded expectations.  But the cloud of allegations that plagues this Administration has muted the joy of accomplishments of the Trump White House for many Americans.  Today I spent some time analyzing the rain of claims against the President, trying to determine sources and causes for these mounting charges.  And you know what I realized?  They each originate from media sources that are never quoted and are all always anonymous.  Of course the fact that media outlets originate these stories precludes checking story sources because their competitors and others are unable to prove or disprove those sources.  Why would any legitimate news organization allow the publishing of stories that contain unproven information?

Think about it:  if your desire is to de-legitimize a President, what could be easier than manufacturing stories, presenting them as factual but from unnamed sources, which gives you carte blanche to present lies as truths?  No one can check the source.  And in doing so, the Media has created a political “Perfect Storm.”

No reasonable person can argue that the National Media members were not embarrassed the night of the 2016 election when they each had to on national television declare Donald Trump the next U.S. President.  They were ashamed, heartbroken, in disbelief, angry, and all swore to get even.  How could Donald Trump steal the election from their “anointed one” — Hillary Rodham Clinton?  There was only one plausible explanation for the Trump win:  his theft of the Presidency.  The big question though:  how to get even?

Going into the election they (the Media) knew they were powerful and held the tools to shape the political opinions of most Americans by their reporting, their non-stop jabs at the candidate/now President Donald Trump.  They knew that John Q public would eventually give in to their barrage of negativism and turn against the brash real estate mogul from New York.  It almost worked in the election.  To get even they turned up the heat a notch and added a few extra tools.  They are now confident they can run this President out of the White House:  one way or another.

But with the Trump election victory, the Media see it as a challenge — not to the Clintons, but to the Media.   They were defeated and suddenly realized they may be losing the one thing they have owned for many years now in D.C.:  Power.  Donald Trump has shown the Liberal Leftists at the NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC that he does not need them to shape the narrative of his political messages to American voters.  He found a way to strategically get that message out to millions without the Media filter.  That infuriated them.  But they knew one thing Trump did not know:  upon his inauguration and occupancy of the White House, he was moving into their territory — a territory they not only know well, they control ALL communications there.  They knew they had him in a trap.  So they hatched their plan.

Their Plan?  To use any and every journalistic trick in the book to catch him and paint him in the light THEY choose, no matter what the realities are.  And, folks, that’s not called “News;”  that is called “Propaganda.”

Propaganda:  “Communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. The information may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for a specific effect.”

Have you seen the use of propaganda at the national level recently?  “Communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion.”  Let’s be honest:  much of the advertising we see and hear every day is presented for that one purpose:  to get us to either create or change our existing opinions about things.  Memorial Day is a week away and our televisions and radios are bombarded by “Memorial Day Sales.”  I really don’t need a new mattress, a new car, to paint my deck with a new waterproof stain that comes in 12 different colors, my refrigerator works fine, etc.  But if this is propaganda, we must call it “propaganda lite.”  Propaganda — real propaganda is very different.

Real propaganda was used prolifically in WWII by Adolph Hitler.  If his real desires, real political ideals, real plans for Germany had been known by most Germans in the run up to the war, there is no doubt he would have been summarily dismissed by most Germans as a kook.  He was so smart he knew far in advance how stark fascism was and how tough in its barest form it would be to sell to the Germans.  He stealthily used the German media to roll out his ideals one at a time that each by itself was a much easier sale than trying to put the whole meal on the table at one time.  The German media were the purveyors of his political ideals and they didn’t even realize it.  Most Germans were caught off guard, blinded by Hitler’s true “Germanism” that he sold in a totally positive way.  He never revealed but to a select few what bubbled underneath the spit shine facade he placed on his totalitarian plan that would kill millions of innocents who simply thought he was bringing a new and better ideas to their country.  He was the master of propaganda.

The Media are not who they say they are

For a long time I have been blinded to the purposes of the Leftist media.  I thought for many years they must be mostly of the Democrat Party using their “bully pulpit” to promote the political ideals of the DNC.  And to a degree that is the truth.  But there’s far more to the story.  I thought that certainly the power junkies in the DNC were feeding all of the Leftist, liberal stories to the Press who simply published what they were given, playing the roles of the good Democrat Party supporters they were, giving the DNC an edge getting their message to the public.  That could be the only plausible explanation for the almost glorification we saw from the media and the public for the Clintons and Barack Obama and many liberal causes.  The last eight years have given rise to most of the Left’s causes in public acceptance:  same sex marriage, abortion, open borders, higher taxes and government spending, expansion of government and regulations, reduction in the military, and globalism.  The media were right there with Democrats documenting all of these political moves.

But in the aftermath of the Trump election, it has become abundantly clear to me that I had it exactly backwards:  it is not the Democrat Party who holds the cards and plays those cards when they choose, giving the Media the cards to play at the right times.  Instead it is the MEDIA who holds the cards that gives those cards to the Leftists as the MEDIA chooses them to be played.  And the MEDIA actually makes the plays, not the Dems!

Think about how unbearably difficult it would be for any political party or group to coordinate the people and resources necessary to paint the picture of the landscape of this Administration without there being an everyday mistake that would spoil the picture.  The DNC is in actual disarray with leadership still trying to be set.  Some group of Democrat leaders would have to have daily meetings, discuss and agree on particular messaging content, prepare those stories, and quietly get those distributed to all the media outlets they use to spread their venom.  It would never happen.

Consider the monstrous media infrastructure in place in Washington D.C. that has been built and refined through the years and has every puzzle piece in place to create, distribute, report, and prosecute in-house through one pipeline any story they so choose and as many as they choose to publish everyday.  The Washington D.C. media is a Propaganda Monster that has been living with us for decades.  Its creators are many who all have the same ideas in mind and have found each other.  Together their cause is simple and they are unified:  control the political narrative on every front in D.C.  They have all the tools, all the methodology, all the people, access to all the information to build a political empire or destroy one, whichever they choose.  They have everything they need and have been poised to finish their conquest to totally takeover Washington D.C. and all those there in the government along with every bit of narrative coming from the U.S. government.  They “thought” they have everything they need…..then came Donald Trump.  They were not prepared for him.

They spent 18 months at full throttle doing everything to discredit him: his personal and business life, his lack of political prowess and experience, his pride and arrogance, his political waffling, and his un-electability.  Because of their power, they never gave a thought to his possibly beating not Hillary — but THEM.  He did.  And it has turned their world upside down.

Now Trump lives in THEIR world.  He’s moved away from the world full of the Middle American voters that elected him.  He lives and breathes in the world of Washington D.C. where much is overbuilt, over-described, over-planned, and over-sold, including the socialist ideals they distributed  through Obama.  They were so confident in their abilities they took for granted that sales job, while being bought on the left and right U.S. coasts, had no buyers in Middle America.  Folks living in those zip codes did not buy their mantra.  And they bought Trump’s.

So now what do the Propagandists have left?  They are frantic to get their ideals on track.  To do so, they must get the guy out of the way that has spoiled their victory party.  And like never before, Americans and citizens of every other country on Earth look in daily to watch how the master Propagandists are doing everything they can to “Dump Trump.”  And they are throwing everything they can at the wall hoping there will be something there that sticks and will be the one thing that will end their nightmare.

Folks, it is not the Democrat Party doing this.  It is the Leftist, Socialist Media who have taken over this political creation.  That’s why all of these leaks from the White House are happening.  That’s why two stories — one from the Washington Post and one from the NY Times — were released at the same time, ten minutes after Air Force One lifted off for Saudi Arabia.  All these stories have unnamed sources, no facts, no documentation.  There is no there there!  So what do they give Americans?  Propaganda.  Remember the definition:  “The information may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for a specific effect.”  The effect they seek?  To get enough Americans to listen to the “story” and not look for the “facts” to emotionally make decisions to accept their “Propaganda” and not wait for the truth.


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