The Real Reason They Hate Donald Trump

Make no mistake: “They” hate Donald Trump.

Sure, they disliked him during the 2016 campaign for president. But when he beat the “Anointed One,” their dislike turned quickly to “disdain,” disdain became “scorn,” then scorn morphed into plain old hatred. And it certainly has stuck.

One would think a presidential candidate who when sworn into office began to systematically create exactly all the things he promised to voters he would do if elected, their hatred would have dropped a notch or two in intensity. But the opposite is true: the more accomplishments he made, the more intense became their hatred.

It helped their cause — whatever that could be — that the Media Lapdogs (the Mainstream Media) of the Democrats played right into the narrative of just how horrid, unqualified, undignified, and inept this President was. They joined right in with their laughter, derision, disbelief of and hatred for Donald Trump.

But its intensity has boiled over. And as more hatred leaks from the witch’s cauldron the angrier Democrats become. Even his real accomplishments for Americans seems to tick their hatred higher!

Democrats didn’t much care for presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, or George W. Bush — mainly because they were Republican presidents. But it is no secret that Democrats, whether they call themselves liberals, leftists, progressives, Democratic socialists, or just plain socialists, hate Donald Trump. They focus on every single thing he says or does in a way that they never did with previous Republican presidents. “Hate” is a very strong word. But I really don’t know how else to describe how many Democrats feel about Trump. They loathe him. They despise him. They detest him. They abhor him. They have contempt and enmity for him. And now that Trump is running for reelection, hatred of the president has reached a whole new level of intensity.

Trump has been hated from the very beginning. About seventy House Democrats boycotted his inauguration and even before he was inaugurated, some House Democrats declared Trump to be an “illegitimate president.” Democratic hatred for Trump goes back even to when he was still just the Republican nominee for president. Since that time, Democrats have referred to the president as “pond scum,” a “human turd,” “toxic sludge,” a “sebaceous cyst,” an “infectious microbe,” a “bursting landfill of municipal solid waste,” a “mountain of rotting whale blubber,” a “walking staph infection,” a “decomposing jack-o-lantern,” a “fascist carnival barker,” and a “snake-oil salesman.” And those are just the epithets that can be listed at TruthNewsNetwork.

In his impeachment trial in the House, the hatred that Democrats have for the president was pointed out by some Republicans before the vote was taken on the articles of impeachment:

  • This vote, this day is about one thing and one thing only. They hate this president (Chris Stewart, Utah).
  • This is a tragic day in our nation’s history. We have individuals that hate this president more than they love this country (Greg Murphy, N.C.).
  • It’s obvious today that there’s an intense hatred from the Democrats of President Donald Trump. Why do they hate the man so much (Paul Gosar, Ariz.)?

Why indeed?

President Trump is viewed by Democrats as rude, combative, arrogant, offensive, crass, crude, and politically incorrect. Many Democrats consider him to be a megalomaniac, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a racist, and a misogynist. But what is so interesting and intriguing about Democratic hatred for Donald Trump is that there is really no ideological basis for it.

Of course, his legislative achievements that came in the form of the 2017 Tax Cuts and the unexpected new Crime Bill are just a couple of historical legislative accomplishments that one would think every member of Congress would applaud for their successes. But not so this Democrat Party. And even a clump of Republicans outwardly and very publicly joined in a massive effort to raise close to $20 million in campaign funds to lobby for his ouster in exchange for Joe Biden.

Could there be something else? Certainly, there is:

Maybe it’s because of their discovery that newly inaugurated President Trump was committed to the success of more than what most recent presidents had accomplished for the American people. It quickly became clear that his plan was to accomplish each and every promise he made during his campaign to the American people. He not only started the process, but he also began to successfully fulfill each promise, one by one.

You just saw and heard from a crowd of Washington elites known for decades that each was a great leader with only the good of the American people at heart. But each (according to their OWN words you heard for yourself) were committed not principally to this country, but to an organization that was to, when crafted and empowered, hold authority over all nations and all people on Earth.

As Americans, we had heard these leaders in speeches utter those words “New World Order” and “Global Government.” But we must have each simply dismissed any universal significance it is now certain those words held. You just heard from American and world leaders who opined about the exact same thing!

  • Bill Clinton
  • Vice President Al Gore
  • President George H.W. Bush
  • Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  • Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Billionaire Anarchist George Soros
  • Herman Van Rompuy: former European Union President
  • Vice President Dan Quayle
  • Billionaire Media Magnate Ted Turner
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • Democrat Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Every one of those listed above in the media segment you just witnessed endorsed an ages-old political utopia of a World governed by one central entity.

But that’s not what Americans want for our country!

What Do Americans Want?

We know there are problems in our nation. It is impossible for there to be a country that holds 330 million citizens to NOT have problems of some kind! But we have a 260-year history of addressing and resolving our problems. No, we’ve never been problem-free. But our forefathers left a roadmap for us to use to ferret out our problems and implement fixes with guidelines in our own “How-to” manual: The United States Constitution.

Were you shocked to see and hear some of those who made those “world order” statements? I was. But the fact there are so many who have such diverse backgrounds and political leanings shocked me more than that there were political leaders who feel that way. They each made clear in their speeches how they feel and what they want. I wonder why none ever bothered to take a microphone and detail to the American people exactly what that “New World Order” would be and how structured?

Maybe they thought we were not ready.


What happened to their grandiose plan? Obviously, from Bush 41, to Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama, their transition from our Representative Republic we can now see was eroded by top-down government structural changes to transition to this new form of global government. Hillary Clinton looked to be the firebrand to ignite the fires to complete this transition.

Then came Donald Trump. And he’s anything but a globalist!

Americans had been lulled to sleep by the “same old, same old” leadership in Washington. It mattered not what political party banner flew over the White House or the Capitol: the transition was in! Trump brought his monkey-wrench with him and started banging on the Swamp creatures even before his inauguration.

Their plans were torched!

Donald Trump re-ignited the fires of liberty across our nation. Americans began to believe in our leaders, expect results for our investments in government, commitment to the Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under the Law for everyone. Our confiscatory tax policies were reverted bring more dollars to families, millions of new jobs, and billions in new revenue to our government. People became proud once again to be Americans.

And the Left hated Donald Trump for that and for destroying their centralized government utopia.

Why is the hatred level cycling up in intensity daily? Why are major cities in our nation literally burning? Why is there such violence, rioting, looting, violence, and now anarchy to go along with all the other?

This election our very own globalist see as their last chance to remove the blight that had the audacity to accept the requests of 63 million voters to lead this country away from its globalist spiral toward total devastation.

They will do anything they find necessary to remove Donald Trump from office. And don’t think they are through trying.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton barked an order publicly to Joe Biden: “Don’t under any circumstances concede the election to Donald Trump on election night!” What was that about? It was about mustering all the forces they can to scour the countryside to find votes doing anything necessary to get those votes counted in sufficient number to restart their train headed for Utopia they call a Brand New World.

That’s why they hate Donald Trump.

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